60 Attention-Grabbing Dragon Tattoo Designs – Symbolic and Mythological Body Art

There are many dragon tattoo designs out there, and with the level of creativity in these modern times, you can always be confident of a unique and attractive totem. Dragons are beautiful mythical creatures, and although they might not exist in real life, tattoo artists can bring them to life with ink and by using your body as the canvas. Whether you like a simple image of a Chinese dragon or a complicated Japanese one, there are many options available. These creatures also have a lot of symbolism and so drawing them will not just give you a beautiful totem but also a meaningful one.


Dragon Tattoo History

The dragon is a mythical creature, and its legend or tale has been around for thousands of years, and no one knows for sure the origins of this myth. Although there is no historical or archeological evidence to show the existence of this creature people in the ancient world believed that it existed and that their ancestors saw it. There are two types of dragons which are the eastern and western dragon, and they differ in everything from the appearance to their character and symbolism.

The Eastern dragon is a noble beast that forms an important part of the Chinese and Japanese culture. It does not have wings, and it looks like a giant serpent and can fly even without wings. This eastern dragon breathes fire, and it can live anywhere even in the sea. Its nobility is what makes people admire it and they have been drawing it in paintings and other forms of art in their body. In the eastern culture having one inked anywhere on your boy has always been a great honor and historians believe that people in the Japan and China have been drawing it on their body for thousands of years. However, the modern Eastern dragon tattoo designs get a lot of influence from the Yakuza.

In the western culture, the dragon is not a noble creature, and it is always spreading havoc as its only purpose for existence is to make life hard for humanity. It is more like a huge reptile in appearance, and it has scales and huge wings. According to Western legend, the dragon could also breathe fire. It was a great honor for a knight to kill it, and according to legend any man that killed one would get the honor or marrying a beautiful princess.

Although it was a fierce enemy, people would still depict the western dragon in painting and later on their bodies. The aggressive nature of this creature is what makes it an attractive body marking and people in the west have also been drawing it for many centuries.

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What Do These Tattoos Mean

The type of dragon that you draw is what will determine the symbolism and meaning of your tattoo. If you choose to have the Japanese or Chinese dragon tattoo designs your totem will symbolize things such as wisdom, goodwill, prosperity and balance because this is what the cultures associated with the animal.

A Celtic dragon which has a crown is a symbol of strength, power, and royalty. The Western dragon, on the other hand, will symbolize things like evil, death, power, greed and dominion because these are the things that people in the Western cultures associate with the creature.

The position of the dragon or how you draw it will also determine the meaning and symbolism. A dragon that is ascending has positive intentions, and so your tattoo will also symbolize positive or noble things like good luck, protection, and happiness. One that is descending is a sign of negative intentions, and so your tattoo will mean evil or things such as greed and ferocity.

You can draw a dragon in almost any color that you want because in some cultures it is depicted as a very colorful creature. However, it is important to know that the color that you choose for your dragon tattoo will also determine its symbolism and meaning. A blue dragon tattoo is in most instances a symbol of calmness, immortality, still waters and openness. The red one which is one of the most favorite tattoo images symbolizes anything to do with love, fertility, passion anger, sex, and death. Due to the aggression and rage associated with the red dragon, it can also be a symbol of protection.

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Design Ideas

The options are almost endless when it comes to dragon tattoo designs, and you can have anything from a simple outline to complex and realistic 3D images. It might be a very simple design, but this does not eliminate the need to get it from a skilled artist as this is the only way to ensure that you do not get a totem that will not make you regret. Here are a few ideas to help you choose the best dragon tattoos.

Asian Dragons

Dragons are an important part of the Asian cultures as they are one of the most revered creatures. Asian people and this is more so in China and Japan, have been drawing images of the dragon for thousands of years. Their serpent-like dragon always forms an impressive tattoo image, and the best thing about it is that you can have it in various colors. Its serpent-like long body also means that you can draw it as a huge tattoo wrapping around the body. These dragons are perceived to be a good omen, and they symbolize strength, wisdom, longevity, prosperity and power.

The Ouroboros

The Ouroboros or the Dragon Circle is an ancient symbol that first appears on a Tutankhamen’s tomb. It also appears in many other cultures across the world, and so it is a very famous image. It makes a unique tattoo image, and it is an excellent and unique way of drawing the dragon as it does not look anything like the mythical creature.

Apart from its attractive and distinct appearance, it is also quite symbolic, and most people will have it to symbolize the cycle of life or birth and death. You can also have it in various colors, and there is also an option of having it as a simple outline in black ink or as a detailed 3D image.

Tribal Dragon

Everything always seems to look extra cute when you draw it in the Tribal patterns and the dragon is not an exception. The tribal dragon tattoo designs give you an opportunity to mix mythologies from different parts of the world. Drawing your dragon in these patterns is a good way of showing that you are in touch with various cultures and nature. However, it is a good idea to keep it simple and have it in black ink if you want to maintain the tribal appearance.

The Dragon Claw

Some people will prefer to have the dragon claw instead of having an image of the creature. In most instances, they will draw a massive claw on their back or chest and make it look realistic so that everybody can know what they have. The claw is a symbol of conquest over evil or destruction and those who have it want to portray domination or strength.

Dragon Skull

A skull is a representation of past lives, and it also shows the mortality nature of humanity. A dragon skull head also has an almost similar meaning, but it looks more artistic and stylish. Having this totem will show that you have conquered many difficulties in the past like death of someone close or a vice such as an addiction. Having this tattoo will also symbolize the balance between life and death.

Dragon Heart

The dragon might be a fierce creature, but you can also combine it with other elements or draw it in a unique design such as a heart to vary its meaning. A dragon heart will represent love, compassion, and joy. Although even men have this tattoo, ladies seem to prefer it and will often draw it in bright colors.



3D Dragon

Nobody knows with certainty how a dragon should look like and this is true both for the western and eastern ones. However, people accept some images as the representation of these mythical creatures over the years. These pictures are what people will have in 3D to represent the mythical creatures that you see in books and movies. Whether you have a full body dragon or a small one on your wrist, drawing it in 3D always gives it a unique and attractive appearance.

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Placement Ideas

Dragon tattoo designs are very versatile, and this means that you can have them in any part of the body where you want. However, most tattoo enthusiasts seem to prefer drawing it as a large image, and this means that the back, chest, and sleeve are some of the best places to have it. It is also common to see men having the dragon as a half sleeve or behind the neck.  It is also common to see dragons on the ankle, fingers and even on the thigh.

Whether you prefer simple totems or sophisticated ones, there are many dragon tattoo designs available. You do not even have to love these mythical creatures to draw them because they always make cute tattoo designs. They are also not very difficult to draw, and so you only need to choose a unique design, and you will be sure of an attention-grabbing body marking.

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