45 Superb Brad Pitt Hairstyles – Stunning Celebrity Looks

Brad Pitt hairstyles have been inspiring men for the last three decades, and the best thing about him is that he is always coming up with some new and interesting hairdos. Although he has some of the best hair aesthetics in the celebrity world, his luscious natural locks also make things easy for him as they allow him to wear any styles that he wants. Whether you prefer short, simple designs or long layered ones, there is still a Brad Pitt hairdo that you can replicate. The 45 hairstyles in the gallery below are some of them.

# 1 Sassy Shoulder-Grazing Mane

This hairstyle demonstrates one of the many occasions where Brad prefers to keep things natural with minimal cuts and styling. He keeps the mane at a shoulder-grazing length and styles it with a soft side part and by brushing it to the sides and back in subtle layers.

# 2 Natural Curls with Shaved Sides

Here he keeps some thick natural curls at the top that he styles by giving some extra height and finishes the design by shaving the sides short but uniform.

# 3 Textured and Layered Locks

The texture of these medium size locks is the highlight of this headdress. Their styling is simple as it only involves sweeping them back in stacks.

# 4 Sexy Blondie Look

Blonde also works for Pitt, and this is more so if it has a golden shine like this one. But, the haircut that entails chopping the hair into some short spikes is also fantastic.

# 5 Classy Face Frame

Some long and thick blonde bangs are what this superstar needs for this impressive appearance. With such a perfect hair a simple center part and sweeping them into a face frame is enough to give him a classy and adorable headdress.

# 6 Brad’s Buzz Cut

Military cuts also work for Brad, and this beautiful buzz cut proves this. Here he only needs to shave the hair close to the scalp and uniform throughout the head.

# 7 Messy Locks

Brad Pitt Hairstyles come in different forms, but his ability to transform simple designs into some great looks is what makes him stand out. Here he has some textured locks at the top and some tapered sides, but the messy style on the upper section is what makes this look unique.

# 8 Spiky and Elegant

The color, cut and length of these strands is just perfect, and they are what gives Brad his beautiful appearance. These spiky blonde locks also have a simple but impressive layered style.

# 9 Perfect Waves

This hairstyle is about leaving some long and thick waves on the crown and tapering the sides and back. These waves also have a dark tone with a shine, and Pitt styles them with a simple sweep to the side.

# 10 Fancy Slick Back

A fabulous hairdo like this one will make you stand out if you can replicate it. However, it is not hard to copy as it is just about shaving the sides short and fading them while leaving some smooth strands with a slick back at the top.

# 11 Rugged and Classis Look

A shaggy appearance like this one from Brad’s younger years will still make an impressive modern look. It is about maintaining some shoulder-grazing strands that he styles by making them messy and with a few bangs over the forehead.

# 12 Taper Cut with Bangs

The skillful taper on the sides of this haircut is just fantastic, and it gives Pitt a very chic look. However, he also has some cute bangs at the top that add to the beauty of the hairdo.

# 13 Simple Brush Back

Even an A-list celebrity like Brad has those days when he just feels like going with a simple hairstyle. This hairstyle is an ideal illustration of this, and it is just about tapering the sides and leaving a long hair on the upper section that he styles with a lift at the front and by brushing it back.

# 14 Casual Side Swept and Stacked Locks

Some Brad Pitt hairstyles like this one will impress any man regardless of his tastes. He has some long locks with subtle waves on the ends that he styles with a part on the side and by brushing them sideways in stacks.

# 15 Sweet Comb Over

This fantastic haircut is also about tapering the hair on the sides and back. Brad leaves the top long, and he styles it with a slight lift and by brushing it with a comb-over.

# 16 Highlighted and Spiky

The blonde highlights on this headdress give the strands a beautiful overall tone. But, they also have an excellent cut that entails making them spiky and a cute messy styling.

# 17 Choppy Bangs

This hairstyle is about keeping some textured strands on the upper part and tapering the rest of the hair. The styling at the top is about giving the stands a lift and side sweep while leaving a few to hang over the forehead.

# 18 Medium Size Locks

Medium size locks always give a man many styling options, but in this design, Pitt prefers to keep things simple. He styles them with a simple center part and into a cute face frame design.

# 19 Inventive Side Sweep

Brad maintains a medium size and same length hair in this hairstyle, but he gives it an innovative styling. To do this, he makes the strands wavy and styles the ones at the top with a lift and fancy comb over.

# 20 Textured and Gelled Locks

Many Brad Pitt Hairstyles entail keeping long or medium locks, but he has a way of making them look unique. In this headdress, for example, he achieves a unique appearance by giving the strands a textured look, applying a lot of gel and styling them with a center part.

# 21 Mullet-Inspired Hairdo

This design keeps the back long and the front short to create a mullet-like style. However, the strands at the front have a messy design and slight layering that gives them a modern appearance.

# 22 Glossy Bangs

The shine on these luscious locks is just fantastic, and it is enough evidence that Brad has an amazing natural hair. He keeps the cut and styling simple by shaving the sides short and styling the top with a lift and a sweep to the side.

# 23 Stacked Sexy Locks

This hairstyle is about cutting the locks to a textured and almost uniform length. They also have a nice hint of blonde and Pitt styles them with a part at the center and by brushing the locks to the sides in stacks.

# 24 Sexy Crop Cut

This modern crop cut gives Pitt a sexy and stylish look. Unlike in most other cropped designs, he keeps the strands uniform, and the styling is also inventive as it involves brushing the hair frontwards.

# 25 Sleek and Gorgeous Wave

Classic Brad Pitt hairstyles like this one are timeless, and they will always make a gentleman look refined. The cut keeps same hair length throughout the head, and the styling is about applying a lot of product and styling the hair into a sleek brush back with a lift at the front.

# 26 Layered Finger Comb

Although this design is about brushing back the hair, you will not need a comb to wear it. The design is about shaving your locks to a uniform length and then finger combing them to the back.

# 27 High and Messy Locks

This magnificent headdress is about keeping the sides short with long locks on the upper section. The styling involves brushing back the sides to keep them short and styling the textured top with a lift and by making it messy.

# 28 Spiked Blonde Hair

Here is another hairdo where Brad goes with a blonde mane. His cut is about maintaining some length throughout but with the sides and back shorter than the top. Brad also makes the long strands textured and spiky before styling them with a messy sweep to the side.

# 29 Classic Gentleman Headdress

This hairstyle requires minimal trimming, but it still creates a polished look. It is about giving the sides and back a moderate taper cut while leaving the top long and it finishes with a simple brush back.

# 30 Adorable Layered Brown Locks

Brown is a fabulous hair color, and it is one of the highlights of this look. The locks have a cute cut that entails chopping them short and uniform while the styling is about sweeping them to the back and side in subtle layers.

# 31 Easy Slick Back

Brad Pitt Hairstyles are not always about forming some fancy cuts or complicated styling. This headdress proves that he can still look fantastic with an easy slick back that only requires applying some gel and brushing back the strands.

# 32 Thick Swept Back Mane

Simplicity is the key for wearing a refined look like this one. But, you need to have a thick natural mane like Pitt. He only needs to lift it at the front and brush everything to the back.

# 33 Nice Ponytail

This hairdo is as straightforward as any can get but it still makes Brad look extra cute. It is about pulling back his strands and using a black elastic band to tie it into a small ponytail.

# 34 Neat and Flawless Slick

A sexy hairstyle like this is what you need for an attention-grabbing and head-turning look. The design is just perfect, and it starts by shaving the locks to an equal length. Brad applies a massive amount of gel on his strands and then styles by brushing them to the back smoothly.

# 35 Casual Long Locks

Men with thick natural locks that also have a beautiful color like these can always be sure of a pleasing appearance. Brad does not need to do much to give his mane an appealing look because a soft side part and brushing them back and to the side is more than enough.

# 36 Short Straight Spikes

Pitt does not seem to get enough of spiky haircuts as he is always wearing them every time he chops his hair short. These particular ones are short and straight, and he only needs to apply some product and leave them with their natural mess.

# 37 Undercut Brush Back Spikes

This style also entails forming some textured spikes at the top, but several things make it unique. The first thing is the fact that he has a faded undercut in the sides that gives the hairstyles a modern appearance and the other one is the layered brush back of the spikes.

# 38 Conservative Spiky Strands

Some men do not like to make their hairdo very apparent, and if you are one of them and would like to wear some spikes, this is the style that you should copy. Brad maintains some conservative spikes at the top and tapers the sides. The spiky strands on the upper section also have a cute style that involves up sweeping them,

# 39 Spiced Up Curly Patch

Brad Pitt Hairstyles always set the trend, and this is because he always knows how to spice them up. In this particular design, Brad keeps a patch of curly strands at the top and fades the sides. But, he spices up the curly section by making it messy and applying a generous amount of product for a perfect shine.

# 40 Windswept Look

This windswept haircut is an excellent idea for men that prefer to wear short casual looks. It is about taper fading the sides and leaving some long strands with subtle spikes at the top that you should give a slight side sweep to create the windswept appearance.

# 41 Wavy Men into a Face Frame

Long hair comes with countless styling options but the best are those that keep things simple, and no one comprehends this better than Brad. For this stylish look, he maintains a shoulder-grazing natural mane, and he only needs a soft center part and to push the strands into a face frame for a charming appearance.

# 42 Flawless Undercut Slick Back

This look is just what one would expect from an A-list celebrity. It is a breathtaking design that is about forming an undercut on the sides and leaving a long top that Brad brushes back to create a trendy and inventive mohawk-inspired design.

# 43 Shaggy Blonde Spikes

Blonde is one of those shades that Pitt will always turn to when he feels like coloring his mane. And this is rightfully so because the shade always gives him an impressive look. Brad also has a nice cut that is about forming some textured spikes at the top with short sides and styling them into a natural mess.

# 44 Retro Side Swept Top

This headdress has an overall classic look, and it gives Brad a unique appearance. The design is about leaving some textured bangs on the upper section and fading the sides. He then styles the long locks with a lift and sweeps them to the side.

# 45 Chic over the Forehead Spikes

The natural gray strands give this haircut some cute highlights. However, the spiked locks and the smooth taper on the sides also help to make this an attractive hairstyle and Brad styles them with an innovative over the forehead design.

As inspiring as Brad Pitt hairstyles might be, most are easy to replicate, and so they will give you an effortless way of looking like an A-list celebrity. The 45 styles above are an excellent starting point for any man or fan that wants to wear one of his impressive hairdos.

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