55 Examples of Formal Attire for Men – Stand Out while Looking Classy

Formal attire for men differs from day to evening. While an evening look may have you sporting a tuxedo, you are able to play with colors and styles for a more individual look during the day while still keeping a formal and professional feel. But, night time isn’t limited to just tuxedos! Here are a wide variety of looks for both day and night. There are colors to mix to make looks look bold or to make you stand out while looking classy.

# 1 Light Blue Formal

Being formal is more than just a tuxedo or a good suit. Here we have a gentleman looking classy and well put together. He is wearing a light blue coat over white shirt and khakis, it’s a polished look that’s perfect for a lunch meeting.

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# 2 Black and Red

Here is a gentleman wearing red slacks to set off his look, it’s a bold color that will definitely stand out. But, it is still professional with the black coat and white button down. It’s a bold look that he is making look good.

# 3 Dark Check Suit

This is a beautiful patterned suit that is dark maroon and perfect for evening attire. It’s brightened up with a lovely blue tie making him look professional and handsome. He’s ready to lead a meeting or garner some looks at any function.

# 4 Color is Everything

Here is another great suit, it’s not a dark color but it’s a nice olive green. It’s neutral and can be paired with a lot of colors. This gentleman broke up the green with a nice soft shade of blue with the tie.It’s perfect for any board meeting or business dinner.

# 5 Daytime Class

This fellow is looking very attractive in his light colored coat and coordinating pants that are a solid color. The coat is pattern and goes well with the rest of the look that he set off with the dark tie and hat. It’s a professional look that he made his own with the accessories he paired with it.

# 6 Fabulous Blue Tux

This beautiful tuxedo is perfect for any formal event you might need to attend. It’s a slate blue that’s easily brought out with a lighter colored tie. Perfect for a wedding or a classy dinner to make a solid impression.

# 7 Classic Mix – Green and Brown

The light green of the coat is beautiful and draws the eye where the dark brown of the slacks really set off the suit. It’s tied together with a simple white button down for a very classy look. It’s a great look for any professional to make his own.

# 8 Classic Black Tux

This is a classic look with a black tuxedo that could make any man look good. It’s simple and great for any formal event. This gentleman is looking fantastic in it, but is keeping a comfortable look with his sneakers.

# 9 Blue and Brown are a Classy Match

This is a great daytime professional look with the solid brown coat that is pulled together with the black slacks. He sets off his look with a great patterned tie and matching handkerchief.

# 10 Great Grey Tux

This tuxedo is a nice shade of grey, layered with a black vest and tie. It is perfect for a wedding and will make any bride happy to have you walk her down the aisle.

# 11 Classy Blue Suit

This gentleman is looking smashing in this dark blue suit, it’s structure fits him perfectly. He set it off with a lighter colored patterned tie for a handsome and professional look, but could easily be used for any function.

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# 12 Subtle Patterns

This coat is a light shade of woven grey and great for a professional look. The gentleman set it off by mixing patterns of his button down and tie, with a splash of color. And it’s something he made look elegant.

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# 13 Flawless White Tux

White isn’t just for the bride now a days. The groom can look becoming in a beautiful white tuxedo, it gives you the options to coordinate with different colors for the vest and tie. This gentleman went with a classy black and white look.

# 14 Double Breasted White Tux

Another great black and white tuxedo. This one sports a white double breasted coat, compared to the others that are single breasted, and is paired with black slacks and a black bowtie. It provides a different look that’s still classy.

# 15 Timeless Tux

Another tuxedo, but in a darker grey. The tuxedo itself is a timeless look that’s often used at weddings, This one is paired beautifully with a bowtie, versus the usual. It’s a classic look that still makes a man look irresistible.

# 16 Beautiful Versatile Suit

This suit is a great shade of blue that is great for a day at the office, making it professional when you need it to be. Or can be dressed up with a pin and crisp shirt when you need it to be formal. A great suit can be used for both.

# 17 A Great Summer Look

This white blazer is layered on white with a shirt and slacks. It’s a bold look, but perfect for the hot summer seasons. You can keep cool while still looking classy.

# 18 Versatile Patterned

Here’s another great suit that can be ideal for both business and play. Here you see it paired with a tie and button down for a bold business look. Soften up the colors and you can readily use this suit for any event.

# 19 Bold Colors to Stand Out

This suit is a superb color, the tan is sure to jump out of the crowd. Pair with a simple black tie and white button-down it’s a great look for a business meeting or dinner.

# 20 Beautiful Blue Check Suit

This handsome suit is a beautiful mix of dark and light blues and greens. Paired with a black button down and tie it can easily be used for any function.

# 21 Black on Red

This striking combination is fantastic for a night out and is sure to make an impression with the textured blazer on bright red slacks. It’s dark with the patterned button down, but is a fashionable and handsome look.

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# 22 Dapper in Navy

A good navy colored suit is both professional and can be used for a formal event with the right accessories. This gentleman is very classy looking with the dark blue of the navy layered over the lighter blue button down and tie.

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# 23 You Can’t Do Wrong With Navy

A navy blazer can be used to bring together a look. When paired with the lighter colored slacks and white button down it gives a classy look. The patterned tie and handkerchief set off the outfit for a professional style that could be worn anywhere.

# 24 A Great Suit for Spring

This suit has a checked pattern to it, it’s a lovely shade of grey with stripes of white and blue giving it movement. A patterned tie over a white button down pulls together this look which is fashionable for the office or a night out.

# 25 Sharp Camel Wool

This suit is a light Camel color wool, the lighter tone of the suit is brought together with a darker brown tie and handkerchief. It’s something you are sure to look sharp in no matter where you may wear it.

# 26 Patterned Blazer

This is a classy look with a patterned blazer over a mix of colors. There the pink of the button down and the blue of his jeans that is pulled together with the blazer. It’s a wonderful look for a night out and could easily be adapted for a meeting at the office.

# 27 Pin Stripes

This pin striped suit offers a sleek professional look. This gentleman paired it with a crisp white button down and a patterned blue tie to look classy and just a pop of color with his handkerchief.

# 28 Subtle Pattern Still a Classy Look

There’s a subtle check pattern to this grey suit that draws the eye. It’s a professional look that’s great for the office. The blue tie and white button-down bring the classy look together.

# 29 Natural Cotton

This suit is great for the summer with its light color. It’s versatile with colors that you could mix with it to let it set off your style. Here we see this gentleman paired it with a white button-down and a nice blue striped tie.

# 30 Pops of Color Can Bring It

This suit has subtle pops of color with its light checked pattern, the gentleman wearing it took it to the extra mile by pairing it with a great patterned blue tie and the bright purple of the handkerchief. It’s a dapper, classy look.

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# 31 Summer Colors

Summer is a great time to play with colors that can look professional and classy together. This gentleman is sporting a soft grey blazer over a white button-down and peach colored slacks. A different color, but something that definitely makes the outfit and him stand out.

# 32 Piecing Together a Perfect Style

Here’s different pieces put together to make a classy professional look that could be worn anywhere. The blazer is a dark checked style layered over a dark blue vest and button down, worn with brown slacks. It’s a well put together look.

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# 33 Play with Accessories

A great suit can be emphasized with accessories as this gentleman shows us. He’s sporting a beautiful light tan suit over a soft blue button down that he’s topped off with a great hat. It’s a great suit that could be used for anything and the look he’s currently showing off is very chic.

# 34 Styling Shade of Blue

This blue suit is great for any occasion, the gentleman wearing it pair with a white button down and patterned blue tie. It’s a fantastic look for going to dominate a meeting and stand out at any event.

# 35 Light Grey with Stripes

Pin Stripes won’t ever get old when you make them look good like this. This is a light grey suit with subtle pin strikes, the fellow wearing it paired it with a lovely red patterned tie to make the look. Classy and professional.

# 36 Perfect Tux

Here’s a simple, timeless tuxedo that’s perfect for any formal event. It’s classic black and paired with a crisp white button down and black bow tie.

# 37 Mixing it Up

Patterns in blue, this suit is lovely and worn with a mix of different patterns that just sets off this gentleman’s look. He paired it with a whimsical patterned tie and handkerchief then a more subdued button down. It draws the eye and is a very dapper look to go for.

# 38 Striped in Blue

This striking blue suit is pinstriped and beautiful. The fellow wearing it paired it with a red patterned tie and a flower in the lapel. It’s a classic look that he’s wearing well.

# 39 Bright Blue and Red

The blue in this suit is bright and sharp, but tied together with the red button down. The addition of the white tie gives it a lovely look. The colors mixed together well and make a bright impression.

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# 40 Versatile Grey Tux

This tuxedo is perfect for any formal event, it’s a soft shade of grey that can be matched with any color. This gentleman has it paired with a lovely lavender color in the tie and vest over the crisp white button down. It’s a stylish look for any wedding.

Formal wear doesn’t just have to be a good suit or tuxedo, that’s worn for an event or business meeting. Many suits offer the chance for you to use it to create your own individual style while looking classy and professional when necessary. You can use your suit as a way to make an impression in the office but you can mix the colors and accessories you add to it and still get the style you are looking for.

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55 Examples of Formal Attire for Men – Stand Out while Looking Classy

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