55 Inspirational Charcoal Suit Ideas – Great Ways to Stay on Trend

A charcoal suit is a versatile and classic option for both formal and informal gatherings. It pairs perfectly with many colors to give you that neat and clean profile. You have the option of choosing from light to dark charcoal suit and you can wear it slim,tapered or general. It includes the variety of gray colors as well as dark and deep black. Below are 55 ideas and inspirations that will make you look great in this classic menswear piece.

# 1 Sienna Series

Get a three-piece suit that takes slim deign to a whole new level. The suit provides that stunning ultra-slim fit that hugs the body in a fashionable way. It sports a super-fine blend cut to perfection to ensure a sleek and smooth shape.

# 2 Kubo Classic Style Suit

Go simple and solid with this classic suit and a cuffed pants that are pleated to add more detail. Pair the suit with a neat, pin dot tie and walk proudly out the door to embrace the day in style.

# 3 Simple but Significant

Make it simple but at the same time – hard to go unnoticed. This slim fit suit sits slick on the body. It provides a classic, clean look. The pants sports no cuff to provide that slimmer frame.

# 4 Three-Piece Luxury

Get the luxurious look of a three-piece bespoke suit that is made to measure. It gives your body that neat, trimmed look. Attach a flower and add a bow tie to get the perfect bridal look.

# 5 Suit and Bow Tie

Achieve a well-defined, seasonal look by pairing your slim-fit suit with a bow tie. Give your three-piece suit the modern and casual look of flat-front pants. Add a black coat inside and you’re good to go.

# 6 Modern Style

Set the bar high with a modern suit that sports squared patterns to add more detail. Give the pants a flat, no-cuff look and add a brown pocket square to complement the white shirt and patterned tie.

# 7 Slim Bow Tie Design

Start your week in style with a slim suit that comes in black. Give it the neatness of flat-front pants and add a bow tie for that classic twist. Finish with a neutral white shirt and a square pocket for that dapper style.

# 8 Dapper Style

Stand out in this gray suit designed for general wear. The suit fits slim at the thighs for that modern look. Pair it with a white shirt and striped tie. Go for brown shoes to create a cool contrast that will make heads turn.

# 9 Classic Woolen Wear



Make your suit unique by sporting the luxurious look of a pure woolen design. Let this three-piece suit give you that trimmed, slim-fit look. Add a coat, neutral white shirt and a red tie for that clean, trendy finish.

# 10 Full Tuxedo Power

Get a slim tuxedo fit that sports sharp, well-trimmed edges. Complement it with a neutral white shirt and square pocket. Go for a black tie to create a perfect match for your black tuxedo.

# 11 Classic Italian Wear

Embrace the day with this tailored suit that sports the Italian quality. The suit has a squared, box design created from thin, white lines. It provides that classic, general fit. Get that business look by adding a tie and a neutral white shirt.

# 12 Sporty and Sexy

Pair your cuffed trouser with a pretty long jacket to get a look that is as unique as it is sexy. Go for a neutral white shirt that matches the white sports shoes. Finish with a white square pocket to create that classic, sportsman look.

# 13 Business Style

Go grey without any blemish. Give your grey suit the pure and spotless look of a neutral white shirt. Make it trendy with flat-front pants. Go without a tie to take your sexy looks to a whole new level.

# 14 Detailed Quality

Add some swag to your bespoke suit. Give it the classic look of a neutral white shirt and square pocket. Go for short pants that hang just above the heels. Create some cool contrast with striped pair of socks and give your wrist the sparkle of a classic watch.

# 15 Classic Bespoke

Go simple and elegant with a classic bespoke suit that sports the modern look of flat-front pants. Wear it without socks to create that killer look. Set the bar high with a black tie complemented with a white, dotted shirt.

# 16 Street Style

Walk proudly the streets with this quality, handmade suit. Give it the classic look of wide, cuffed legs designed for general wear. Add a vibrant, yellow bow tie and a coat on the inside for excellent weather protection.

# 17 Wedding style

Get that chic, neat look in a velvet and plaid tuxedo. Give it the luxurious bridal look by adding a pinned flower and a black bow tie. Add some pure touches with a white shirt and pocket square.

# 18 Tailored to Perfection

Make it classic and elegant with this fantastic three-piece charcoal suit that sports flat-front pants. Give it the impeccable look of an undercoat that sits well over the neutral white shirt.

# 19 Italian Sharp Dress

Make it stylish with this tailored tuxedo that has a dramatic touch to it. Pair it with long-cuff shirt and add a white square pocket for that dapper gentleman look.

# 20 High Fashion

Get the season’s latest trends with this dapper suit that provides a neat, slim fit. Add a brown cardigan on the inside and complement with a blue tie that hangs gracefully on the neutral white shirt.

# 21 Double Breasted

This is a classic suit that is made to measure. Create a perfect combo with a navy blue tie and blue shirt. Add some brown loafers and finish with a classic watch for that sharp, gentleman look.

# 22 Fashion killer

Get a formal wear that befits that special occasion. Make it dapper with this charcoal suit that has black boots to match. Give it the classic look of a french cuff shirt that matches with the square pocket. Finish with a black textured tie and you’re good to go.

# 23 Made-to-Order Suit

Get a custom-fit suit designed to match your specific taste. It gives you the quality you desire in woolen, cotton or linen suit. It’s a great way of going classic and achieving that business look.

# 24 Extra-Inch Suit

Grab the most attention with this black suit that gives you the freedom of some few extra inches. Get the old-timer look with an undercoat that comes in black. Finish with a black tie and neutral white shirt.

# 25 Modern Twist

Make it modern and sleek with this slim-fit suit. Pair it with a brown tie and brown shoes. Add more style to your travel with a brown briefcase and seal up the whole look in a quality, neutral white shirt.


# 26 Made to Measure

Get the true suit up experience with this classic Italian suit that sports flat-front pants. Add more style with an undercoat and finish with a neat, pindot tie.

# 27 Sexy African Style

Make it elegant and classy with an extra-fit suit that provides the modern look of smooth and sleek finishing. Pair it with a bow tie and add multicolored shoes to light up the day.

# 28 Fashion Bomber

Kill it with a slim-fit pant tailored to provide that classic, tapered look. Add a long coat over your jacket and put on a pair of gloves for that celebrity look.

# 29 Cool Contrast

Create a little contrast while making everything sleek and sharp. Go for a light charcoal coat with dark, flat-front pants. Make it even darker down by sporting glossy black shoes.

# 30 Classic Business Wear

Get a suit that brings out that tall, slim figure in you. Make it dark charcoal and match it with a blue shirt. Finish with a tie and add a luxurious watch on the wrist for the ultimate businessman look.

# 31 Blended Look

Create some difference in your Charles Tyrwhitt suit. Give it the classic touch of a waistcoat that comes in a different color. Go for a classic french cuff shirt upgraded with a brown tie.

# 32 Simple and Casual

Go for a casual tuxedo paired with a black t-shirt for that simple, gentleman style. Add a pair of suede loafers on the feet to create a dashing outfit for the weekend.

# 33 Pinstripe Bespoke

Rock with a tailored bespoke charcoal suit that sports white stripes. Match it with striped socks and add a black tie for that sexy, gentleman look.

# 34 High Legs

Get a perfect match for your hipster haircut. Give it the classic look of high-leg pants and a matching coat. Add sparkling cufflinks on the wrist and a timepiece to help you keep track of your busy schedule.

# 35 Black Three-Piece

Go black in your bespoke suit and get that unstructured look that will make you the talk of the day. Give this three-piece suit that modern touch of a waistcoat and make it sit sharp in a navy blue tie.

# 36 Modern Three-Button Style

Get a modern-fit, bespoke suit that is light at the coat and darker at the pants. Get the convenience of raised legs that create a smooth tapered finish. Add a white square pocket and black tie to stand out from the crowd.

# 37 Super Tailored

A well-tailored suit is a dream come true for most men. Go for a light grey bespoke suit that sports a classic fit. Give the legs a tapered design and match with a waistcoat to create that professional look.

# 38 Classic Combination

Make it bossy and classic with this double-breasted grey suit. Get the subtle look of a peak lapel. Go for a blue shirt and a blue pocket square with a pindot, red tie. Pull off that classic traveler look with a leather brown suitcase and shoes.

# 39 Game Changer

Usher in some striped look in the world of charcoal suits. Make it grey with white stripes that create a cool modern fit. Match it with a white shirt and blue tie.

# 40 Blades of Grey

Get the razor sharp slim-fit of this Eglinton suit. Pride in the elegance of a blue shirt paired with a printed tie. Add some loafers on the feet to create that serious, businessman look.

# 41 Double-Breasted Match-Up

Achieve that grandstand finish with a grey Benserade suit. Get the classic look of a navy Pesenti shirt complemented with a brown tie. Give it the stylish touch up of a blue pocket square.

# 42 Montgomerie Three-Piece Black Tuxedo

It’s time to go sock-less in an Italian-made black tuxedo. Give it the romantic touch of a waistcoat and dance the night in a pair of loafers.

# 43 Perfect Hangout

Add more class to your weekend hangouts with this trimmed, modern-fit suit. Let it make you stand out in its charcoal black color. Give it the waist-coat elegance and go sock-less in your glossy black shoes.

# 44 Traveler’s Choice

Make every trip a momentous one with this sleek, three-button suit. Pair it with cool, brown shoes and a classic brown tie. Make everything stand out in a navy shirt.

# 45 Nice Red Touches

Make heads turn in a gray paisley jacket and a neutral white shirt. Add a lapel pin pocket square and secure your flat-front pants in a classic mission belt. Finish with a pinned red flower and a pair of nice loafers.

# 46 Vintage Style

Stroll the streets in this vintage style, three-buttoned suit that sports leg-high pants. Add a matching hat and a red scarf around the neck. Wear a pair of sunglasses to create that bold statement.

# 47 Wedding Outfit

Embrace every wedding event in style with this dark luxury suit. Add more detail with a lapel pin and a wonderful pink flower. Go for a black bow tie, white shirt and a classic three-button waistcoat.

# 48 Super Combination

Make it creative and classic with pleated pants that sport cuff legs. Create some cool contrast with a neutral white shirt and dark tie. Finish the killer look in a pair of quality leather shoes.

# 49 Black ‘Ellroy’ Suit

Give your ‘Ellroy’ suit a style-up. Pair it with a printed tie that hangs tightly from the neutral white shirt. Add some jewelry and a black leather briefcase to match the glossy black leather shoes.

# 50 Super Suave

Make it classic and extra-sharp in a Carl Navè double breasted tuxedo. Enjoy the snug fit of this made to measure black tuxedo and add a bow tie for the perfect wedding event wear.

# 51 Sharp and Classic

Make it cool, slim and classic in this bespoke suit. Stand out in its classic, cuffed legs and pleated design. Add a waistcoat and let the red tie create that flawless look. Pair the suit with a navy shirt and brown leather shoes.

# 52 Inspirational Party Wear

Stay sharp at any party event in this charcoal suit that sports cuffed legs. Give the coat the elegance of a slanted pocket. Make it cool with a waistcoat that sits well with the white shirt and square pocket.

# 53 Tailored on Tour

Be the focal point in any meeting by sporting this chequered, tailored suit. Make your two-button suit secure with a classic leather belt and add a white shirt to match.

# 54 Original Outfit

Get dressed in a black original tuxedo that sports a modern look. Make it more captivating with a waistcoat and black bow tie that sits squarely on the white shirt.

# 55 Sharp One-Button Fit

Go for a slick, one-buttoned suit that gives the elegance of a white shirt and black bow tie. Add to the neatness of your haircut by sporting a white pocket square and a classic timepiece on the wrist.

Put these inspirational ideas in practice and get to achieve the best look in your charcoal suit. They are the perfect way of adding some class and that neat, trimmed look in your lifestyle.

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