90 Enthralling Dog Tattoo Ideas – Heartwarming Designs for Hound Lovers

A dog tattoo is the best way to honor that canine you love or to show your affection towards these animals. Dogs have been humanity’s loyal and trusted companion for more than 40 centuries, and they are among the first animals that people domesticated. Unlike other animals, dogs develop affection towards their owners, and in most cases, it lasts for their lifetime. In many cultures, they are an extension of the family because people will give them almost similar privileges as their children.

The love story between individuals and dogs goes back thousands of years and evidence of this can be found in some of the oldest portraits ever found and even in tomb paintings in Egypt. As a form of body art, they are also quite an old concept because there is evidence of people in Asian societies and Egypt drawing them. However, in the early days, the totems were straightforward and basic outlines of the canines unlike the realistic and detailed designs of today. The dog body markings are also very symbolic, and people from various cultures tend to associate them with an array of things, and so you can be confident that your tattoo will be very meaningful.


Meaning and Symbolism

Before getting a body marking, you should make sure that you know and understand the meaning because it is something permanent that you might not be able to remove. The dog tattoo is not an exception, but you do not have to worry much about its symbolism and meaning because they are positive things in most cases. Most of these tattoos revolve around affection and personal love for a canine, and so many people will have them to show their love for their dog or in memory of their dead pets.

In some instances, people will have a tattoo of a canine in memory of a friend or relative. This symbolism comes from the fact that dogs are thought to be sentinels or guardians of the path to the other world in some cultures. Having the canine tattoo in memory of a loved one is meant to wish them safe travel to the other world. A dog totem will also be a symbol of loyalty and friendships because these are some of the traits that people associate with these canines.

The dog is also a symbol of good luck in most Asian societies. For example, in the Chinese society the dog symbolizes obedience, prosperity, friendliness and good fortunes. The Chinese also associate it with the Zodiac Aquarius. In Shamanic and Celtic cultures, dogs are champion guides, and they are the best companions for any journey. According to these societies, having a dog totem will convey the concept of guidance as you travel through the voyage of life.

The dog color that you choose to draw in your tattoo will also influence the meaning. For example, drawing a white one symbolizes purity, stamina, and virtue. A black dog, on the other hand, is a representation of the goddess of shadows while a red one will symbolize things such as victory in life and virility. The dog breed that you draw can also dictate the meaning of your tattoo because different kinds represent varying things in most societies.

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Types of Dog Tattoo

One of the elements that make this tattoo special is the fact that it offers you many options when it comes to the design. And with the levels of skills that artists have and the modern technologies available you can always be confident of a top notch image. But, here are some of the most famous dog totem designs.

Dog Breeds

Every dog lover or at least most of them have a particular kind that they love most. Whether it is a Rottweiler or a German shepherd your favorite kind provides you with an excellent design idea when it comes to this tattoo. And so for these tattoos, a simple choice of breed might be all you need to get a stylish totem. But, make sure that you also get it from a skilled artist because some breeds might be very complicated to draw.

Celtic Dog

Hounds have always been an important part of Celtic cultures, and there are even stories about the Irish fighting wars for their dogs. Celtic dogs have a deep symbolism, and they also have a unique design that will always guarantee you a stylish tattoo. The most common design entails drawing two hounds intertwined in an intricate knot pattern. There are also many other designs that involve representing a single dog but in traditional Celtic patterns.

Paw Print

Although the dog’s paw print is a distinct tattoo design, it is still accurate to classify it under the dog totem. It is in most instances a simple copy of one or more of the dog paws and people use it to showcase their love for canines. In fact, some people will have artists draw a realistic image of the forefoot of their dog with all the minor details. For others, getting the paw is part of the grieving process for the loss of their pet.

Watercolor Dogs

Instead of filling your hound tattoo with the usual or traditional colors you can spice it up with some watercolors to create a modern and stylish body art. Using some watercolors on your tattoo will give your puppy an artistic look and also make it look extra cute.

3D Dog Tattoos

3D symbols are fascinating, and this should explain why most tattoo lovers have them. This tattoo style can work for any totem, and it can help breathe some life to your dog by giving it a realistic appearance. However, only experienced and skilled artists know how to draw 3D totems.

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Dog tattoo placement is a matter of personal choice as there are no restrictions. But, the design and size of your dog will also influence the placement. Most people prefer to have their tattoos in places such as the hand or on the legs where they can see them anytime they want. For those that prefer to draw large images, the back and chest are the perfect placement areas. Behind the ear, fingers, ankle, ribcage, and wrist are also some ideal areas for the dog symbol, especially for ladies.

The affection that you have for your dog cannot compare to anything else, and there is no greater way to show this than with a stylish dog tattoo. And with the various designs and styles available you can represent your love for your companion and best friend in endless ways.

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