40 Handsome Grey Suit Outfits – Feel Smart and Confident in this Classic

Every man needs, at the very minimum, one smart suit that he can wear to special and smart occasions like weddings, funerals, and formal parties. Grey is an excellent colour to choose for your suit because it is very versatile. You could choose anything from a light grey suit, which is less formal, all the way up to a dark grey tuxedo. Just remember to pay attention to the fit and the details and you’ll always look and feel great in your outfit! Here are 40 grey suits that we love:

# 1 Suited Up In Blue Grey

This elegant blue silver jacket with matching pressed trousers says one thing- this man has class! This model is wearing the simple fitted design together with an unbuttoned shirt – no need for a tie!

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# 2 Hipster Gentleman

Nothing is quite as retro as tweed and we love this thick grey and brown throwback style suit jacket. It’s worn here with a light blue pinstripe shirt, a light ash, button up cardigan and a brown polka dot handkerchief in the pocket – just for fun.

# 3 Well Dressed and Confident

When you feel confident you can take on the world and look good at the same time. If you want to boost yourself, why not try this handsome look? A subtle grey suit jacket and matching pants with a luxurious white shirt and lapel pin.

# 4 Silk and Sophistication

This model is wearing a soft grey suit jacket with a crisp white shirt and hand embroidered tie. Dove grey is great for showing off your sophisticated side.

# 5 Luxurious Three Piece

This smoking hot look was styled by adding a silky white shirt and golf green tie to a high-end vintage style three piece outfit made from delicately patterned grey material. We love the crisp details, and on trend edges.

# 6 Two Button Charcoal Grey

This dark charcoal grey outfit will take you far – it’s perfect for the office and for more formal occasions. Add swag the way this model did and match your ensemble with a white suit shirt and turquoise bowtie.

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# 7 Powder Blue-Grey

Light suits are beautiful for semi-formal occasions, and especially outdoor gatherings. Hit all the right notes in a powder blue-grey suit and add a dark navy tie for contrast.

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  • Grey Suit 6

# 8 Taking Style To The Street

This model is wearing a light grey suit jacket with a long sleeve, high-collared white silk shirt underneath. He added an interesting dark grey tie with a squared off edge and brown handkerchief in the top pocket.

# 9 Fashion Blazer

Dressing up for lunch with friends just got so much easier. Simply try this model’s outfit; a patterned light grey blazer (done up) over a white shirt and suit pants. To add a modern touch, add dark dress shoes with exposed ankles.

# 10 Fine Attention To Details

Details can make or break a suit; don’t ruin your look by not checking the finer details. This marbled grey suit looks polished together with a tiger’s eye bracelet that matches his buttons and a stylish brown dress watch.

# 11 Suited For Success

This gentleman is ready for success in a dark grey suit jacket and pressed trousers with a thin pinstripe shirt, brown shoes, and dark maroon tie.

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# 12 Three Piece Dandy Suit

This vintage style three piece suit in soft, light grey is perfect for the city dapper. Make sure to tailor clothes like this so that they fit just right and don’t forget the little touches like a playful tie in a dark shade.

# 13 Patterns and Solids

This model is wearing a well fitting dove grey suit with a dark blue shirt and patterned tie. Remember to always wear a solid colour shirt under a patterned tie, never a patterned one.

# 14 Button Rules

Another unspoken rule about suits is this: never do up the bottom button. Always wear it like this model is doing in his charcoal suit; just with the top button fastened.

  • Grey Suit 7
  • Grey Suit 8
  • Grey Suit 9
  • Grey Suit 10
  • Grey Suit 11

# 15 Tailored in Grey

This model is showing off an exquisitely tailored suit that fits him perfectly. It’s medium grey in colour and he’s wearing it with a dinner shirt, black tie, and white pocket square.

# 16 Business Smarts

Show off your business smarts with a light ash suit like this one. Wear it like this model with a crisp white shirt and a light baby pink or blue tie.

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# 17 Parisian Style

Here we see a well fitting dark granite suit with the top button fastened. This classy gent paired it with a smart white shirt, black shoes, and a black and white dotted tie.

# 18 Rock Semi-Casual

For a semi-casual look that rocks try this – take a muted silver dress suit and combine it with on-trend white sneakers (no socks), and a semi-unbuttoned shirt . Time to party!

# 19 Serious about Fashion

A suit says that you are serious about business, so why not impress your clients with this outfit. A grey tweed jacket, dark iron-hued woollen pants, white pinstriped shirt, and dove grey cardigan.

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# 20 Handsome Three Piece

Be the most handsome man at the party in this stylish three-piece suit. Work the look with a pinstripe shirt, solid black tie, black shoes, and a colourful pocket handkerchief.

# 21 Fall Fashion

Fall can be a difficult season to dress for but if you have a special occasion to attend you can’t go wrong with a light muted silver three piece suit with green undertones.

  • Grey Suit 16
  • Grey Suit 15
  • Grey Suit 14
  • Grey Suit 13
  • Grey Suit 12

# 22 Suit n Tie

This grey check ensemble is super versatile and suitable for everyday use. This model is wearing his with a crisp white shirt and burgundy tie.

# 23 Tuxedo Style

This model is wearing a charcoal tuxedo with an asymmetric four pocket vest and a white dress shirt. His tie is tight dove grey.

# 24 Sassy Threads

For this look, the model combined a tweet coat and vest with beige trousers and a pinstripe shirt. The finishing touches were a brown shirt and matching pocket square.

# 25 Check That

For a look that says “I’ve arrived” why not try a subtle check suit like this? This model is wearing his fitted outfit with a white dress suit, rose brown tie, brown shoes, and a white pocket square.

Grey suits are handsome, but what really makes or breaks a suit is the fit (get yours tailored) and the details. Make sure buttons are secure, shirts are spotless and ironed and that your tie is appropriate for the venue. Other than that, you can just relax and enjoy the event because you look amazing; that’s the power of a grey suit!

How to Wear a Grey Suit

40 Handsome Grey Suit Outfits – Feel Smart and Confident in this Classic

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