50 Magnetizing Men’s Hairstyles for Thick Hair – Making It Natural and Sensational

Hairstyles for thick hair work well with any length. But considering its monolithic character, you need to get it right in order to avoid that artificial look. There are many sensational hairstyles for thick hair, regardless of whether its curly, wavy or straight. To give you a little inspiration, let’s take a look at 50 examples that will give you a cool natural look.

# 1 Flipped Wavy Pompadour

A wavy pomp is quite sexy. Give it the elegance of Victoria waves and a flip to one side. Make a part line and let it drop to tapered sides that sport a skin fade at the temple. This provides a clean, neat finish that will hardly go unnoticed.

# 2 Thick Spiral Top

Tame the height at the top by styling the hair into thick spiral curls. Create some contrast with tapered low bald fade. Extend the fade line from the temple to the occipital bone for that clean finish.

# 3 Mohawk Pompadour

For a fuller front, style the hair into a Mohawk pomp and give it that neat, sleek profile. Add to the sexiness of the style with tapered sides.And what you get is a pretty cool look that will draw lots of attention.

# 4 Bowl Cut Bangs

Go for a creative bowl cut that is fuller at the top. Flip the hair to the front to create flirty bangs. Make the style ooze with sexiness by finishing with a tapered back and buzzed sides.

# 5 Overlap Pompadour

Get the attention you desire with this multi-layered tousled pomp. Part the front and flip it back to rest gracefully on the top. Give the front a light brown tone that’s easier to pick out from the dark shade. Wind up with tapered fade cut at the sides and back.

# 6 Low Taper

Pull your thick curly hair to the front and crop it with a pair of scissors just above the eyebrows. Finish with a tapered cut that runs low around the head.

# 7 Creative Tapered Undercut

Give the top a half-slick that terminates at the crown. Add some blonde highlights to contrast the dark shade. Give the sides a tapered undercut that connects to the beard. The result is a classic look that rocks.

# 8 Trendy Tapered Hair

Rock in style with a wavy slicked back top that extends to the crown. Give the top a rustic blonde highlight to make it stand out. Complete with a tapered cut at the temple and the back.

# 9 Sharp Fade Hipster

Make your diffused curly hair a conversation starter. Let the curly top drop sharply to a tapered high bald fade for that fresh look.

# 10 Low Tapered Afro

Get the coolest look in your curly afro. To do that, give it a low tapered cut that sports a skin fade at the temple and below the nape of the neck. Give the top a kinky look and a lighter tone for some extra swag.

# 11 Sleek Hard-Parted Pompadour

Go for a sleek pomp and make it fuller at the front. Make a hard part that drops to a smooth, tapered side. Give the hair a low bald fade that disconnects the beard. Finish by giving the hair a classic, glossy touch.

# 12 Scissor Salute

Let a pair of scissors do good work on your spiky, thick hair. Cut the ends of the top to create a leveled profile. Give the flat top a sharp drop to a high skin fade that lines the sides. Finish with a nice tapered cut at the back.

# 13 Classic Side Flip

Go for a slanted top that is fuller at the front. Make it sleek and flip to one side. Give it a classic twist with a medium skin fade that extends to the back.

# 14 Sleek Platinum Highlight

Slick back the fuller top of your dark hair. Give the temple a tapered cut for that classic look. Make this haircut easier to spot by highlighting the non-tapered part in a sparkling platinum blonde.

# 15 Smooth Tapered Haircut

Give your smooth hair more class. Do this by making a low tapered fade that extends to the beard line. Let the top retain its smooth natural texture.

# 16 Hipster Highlight

Introduce a sparkle in your hipster haircut. Highlight the top and the crown in silver and provide some contrast with brown streaks. Finish with a tapered blurry fade to disconnect the beard.

# 17 Curly Quiff Pompadour

Go for a curly pomp that sports a sleek quiff at the front. Make a hard part that extends to the forehead. Complete the hair in style with a classic fade that drops from the sleek tapered cut.

# 18 Buzzed Bowl Cut

Keep it neat and flirty with a bowl cut that sports front bangs. Finish with that simple yet cool buzz cut that connects to the beard.

# 19 Low Tapered Pomade

Give your quiff pomade a classic twist with a low tapered skin fade at the temple. The result is a neat, fresh look that makes your thick hair stand out.

# 20 Long Wavy Top

Get an added burst of elegance with a long wavy top. Give the sides an undercut and finish with a natural zero taper at the temple.

# 21 Textured Undercut

A clay pomade can be quite a stunner. But you can take things a step further by giving it the elegance of a textured undercut that is blended towards the back.

# 22 Funky Summer Haircut

Get a fresh summer look with a funky haircut that sports a disheveled top and a messy quiff. Keep the sides neat with a tapered cut. And what you get is a funky finish that looks as elegant as it is unique.

# 23 Faded Mohawk

Give your Mohawk some height and slick it back to display the layered waves. Make a nice comb part that drops to a tapered high skin fade. The result is a wonderful combo that oozes with sexiness.

# 24 Razor Fade Parted Pompadour

Add more creativity in your pomp haircut. Make your hair sleek and give it the intricate look of finger waves. Make a hard part to create that elegant pomp. Keep everything cool and fresh with a tapered low skin fade that slants from the sides to the back.

# 25 Fresh Curls

Here’s one sure way of making girls chase after you like crazy. Style your hair into smooth, light curls at the top. Make them project to the front to create the illusion of side bangs. Give your hair the curly hipster look with a tapered cut at the sides and back.

# 26 Bald Mohawk

Get a full-stretch sleek Mohawk that sports elegant finger waves. Shave the sides down to the skin for that perfect bald fade. You can add some bushy beard to compliment the thick Mohawk.

# 27 Flip-Up Pompadour

Use grooming spray to give your pomp some volume. Flip it up for a vertical boost and make a hard side part. Let the hair drop to a tapered high skin fade to create that funky look.

# 28 Chunky Texture

Make it spiky and sweet in your pomp haircut. Give it tons of texture and make it spiky and sleek. Create a hard side part and give the hair that stylish drop fade that sits low on the head.

# 29 Tousled Wavy Top

Create a cool mess at the top by sporting tousled waves. Give them a side flip with a little projection to the front. Finish with a nice undercut on the sides to create a hairstyle that is as messy as it is cool.

# 30 Classic Side Flip

Provide some texturing to the top and give it a classic side flip. Make it look effortless by finishing with undercut sides.

# 31 Front Channeled

There are many ways to tame your thick wavy hair. Spice it up with a slick back and a comb part that creates a channel at the top. Give the sides a double tap intersected by a diagonal signature line. End the tapered cut in a bald fade for that clean finish.

# 32 Wavy Faded Haircut

Give your thick hair some little change. Diffuse it to achieve a waved effect on top. Leave the crown sleek. Give the sides and back a nice blurry fade that sports a curved signature line. The result is a funky yet cool profile that will make you rock.

# 33 High Pompadour Quiff

Give your pomp haircut that retro and sexy look. Make a high quiff and a nice comb part. Give the back and the sides a tapered trim that ends in a low skin fade.

# 34 Clippered Over Comb

Love the waves? Give your pomp a classic, wavy transformation. Give the hair tons of texture. Crop the top to make the front fuller. Clip the sides letting them end in a low skin fade. What you get is a vintage cut that looks pretty cool.

# 35 Middle Slit

Flip the top to completely overlap one of the undercut sides. Style the top layers into swoopy waves that give the haircut an added boost of elegance.

# 36 Unparted Finger Waves Pompadour

Parted pomp haircuts are quite common. Stand out by opting for unparted pomp that sports the elegance of finger waves. Give the hair a smooth tapered cut at the back and let the sides drop to a blurry fade.

# 37 Curly Hipster

Give your hipster haircut something to talk about. Make the top curly and let the front touch the forehead to create some drama. Give the hair a blurry comb part and let it drop to a tapered low skin fade.

# 38 Mohawk Pompadour

A pomp and a Mohawk haircut can be a wonderful combination. Merge them to create a fuller top that is slightly flipped to one side to expose the sweet waves. Let the hair drop to a tapered low skin fade.

# 39 Front Loop

Waves can have an amazing effect in your thick hairstyle. But you can make it more spectacular by creating a loop at the front. Provide a classic twist by giving the hair some sweet undercut on the sides and back.

# 40 Cropped Hipster

Make your hair stand out with a hipster haircut. Add more fun to it with messy waves that adorn the top. Give the sides a low buzz cut that is blended at the back.

# 41 Textured Crop

Give the top lots of texture and crop it at the forehead. Finish with a slanted tapered undercut on the sides and the back.

# 42 Scissor Trim

Achieve the elegance you desire while making it effortless and simple. Pull your diffused hair to the back to display the cool, layered waves. Go for a scissor trim to create a nice hairline taper that retains your masculine appeal.

# 43 Windblown Glossy Hair

Give your glossy hair that windblown look. Style the top into waves and give them a side flip to create that tousled look. Give the rest of the hair a smooth tapered cut that accentuates the sleek profile.

# 44 Finger-Combed Quiff Pompadour



Be the center of attraction by sporting finger-combed waves in your pomp. Make it call for immediate attention by giving it blonde and silver highlights. Make a comb part and give the sides a skin fade around the temporal area.

# 45 Flipped Front Quiff Pompadour



Give your wavy pomp an extreme look. Flip it to the front to create that deconstructed yet sexy look. Make a hard comb part and drop it to a tapered low skin fade on the sides and the back.

# 46 Wavy Skin Fade Hipster

Create a wavy top and pull it back for that creative display. Finish with a high tapered skin fade that makes the haircut look clean and fresh.

# 47 Messy Pomp Fade

Here’s a messy yet cool fade that gives this pomp a unique touch. The pomp is given a full stretch that creates the illusion of a Mohawk. The hair sports a faded cut that is wider at the temporal area and narrower at the occipital bone.

# 48 Tapered Cap Style

Add that natural capped look to your haircut. Give your thick hair a tapered cut that runs from the temporal area to the nape of the neck. Crop the frontal region and make a nice lining to give it an edgy look.

# 49 Disheveled Comb Over

Point cut and slice the top to give it a messy look while adding some volume. Get natural sharp edges with a tapered cut at the temple. Comb and clip the sides and back with a pair of scissors to give the hair an edgy new look.

# 50 Wavy Layered Top

Get the sexiest of looks by making the top wavy and layered. Give the sides a textured buzz cut and finish with a skin fade at the beard line for that flawless look.

Hairstyles for thick hair are endless. They include a classic collection of haircuts that suit any type of hair. Therefore, make sure you experiment with lots of different looks and have tons of fun along the way!

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