80 Captivating Crown Tattoo Design Ideas – The Intriguing and Powerful Symbol

Crown tattoo is one of the trendiest tattoos that are commonly preferred by men these days. They are a great choice among men who are tattoo freaks and want to try out something royal. They are available in various sizes, designs, and colors to give the wearer multiple options to select from. Men of different age groups can get them done depending on their preferences and lifestyles.


What do they mean or symbolize?

The crown has been the symbol of royalty and supreme authority since years. Again, when combined with a cross, the crown symbolizes victory. The European monarchs used the cross symbol in their crowns to signify that they exercised a divine authority. Today’s crown tattoos may or may not come with a cross.

A crown tattoo does not mean that the individual can exercise his authority over others. It rather symbolizes his sovereignty in his own life and activities. It also reflects the masculine power and energy that one has and the responsibilities that he has in various spheres. The tattoo can act as motivations for the wearer in both their personal and professional fronts.

It is also symbolic of the commitments that the person has towards the queen, i.e. the love of his life.

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A Few Examples of Crown Tattoo Designs

Crown tattoos are available in different forms and designs these days. There are an endless number of options with these tattoos to choose from. Royal or funky- whatever be your choice, you will always find the right tattoo with crowns.

#1 Crown and Nails

This is a unique combination of crown along with two nails in a crossed manner. The cross is usually of black or dark grey color while the nails have metallic shades just like real nails. You can wear it wherever you feel like.

#2 Cross and Crown

It features a cross with thick black border and shades of red filling it. A golden crown is present below it along with detailed engravings all over it. It can be worn on any part of your body such as chest or arms.

#3 Crown and Number

This is another very popular concept used in crown tattoos. It consists of any number along with a crown over it. For instance, the number ‘7’ can be there along with a crown placed on its upper corner. The number can of any bright color such as blue and the crown can be of black or grey shades.Wondering what would be the best place for such a tattoo? Get it done on your chest, just below the throat and wear a front-open jacket to highlight the tattoo.

#4 Crown Skull Tattoos

This type of tattoo has a skull with the crown placed at the top of it. It looks best on the hand and can be combined with other tattoo designs all around it. This is a unicolor tattoo and a favorite among the DJs.

#5 Crown and Diamond Tattoos

This tattoo looks best on the chest near the shoulder. A diamond with a small crown placed at one of its top corners is what this tattoo is all about. Small yet impactful, this tattoo portrays royalty in the best way possible.

#6 Ball King Tattoo

As evident from the name, there is a ball wearing the tattoo. The ball is not one which is used for outdoor games such as cricket or football but the one which is normally used for bowling with a number engraved on it. If you believe yourself to be the champion bowler, this one is definitely your thing!

#7 Crown and Flower

Do you think it is a very girlish idea to go for tattoos featuring flowers? Well, not really! Crowns combined with flowers in a black or grey shade are something very masculine and can be done in the upper arm. You can even combine the crown and the flower with some other designs or motifs to make it look more special.

#8 Religious Crown Tattoo

Christ wearing the crown is another great tattoo idea for the boys. It is a religious idea and helps in bringing variation in the world of the common, boring tattoos.

#9 The Lion and Crown Tattoo

The king of the beasts deserves the crown too. So, in this tattoo, you will find lion, the king of the jungle with the crown on its head. Natural yet artistic, this tattoo is not for everyone. You need to have the personality and attitude for carrying it.

#10 The Crowned Heart

This is a bit bigger one with a heart wearing the crown and two hands holding it from both sides. The best place to wear it is obviously the chest where you will find a wide area for the design to be implemented.

#11 Modern Art Tattoo

Here the wearer of the crown is a bare hand! Abstract and intriguing, this tattoo can be your choice for the wrist.

#12 Crown Tattoo with Texts

The crown tattoo may also come with texts such as “What’s a King without a Queen” written on it. It is a cool idea to combine texts with designs but make sure that you have enough space for this in the portion of your body where you are planning to get it done.

#13 Crown, Wings and More

This is an extensive work with the crown tattoo along with some other patterns and designs where the designer is in liberty to give shades and designs according to his preferences.

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Styling Tips

Before going to the tattoo designing studio, you should first decide the size of the tattoo and the position for its placement. This will allow you to select the best one for you. After you get the tattoo done, wear your clothes in such a way that the tattoos are rightly highlighted.

Crown tattoos are among the trendiest tattoos of the day. Whether you prefer it simple or embellished, you will surely find it here. Get them done to make yourself look more dashing and handsome!

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