30 Cool Cuts for Short Curly Hair – Tips for Effortless Curls

If you hate wearing your curly hair long, then you should try sporting a short curly hair. This haircut doesn’t require lots of styling since the natural texture works to give your hair both character and shape. Short curly hair is a trendy style that’s taking Hollywood by storm and it’s being sported by millions of young men across the world. Below are 30 inspirational ideas that you can try today.

# 1 Soft Shape-Up with Fringe

Settle for soft curls that add that fluffy look in the hair. Tease the front to create a flirty fringe and pull if off into a perfect shape-up by sporting a medium buzz cut on the sides.

# 2 Faded Spot Curl

Stand out in a spot curl at the top and go for a light trim at the crown. Drop the sides into a tapered mid fade and sport a short buzz at the front edge. Finish it clean and fresh with a razor lining.

# 3 Kinky High-Top Fade

Sport some volume in a kinky high-top that sports a mid fade cut on the sides. Give it a signature slash at the temple and make it sharp with a razor lining.

# 4 Spot Tapered Fade

Settle for a sexy taper that lines the edges of the forehead. Give it a spot tapered fade on the temple and the nape. Create a razor line to give your haircut more edge.

# 5 Faded Spiral Highlights

Achieve both volume and light by sporting spiral curls at the top and give them blonde and silvery highlights. Retain the dark shade at the base and complete in a low skin fade.

# 6 Faded Permed Shape-Up with Fringe

Make it soft and curly by sporting permed hair at the top. Style the front into a fringe and go for an undercut that sports a temp fade.

# 7 Curly Fringe with Blonde Highlight

Stand out in a curled top that’s teased into a fringe at the front. Add some flair in the dark shade by highlighting the top in blonde. Give the sides a light trim and let them retain the dark shade.

# 8 Coarse Curls with Low Skin Fade

Sport short coarse hair and give it a curled look at the top. Drop the sides into a tapered low skin fade and make everything look sharp with a razor lining.

# 9 Natural Texture with Low Skin Fade

Sport a natural texture in your short hair. Complete it in a low skin fade and sport a razor lining to give the haircut more edge.

# 10 Thick Fade Shape-Up

Go for thick natural curled hair at the top. Settle for buzzed sides that end in a low skin fade. Finish this shape-up by sporting a razor lining along the hairline at the front.

# 11 Short Highlighted Hawk

Stand out in a natural curled Mohawk that sports a signature slash at the temple. Give it a partial blonde highlight at the top and sport a razor lining.

# 12 Short Natural Hawk

Ditch the highlight and settle for natural curls in your black hair. Give it that Mohawk look and finish clean with a razor outline.

# 13 Carved Faded Precision

Go coarse and curly and sport carved signature markings on the temp fade. Complete by sporting a low skin fade at the nape.

# 14 Thick Textured Pomp

Sport tons of texture at the top and leave the front to retain the natural texture. Style into a pomp by sporting a side part and finish with a drop mid fade cut.

# 15 Finger Wave Curls

Give your medium hair the sexy look of finger waves. Ditch the razor line to leave the hairline looking cool and natural.

# 16 Natural Textured Pomp with Tapered Fade

Settle for natural textured curls at the top and sport a hard part style to give your pomp more edge. Finish by dropping the sides into a smooth tapered low skin fade.

# 17 Dipped Signature Fade

Curl the top of your medium hair and sport a buzz along it’s edges. Create a signature slash that traverses the buzzed hair and finish with a high skin fade that dips towards the back.

# 18 Soft Curls with Swept-Up Front

Sport heavy soft curls that are given a nice sweep up at the front. Create a buzzed low skin fade on the sides and make it blended at the back.

# 19 Edgy Textured Curls

Steal the show in a curled top sporting some light texture to it. Settle for a light trim at the crown and add more edge with a low skin fade that’s completed with a sharp razor lining.

# 20 Faded Curly Arab Hair

Look great in a curled Arab hair that gives you a sexy natural look. Complete it in a dipped low skin fade that’s blended at the back.

# 21 Natural African Fade

Settle for a natural curled African hair sporting that coarse texture. Drop it into a mid fade and add to the freshness of the look by sporting a razor lining.

# 22 Faded Blowout Curls

Get more visual volume by sporting blowout curls. Finish it clean in a low skin fade that’s made to dip towards the back. Apply elegance gel to preserve your curls.

# 23 Waxed Pompadour

Settle for some soft waxed curls in your pomp. Finish it cool and clean by sporting a low skin fade that disconnects the beard line.

# 24 Messy Top with Low Skin Fade

Sport slick curls at the top and tease part of it to create that messy yet cool look. Go for a low skin fade to give it that clean and fresh look.

# 25 Light Curled Hawk

Sport the sexy look of a short Mohawk that’s given the soft look of conditioned curls. Settle for a skin fade to disconnect the hair from the beard.

# 26 Fresh Hawk

Settle for light curls in your short hair. Make it stand out by sporting a fresh skin fade on the sides.

# 27 Coarse and Natural African Fade

Let your clippers do good work in your natural and coarse African hair. Give it a low skin fade and make the haircut more edgy by sporting a razor lining.

# 28 Kinky and Spiral Curl Combo

Go for kinky hair and style part of it into spiral curls. Give it the flair of brown lowlights and complete with faded sides. Make it sharp by going for a razor lining.

# 29 Thick Curls with Smooth Fade

Make it curly and thick at the top sporting that nice dip at the crown. Finish with a smooth low skin fade.

# 30 Faded Matte Curls

Settle for silky matte curls at the top ensuring to retain the natural texture at the front. Give the haircut a classic twist by sporting a tapered low skin fade and sharp razor lining.

Short curly hair eliminates the hassles of having to style your hair for hours. It’s a trendy style that’s got lots of possibilities and it might just be the right time to sport one.

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