50 Remarkable Bracelets for Men – Highlight Yourself

When we talk about fashion, it is not just limited to our clothes or shoes. To make a statement, we need something more than the branded clothes. We need the perfect jewelry and accessories. If you are not wearing the right jewelry, your look is never complete. Women are obsessed with jewelry and accessories. But, when we talk about men, their choices may seem limited. Watches and wallets or hats and sunglasses are what men have on usually. But, to make a statement or to set the trend, cufflinks and bracelets are imperative. Below are the fifty different bracelets for men that are easy to try on. So, go on and start a league of your own.

# 1 Nothing Like Beads

Pair this up with a blazer. It has a minimal detailing, and so it will look rather decent. Also, as blazer already has a look, it does not require much of the detailing.

# 2 Black is Always In

Can you think of a colour that looks better than black on men? No, right. Wear this Silver Lion bracelet with a black shirt and you are all set to kill it. It has 5 layers and has a simple detailing with a stone. This is a perfect look for a dinner date.

# 3 Something Casual

Going out on a Sunday morning and cannot figure out on what to wear with a new leather jacket? Then this two layered black bracelet is the answer to your problem. Pair it up with a golden watch as it has gold detailing on it and you are all set to rock your Sunday.

# 4 The Everyday Taste

All of us want to stay in style every day. But that is troublesome. So, wear this one layered bracelet each day and stay stylish. Its metallic detailing is just perfect.

# 5 Handcuffs Get Classy

This bracelet looks like some handcuff, but it has its own elegance. Barbell bracelet is a set of three bracelets in rose gold, silver and black color. It certainly looks royal.

# 6 Stainless Steel

Now, men prefer steel jewelry/accessories quite often. And this skull bracelet made of steel can make a guy fall in love with it.

# 7 Gangsta Look

Are you the man that loves tattoos and is always in the gangsta style? Then this bracelet is ideal for you. This gun bracelet has three layers, and everything looks so wow with those two guns in gold and silver. Rock your look with this.

# 8 Simple is the Solution

When you are not in the mood to dress up, or you are in a rush and still want to look nice, go simple. Nothing beats the look of a sports watch with a casual bracelet.

# 9 Manly is Nice

Now this bracelet has seven layers with black beads, silver beads, gemstones. It looks manly and can be worn with a light-colored t-shirt to highlight your personality.

# 10 The Leather Jacket Style

We already spoke about this, but hey, are you tired of styling your leather jackets yet? So, style your jackets with this three layered royal blue colored bracelet. The third layer has multi-colored balls. It gives a very funky look.

# 11 Man with Style

This simple one layered black beaded bracelet will make you want it more. It is simple and classy. It is perfect to be worn with sweatshirts or sweaters.

# 12 Silver and Sassy

What better than match your swag look with this silver bracelet? It will complete your look and also give a polished look to your attire.

# 13 Black and White

Did you ever see anything go wrong with the black and white combination? Neither did I. This three layered bracelet is made of black beads (two layers) and white beads (one layer). It has very cool detailing as well. Begin your day with this bracelet and rock your style.

# 14 The Buddha

This is a five kit bracelet. It has a leather band. A layer of dark brown beads, one layer of mustard beads followed by light brown beads and then black and metallic black beads in the same layer. It also has a Buddha in the center, and that gives a very poised look to it.

# 15 Wrist Game at its Best

Need to wear a suit, and you are not happy with just a watch? Then this is the right choice for you. This three layered bracelet has a classy and polished look. It will surely do justice to your costume.

# 16 A Charm of its Own

This African turquoise bracelet looks unique and looks great with the black bands (two bands) and two layers of green beads. It has admirable rose gold detailing and it definitely a charmer.

# 17 Beauty at its Best

Who can get over rose gold or black metallic? No one! What if I say you can have them both together? Perfect, right? This bracelet has three layers with two rose gold layers (one with detailing and one without) and one metallic black layer. It is made of beads and is indeed beautiful.

# 18 Go Classy

I believe simple and classy are the two words that go hand in hand. This bracelet here is black in color, is matte, and has delicate details. It has a golden lion in the center. Very classy.

# 19 The Cool Guy Looks

Make your weekdays interesting with this super cool bracelet. Pair it with any casual t-shirt and cargos, and you are good to go. Its blue and white beads will make everything bright.

# 20 Why Not a Luxury?

Don’t we get tired of the same, simple jewelry? Then this is something you should definitely check out. It is studded with white diamonds and blue in the middle. It looks very impressive.

# 21 The Multi-Purpose One

We cannot have a bracelet for every outfit. So, this rose gold bracelet can be paired with anything. Wear it with a suit or blazer, sweatshirt or t-shirt; it simply looks great.

# 22 Dress to Impress

One can never be undesirable with black. Black enhances your personality, and so does this black three layered bracelet. Oh, and it has black metallic beads as one layer. What else does one need to kill it?

# 23 Let the Stones Talk

Add a nice polished stone decorated with smaller stones to your old boring black bracelet, and it will transform your old bracelet to a new one. It also adds a sophisticated look to you.

# 24 Versatile or Nothing

One should always try new and experiment with one’s looks. This four-layered black bracelet is something new and looks rocking. Its minш details are beautiful.

# 25 Never Tired of Rose Gold

Like, seriously, can never get enough of rose gold. This simple rose gold bracelet is ravishing.

# 26 The Beach Style

Off to a beach? Then you must try this funky bracelet. It has blue and green metallic beads and red matte beads. It is a cool way to be near the tides.

# 27 Over Doing is Sometimes the Way

You are dressed simple and want to make a statement. Then this is the perfect bracelet for you. It has three layers, and the detailing is so good that I can’t tell you. It looks very bright and clean.

# 28 Blue is the New Black

You surely do love blue. But if you have been thinking about whether you should wear it to the next party, here is the thing. We are obsessed with black. But blue always stands out. And this blue bracelet will definitely make you stand out.

# 29 Go Green

It’s that time when you show your love for the world and nature. And there is nothing better than going green – even if it comes to sporting a green bracelet. Off to an adventure sport or trekking? This green colored printed bracelet is the right choice.

# 30 Minimal and Black

Sometimes, all that you need to do is to look good. And you could do that with a minimalistic and simplistic style too, without having to worry about a lot. Just like this black metallic bracelet – it is very simple, yet adds a high-class look to it.

# 31 Soldier in Black

If you love, black, you will be having a good many choices for yourself. And this is just one of them. This is a matte black bracelet. It has a spartan as the detail. It has a very fancy look.

# 32 Gemstone love

Why don’t you make your love for gemstones known to all? Make your wrist game strong with gem stone bracelets. It has great detailing and gem stones never go out of the style.

# 33 Bangles and Bracelets

It’s this thing that men never imagined before – what if they could wear bangles too? Okay, no, we aren’t talking about the bangles that women wear but something different. Something better, and a whole lot cooler. Metal bangles are forever in trend. So are bracelets. What if you can have them both together? Amazing, right?

# 34 Flat Beads Are the Trend

Ever wanted to be in trend but didn’t know how you could do it? Here is a word of advice. If you want to wear a bracelet and want to look good, this is one of the styles that you need to try out. Flat beads are so much in fashion now. This bracelet has very delicate details and it is certainly an eye catcher.

# 35 Leather is Good

Sometimes, you might get bracelets made out of steel. They look great, no doubt. But surely, leather has its own charm. Leather is beauty, I swear and steel is class. And when you put both of them together. It looks gorgeous. So does this bracelet.

# 36 Go Ancient

If you are looking to do something more with your bracelet, you might just want to get back to the olden days. This one’s red and this one looks old – just the way you would want to be. It’s got the rough look that you want. What can perhaps go wrong with red? Nothing can go wrong with this red-black-grey colored bracelet. The detailing gives an ancient look to it.

# 37 Metallic is the Future

Okay, we had leather bracelets too. Now, let’s get to the real thing – the metallic ones. Metallic jewelry is so much in the trend now that you can see it with almost everyone. Pamper yourself with this simple metallic bracelet.

# 38 Rosegold v/s Black

Okay, we know you have that Rosegold iPhone. Why not spice things up with a rosegold bracelet too? It could just make you look a whole lot cooler, we promise. This bracelet is what every guy should have. It has black beads, rose gold beads and metal wiring. What else does one need more in life?

# 39 Fashionista

If you are looking to not just be cool but fashionable as well, you might want to try this one out. When it comes to men’s accessories, leather is the clear winner. So is this simple yet elegant bracelet.

# 40 Go Aluminum

Who wouldn’t fall in love with leather and steel? But, if it has aluminum? Even better, right? I bet you cant resist wearing this.

# 41 Gold Charms or Nothing

This bracelet here looks very simple just with red and green threads. But wait for the gold charms. This bracelet is all about them. They have their own style and it looks so perfect.

# 42 Some Dapper Style

This bracelet here has black beads, skulls, and heavy metal detailing. Its perfect for a swagger boy.

# 43 Go Funky

This is a four layered bracelet. It has white, red, blue and brown layers and looks very cool.

# 44 Gold and Red

This also can be used on a daily basis. It is made of red beads and gold beads in between. It looks rather attractive.

# 45 Highlight Yourself

This blue and brown bracelet look very attractive. It has orange and silver detailing and looks out of the world.

# 46 Some Wooden Love

Accessories made of wood are the coolest. They are funky, simple and neat. And this three layered bracelet does look like a masterpiece with its bright colors.

# 47 Fine Leather

We talked about a leather bracelet before, and this one presents a good alternative too. You don’t have to worry about your looks – the fine leather will ensure that you have eyes turned towards you. This black leather bracelet looks very trendy and can be used on a daily basis along with a watch.

# 48 Hooked

Fish hook bracelets are the new trendsetters. They are unique and are made of good material.

# 49 Olive is Good

Olive is such a lovely color. And this bracelet surely looks great with is olive and brown bands.

# 50 Nice and Clean

Sophisticated is the word that comes to mind when I look at it. It is a neat bracelet and has a loyal look to it. Plus, who doesn’t want to look nice and clean? So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself some of the above cool stuff and look vogue.

These 50 bracelets are amazing, and you might want to try out all of the different styles.

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