65 Cool Casual Dress Code – Trendy Attire for Casual Workplace

A casual dress code has the convenience of providing a comfortable informal wear suited for everyday use. It’s a style of many combinations and provides that casual uniform to give you a more relaxed look. There are many different cool ideas for a casual dress code. Below are 65 inspirational ideas to get you started.

# 1 The Dark Winter Wear

Go for a dark outfit to give you some warmth during winter. Settle for a black leather jacket and black crew neck sweater. Wear with black pants and go sock-less in black and white sneakers.

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# 2 Perfect Winter Layering

Brave the chilling weather with a black jacket sporting a woolen lining. Sport a gray v-necked cardigan and go tie-less in a white shirt. Finish tough in black jean pants and brown Chelsea ankle boots.

# 3 Black and White Casuals

Sport a black and white casual wear featuring a black bomber jacket and gray Calvin Klein t-shirt. Settle for black roll-up pants and finish sock-less in white sneakers. Top the head in a black and white baseball cap.

# 4 Ripped Casual

Stand out in ripped denim jean pants and pair with a white v-necked t-shirt. Finish the outfit in black sneakers sporting white stripes.

# 5 Tough Combination

Go for a tough wear sporting a denim jacket that’s topped over a gray tweed crew neck sweater. Add tough black jean pants and keep the toughness by completing in black Chelsea boots.

# 6 Black and Grey Winter Layering

Settle for black and white in your winter wear. Sport a black jacket and a grey hooded sweater on the inside. Keep it tough with black jean pants and finish in snow white sneakers.

# 7 Heavy Winter Combo

Sport heavy winter clothing featuring a black jacket and dim grey hooded sweater. Add black jean trousers and create some light with a white shirt and white sneakers.

# 8 Roll-Up Black and White Casuals

Grab some attention in black roll-up trousers. Wear with a black leather jacket and sport a white sweatshirt. Complete with black socks and white sneakers.

# 9 Tough Denim Combination

Get the toughness of a denim outfit sporting a blue denim jacket and black denim trousers. Settle for a white t-shirt and maintain the toughness in brown combat boots.

# 10 Brown and Black Combination

There’s a way that you can sport some dark and fades in your casual outfit. The trick is to go for a black and brown combination. Settle for a black fur-lined jacket and tough black jean pants. Add some faded look to the black shade by sporting a brown t-shirt and brown Chelsea boots.

# 11 The Military Accents

Settle for some tough military accents in your outfit. Sport a green military jacket and go tough in black jean trousers and brown Chelsea boots. Upgrade this tough casual wear by going for a white shirt.

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# 12 Multi-Ripped Casuals

Go for that extra-ripped look from your denim pants to your grey crew neck sweater and black leather jacket. Finish this cool ripped outfit in sneakers sporting white and black checks.

# 13 Black Gym Wear

Sport that black outfit in your workout routine. Achieve it with a black hooded jacket sporting a zippered closure. Settle for black sweatpants and go sock-less in black sneakers sporting some white accents. You can pair the outfit with army green bag.

# 14 Blue and White Summer Wear

Look awesome in a light summer outfit sporting a snow-white shirt and blue denim pants. Settle for a gray knit cap and complete in Nike slip-ons sporting grey and white accents.

# 15 Sweater Game

Ditch the jacket and instead settle for a black crew neck sweater to complement your casual outfit. Pair the sweater with a long-sleeve denim shirt. Sport beige trousers and finish in dim grey sneakers.

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# 16 Burgundy Stripes

Sport a burgundy striped white sweater to add that sexy touch to your casual wear. Sport a blue shirt and top over in a black trench coat. Go for grey denim pants and complete in burgundy socks and white sneakers.

# 17 Ripped Winter Wear

Add some ripped look to your winter wear with ripped black jean pants. Sport a warm winter layering featuring a woolen lined brown suede jacket and grey crew neck sweater. Add a white t-shirt and ditch the socks to finish in black sneakers.

# 18 Casual Sport Wear

Bring out the sportsman in you by sporting a Lexington baseball jacket. Give it that sparkling match of a white t-shirt. Go for slim-fit black jean pants. Ditch the socks and finish in white sneakers.

# 19 Black Urban Casuals

Choose to go dark and urban. Do it the tough way by sporting a black leather jacket that has a multi-zippered design. Settle for a dim grey designer t-shirt and finish tough in black jean pants.

# 20 Tough Tourist Winter Wear

Explore in ultimate comfort by sporting a tough tourist wear that comes in black with brown accents to it. Settle for a black hooded jacket, black sweater and black jean pants. Top the head in a black knit cap and add some brown accents to the outfit by settling for brown combat boots and brown messenger bag.

# 21 The Gent’s Summer Look

Stand out in a simple gentleman style that creates a super cool look for summer wear. Go for a tight-fit black t-shirt and finish in grey flat-front pants. The result is a simple yet sexy wear worth trying out.

# 22 Ripped Street Style

Go street style and sport that ripped design in your blue jean pants. Pair the jeans with a gray shallow neck t-shirt. Give your street style outfit the tough finish of brown brogue boots.

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# 23 The Brown Suede Wear with Ripped Combo

Sport the luxurious suede outfit featuring a brown jacket, brown shirt and brown Chelsea boots. Add a cool ripped look to your outfit by settling for blue ripped jean pants.

# 24 Winter Layering with Ripped Style

Stay comfortable in the winter season with a warm layered outfit that sports a blue hooded jacket and a tartan shirt. Settle for a white t-shirt and go for ripped blue jean pants. Finish the outfit with brown Chelsea boots.

# 25 Ripped Blue Black with Brown Accents

Stand out in a ripped blue denim jacket and ripped black jean pants. Sport a black shallow neck t-shirt and settle for brogues to add that brown accent to your outfit

# 26 Ripped Blue and White Summer Look

Settle for a light relaxed summer wear. Achieve it by going for a white sweatshirt and ripped blue jean trousers. Do away with the socks and sport white sneakers. What you get is a perfect blend that will make you stand out.

# 27 Cool Shades of Gray

Settle for some cool shades of gray. Sport a light gray hooded sweater and dark gray ripped jean pants. Add some light to your grey outfit by sporting snow-white sneakers on the feet.

# 28 Relaxed Street Style

Go for a relaxed outfit that features a black hammer jacket. Add a snow white t-shirt to create some light and go for blue ripped jean pants. Ditch the socks and add some more light by settling for white sneakers.

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# 29 College Style

Stand out in the young generation wearing sporting a blue crew neck sweater and gray polo shirt. Add black roll-up pants and add some sparkle on the feet with snow-white sneakers.

# 30 Tough Ripped Winter Wear

Look tough and get maximum protection from the chilling weather with a black parka jacket. Pair with a gray tweed sweatshirt and sport tough ripped jean trousers. Sport the tough finishing of black combat boots.

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# 31 The Red Flair

Sport a dark outfit that’s got that vibrant red flair to it. Start with a black jacket and sport a vibrant red hooded sweater. Go extra casual with black ripped jean trousers that contrasts well with the snow-white sneakers.

# 32 Cool Bomber Look

Steal the show in a green bomber jacket sporting black accents. Add a black hooded Adidas sweater on the inside to create a perfect winter layering. Sport a white t-shirt and go for ripped-style black trousers. Complete in light green sneakers.

# 33 Fresh Street Wear

Look fresh in a lighter street wear sporting a brown leather jacket and white t-shirt. Sport gray roll-up pants and finish with white sneakers.

# 34 Dark Designer Wear

Go dark in a navy blue designer t-shirt sporting white and red markings. Let it sit flush with black pants and add a gray accent on the sneakers for that cool and sexy contrast.

# 35 Vintage Mood

Settle for a vintage wear featuring a fur-lined blue denim jacket. Pair with a red turtleneck sweater that’s got some nice texturing to it. Finish in tight black jean pants and black Chelsea boots.

# 36 Simple and Tough

Go simple in a lightweight summer wear sporting a black Khalas t-shirt paired with black slim-fit jean trousers. Add some toughness to your style by completing the outfit in beige Chelsea boots. Sport a timepiece on the wrist and you’ll be good to go.

# 37 Tough Slim-Fit

Upgrade your casual slim-fit and add some toughness to create one cool gentleman wear. Start with a brown biker jacket and sport a plaid shirt that’s got green and black checks. Add slim-fit blue jean trousers and finish in beige Chelsea boots.

# 38 Weekend Casuals

Settle for a relaxed wear for the weekend. Achieve this with a beige designer crew neck sweater. Add some swag by sporting blue ripped jean pants and ditch the socks to finish in snow white sneakers.

# 39 Juvenile Street Swag

Sit cool in a trendy outfit for the young generation. Sport a gray denim shirt that’s rolled up on the sleeves. Add a v-necked t-shirt and go tough in black jean pants sporting that slim-fit design. Go for black Chelsea boots and finish in a black hat.

# 40 Winter Wool Jacket and Boots Combo

Be prepared for winter by sporting a black jacket that’s got a white woolen lining. Settle for a tartan shirt and sport blue ripped jean pants. Go for a roll-up on the cuffs and complete in gray Chelsea boots.

# 41 Back to Basics

Sport that simple basic style sporting a gingham shirt that has white, black and grey checks. Go for a dark gray t-shirt and pair with blue ripped jean trousers. Give the jeans a roll-up at the cuffs and finish sock-less in white sneakers.

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# 42 Luxurious Casuals

Stand out in a luxurious casual wear sporting a slip-on blazer. Go for a light gray crew neck sweater and add blue roll-up jean pants sporting that faded look. Complete by going sock-less in slip-ons.

# 43 Dark Autumn Wear

Settle for a dark outfit that provides an upgraded autumn wear. Start with a black African designer t-shirt and add a long gray cardigan on top. Finish by sporting dark gray pants.

# 44 Dark Sportsman Outfit

Stand out in a dark sportsman wear. Start with a black designer hooded sweater that sports front pockets. Go for dark gray sweatpants and sport a classic timepiece to upgrade your casual outfit.

# 45 Cool Night-Out Wear

Enjoy your night-outs in a casual outfit sporting a gray leather jacket and dark gray sweatshirt. Sport green ripped jean pants and finish in white sneakers.

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# 46 Smart Polo Outfit

Look great in summer with a red polo shirt paired with blue paisley pants. Add some sparkle to the style by completing with snow-white sneakers.

# 47 Bomber Winter Layering

Settle for a red bomber jacket and pair with a light gray crew neck sweater for that perfect winter layering. Add a white shirt and go for slim-fit roll-up jean pants. Finish the outfit in white sneakers.

# 48 Italian Casuals

Sport an impeccable casual wear sporting a green jacket and a black waistcoat on the inside. Settle for a snow white shirt and sport slim-fit blue jean trousers. Complete the outfit in brown loafers.

# 49 Hacienda Collection

Stand out in a designer Spanish outfit sporting a black shirt that’s got yellow striped markings on the breast pocket. Go for dim grey jean pants and sport black sneakers that have white markings.

# 50 Tough Quilted and Textured Wear

Go for army green quilted jacket paired with a jungle green tweed crew neck sweater. Sport a white shirt and black pants. Finish tough in green Chelsea boots and sport a black knit cap that’s got a flag logo imprinted on it.

Following the casual dress code gives you a well-groomed and comfortable wear. Though informal, you get something that looks appropriate professional. It’s a modest dress code that you might want to add to your wardrobe collection. There are many other cool ideas that you can check out on the internet.

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65 Cool Casual Dress Code – Trendy Attire for Casual Workplace

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