40 Dazzling Down Jacket Style Ideas – Keep Yourself Warm

Down jackets – for those who may not be aware of this – are water-resistant coats that are packed with the wondrously insulative, fine feathers that grow just next to a bird’s skin. They are some of the few jackets that are miraculously warm yet incredibly light. Which, as a result, makes them the perfect winter attire, especially now that we are fast-approaching the coldest months of the year.  That being said, here is our pick of the 40 best down jacket ideas for the stylish, suave man who is looking to keep himself warm but still wants standout from the crowd this fall and the soon approaching winter.

# 1 The Cast Iron Down Jacket

For that distinguished, manly look complete with a college-style color. This down jacket is best paired with Diesel Jogg jeans which effectively helps highlight that metallic gray masculine look.

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# 2 The Uniqlo Down Jacket

Stand out from the rest of the crowd with this ultra-light jacket made for the confident, fashion-conscious man. It is best paired with jogger pants though it can still find some space in a denim-populated closet. It is significantly cheaper than the rest of the mainstream jackets and boasts of that plain, simple, ‘unbranded’ look.

# 3 The Bastong Down/Quilt Jacket

The Bastong strays away from the norm by adding a trendy collar to a stitched down. If anything, it is proof that you don’t have to look like the Michelin man to stay warm this winter.

# 4 The Ralph Lauren Down

Sport that stylish checked look from summer this winter/fall with this Ralph Lauren jacket. The pockets also provide a warm fit for your palms without looking awkwardly out of place.

# 5 The Filson Adventure Jacket

Down jackets don’t have to be plain and boring as this Filson 1897 jacket proves. In fact, just pack up your gear before the snow sets, throw and zip up this Filson jacket and venture into the unknown!

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# 6 The Kindross Down Jacket – Black Vogue

Emanating from the little-known recesses of the white-label collection, this Korean-inspired jacket is the perfect way to keep warm this coming winter while maintaining that exotic look. That aside, the exterior is reasonably water-resistant and windproof if you need to like taking late evening walks even as the weather gets chilly.

# 7 The Jack Wolfskin Helium Down Jacket

Powerful when it comes to warming you up but minimalistic in design, this Helium jacket is an excellent all-rounder that can serve the needs of both the active outdoor adventurer and the fashion-conscious city-slicker in the same capacity. Weighing only 410g, this coat can also be compressed down into one of its side pockets to facilitate easy transportation.

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# 8 The Pazzo Transition Jacket

Well, if you have a soft spot for bright, outlandish colors, then this one should appeal to you. The seams, particularly, bring out that transition effect out quite nicely.

# 9 Mt. Rainier Design Down Coat

There is no disputing that the Mt. Rainier design is a celebrated brand in most parts of the world. And they have complemented this reputation well by putting out a uniquely crafted college-style down coat/jacket. If you like your style exquisite, then this is the jacket to grab.

# 10 The Ruck and Mault Extra-light Down Coat

This one is meant specifically for those dapper guys who like to travel light but stylish. It can also double up effortlessly as a sports jacket when the need arises.

# 11 Schoeller Inner Down Coat

This trendy jacket, as they say, is good for the apres-ski and even better for skiing. Can be worn with denim or khaki pants and its down-filled interior gives it an edge over other conventional sports jackets as far as warmth is concerned.

# 12 The Boss Orange Ohunter Jacket

As advertised, this one will come in very handy for those chilly Friday mornings when you have to look presentable but still suave. Unlike other down jackets above, it has this uniquely peculiar relaxed seamless look that highlights both formality and casualness in the same jacket!

# 13 Mosaic Pistol Collared Jacket

The V-neck design here is one-of-a-kind and the tapering edges illuminate a bad boy tag that most young men crave for. Also, you don’t have to zip it up and the ‘pistol’ look is formal enough for the jacket to be worn to semi-official functions.

# 14 Anchorage Black Edition Down

It is almost hard to find anything unappealing about the new Anchorage Black Edition down. From the fluffy collars to the seamless cuffs, this is really one of the few downs you can pull over a casual attire without feeling overdressed – particularly on a chilly morning.

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# 15 Fridge Setagaya DownJacket

While it might look a little over-sized at first glance, this jacket is, nonetheless, a good overcoat for those chilly winter days when you have to go outdoors. Besides, it is water-repellent and insulative enough to keep the elements outside and body’s warmth inside.

# 16 The Helvetica Trendy Jacket

Few winter coats look better than this one, really. And given that the company behind this elegant warm piece of clothing promises that it should keep you warm even in temperatures under -25 degrees, then you have one more reason to add it to your collection.

# 17 The Canada Goose Brookfield

If you are really serious about staying warm and cuddly this winter and don’t mind spending a small fortune doing so, then go for the Canada Goose. It is industrially sewn to give you the best down-filled jacket experience you have had in a long time. What’s more, the Parka design employed here should keep you warm until 2017 spring.

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# 18 The Duffer of St George Denim

Those of us who are looking for a denim-look but in a down-filled jacket, the Duffer of St George denim should cut it. It is as trendy and versatile as they come.

# 19 The Black Combo Down-filled Jacket

Consider going for this if you are all for the dark mysterious formal wear. It will surely turn more than a few heads.

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# 20 Le Blasse’ Down-filled Coat

With a fluffy, round fur-filled collar, this jacket serves best as an over-coat with all the bits and pieces of a conventional winter attire. This includes a well-seamed interior and large-size side pockets.

# 21 The Brera It Down-filled Jacket

It is arguably one of the most formal-looking lightweight down coats on the market right now. It is made out of the finest Vitalis Barberis creation but will set you a bit when it comes to taking it off the shelf.

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# 22 Blooker Winter Coat

Water repellent and fairly warm sounds like the perfect combination for a chilly winter morning when you have to attend a small party later in the afternoon.

# 23 The Danton Jacket

Yet another high-performer in this sector is this down coat. Plumped up with high-quality goose down, the jacket weighs less than a tad 500g. The seemingly extra weight here is used to add to the robustness and durability of the jacket.

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# 24 S-Cotton Down Jacket

Comes in a variety of colors including but not limited to black, yellow, red, and navy blue.

# 25 Kathmandu Duck Down V3 Down Jacket

Weighing less than 700g, it is a rugged-looking down-filled jacket that still manages to give the subject that fashion-forward look without going overboard.

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40 Dazzling Down Jacket Style Ideas – Keep Yourself Warm

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