40 Trendy Ways to Wear Derby Shoes – The Most Hip and Sharp Footwear for Men

Derby shoes were the North American response to its British variant, the oxfords. Initially debuting as a hunting and hiking shoe, it has now made it way firmly into being an integral part of everyday work or semi-casual footwear exuding class and style in every day – infusing a certain panache in the wearer. We will now discuss 40 looks of derby shoes that should give you some ideas to up your shoe game to the next level!

# 1 Studded Patent Blacktops

Add a little shine to your attire with these patent leather studded derby shoes. The occasional glean from the leather goes a long way to making sure you will really be noticed.

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# 2 Kurt Geiger White Laced Browns

These Kurt Geiger brown leather shoes are a new twist on a classic design. Elevating the color are the white laces which add more contrast to your everyday look

# 3 Marsell Fading Tips

The fading tips by Marsell offer a more rusting and chic looking appeal to the hidden hipster in you. Trendy from the outset, these a must in a citygoer’s shoe closet.

# 4 Subtle Shoes of Thick Leather

These custom designed hard fading panorama brown leather shoes look absolutely dashing in a casual setting. Classic rolled up pants and blazer will complement this Derby pair perfectly.

# 5 Edward Green Dovers

This take on the moccasin design inspired Derby shoe is an inspired look by Edward Green. Featuring contrasting colored darker tips it’s a step in the more unconventional direction!

# 6 Paul Smith Originals

These Paul Smith are the derby classic. These go with any and every outfit and literally on every occasion! A must have in every contemporary dresser’s rack!

# 7 Sander Long Wing Shoes

Faded black leather pair with long wings is a variation of the patent classic shoe. The texture adds the rugged look for those who is looking for a classic style while adding their own mark to the look.

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# 8 Wax Leather Derby Shoes by YMC

With contrasting soles, further heightened by white stitching along the base, the loafer inspired derby is a more preppy take on the derby shoe concept. For those of you more comfortable with varying contrasts within the same shoe, this one is for you!

# 9 Dolce and Gabbana Blue Petrolia

Dusky, blue, tapering. The color palate used on this beautiful derby is as authentic a style as you can get from Dolce and Gabbana. The tapering narrow tips of the shoe are reminiscent of a more past era but the color of the fabric used combined with the slightly gleaming thick edged sole makes a masterpiece.

# 10 Lidl Fashion Browns

Fancy a summer boat party but you want to sport a high-end suave look at the same time? This is probably what you want or need to be right on the money so to speak.

# 11 The Beckett Simonon Business Derby

As the name suggests the dark brown thick leather fabric with the sleekness of the curve on these shoes makes it a go to for all the important business work you need to be done in the day.

# 12 Solovair Acorn 5 Eye

Want to make an immediate gentleman statement as soon as you walk into a room? Look no further! With an eye-catching camel brown leather derby pair, you are bound to be noticed.

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# 13 The memorable Black

More of a throwback to the schoolboy times these ye old inspired patent leather schoolboy derby is the response to all the high end more sophisticated derby pair out there.

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# 14 Pitti Uomo Black Short Tips

Featured by the Pitti Uomo, these patent leather gleaming short tips offer comfort style in the same shoe. With a hard sole, the impression of a tap dancing shoe is not missed.

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# 15 Suede Derbys by Lopen

This extreme take on moccasins and loafers pushes the boundary of the definition of a derby shoe. With the passing resemblance, these sand-colored and white soled shoes are trendy and hip.

# 16 Dior Homme Masterclass

This is indeed a masterclass of a derby shoe by Dior. Combing patent black leather with faded shining maroon tips and an orange lined heel, this eclectic combination of colors comes together to produce a vibrant and classy shoe!

# 17 Hugo Boss Vintage

With a rich history of upending fashion and creating new classics, Boss has done it again. Have black pants or white chinos, these not so run of mill black Derbys will be your sturdy companions

# 18 Uni qlo Black

Check this Uniqlo’s design of derby shoes. If you want a more rustic look but a new pair of shoes, these are your best bet.

# 19 FTale Wovens

When it comes to innovation, you need to look no further than these woven wick chair looking brown Derby pair. With a thick sand-colored sole and a contrasting wood designed leather around the heel, these are a treat to look at.

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# 20 Sergio Rossi Suedes

These sand colored tapering suedes with dark brown laces offer the subtlety and panache of Italian design. Will they elevate your look? Oh, yeah!

# 21 Darkstone Westerns

Dark purple, red laces, white sole. Sounds tempting? Looks even better! Going for the western look, the sheer combination of colors and the complementation of them come together for an extremely fine product.

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# 22 Classic Cognacs

Can’t go wrong with these. Whatever the color of your attire and the occasion of your situation, these are your worthy companions. Complete your look with these absolute beauties.

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# 23 Loela Lace Inspired Derby

These laced design inspired broad patent leather wingtip Derby pair look straight out of a painting. Want to take your shoe game to the next level? This might be the answer.

# 24 Shiny Boots

The name say boots but the looks says Derbys. These purple studded lack Derbys are a cross between what would be classified as either a boot or a derby! Your choice.

# 25 Van Lier Derby Pair

Faded suede light coffee colored wingtips are Van Lier’s interpretation of Derby shoes in the modern era. Screams French and fashion in one go!

While these are out top 25, of course, countless other designs exist. You can mix and match and each occasion necessitates its own design but one thing you can absolutely count on.

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