60 Inspirational Bow Tie Ideas – Dignified Neckwear for the Modern Gentleman

Bow ties have been getting a resurgence of public admiration recently. Back in the days, they were regarded as a thing for geeks and pediatricians. But now, they have become an accessory of the season – worn and appreciated by people of all classes. The bow tie is worn in combination with other accessories and clothing. Below are 60 ideas to help you invent new styles in the world of bow ties.

# 1 Casual Style

Go casual and neat in a durable leather bow tie. Pair it with a sky blue shirt and add more swag with rolled-up sleeves. Go for a classic leather belt to secure the beige flat-front pants. The result is a vintage, casual look perfect for the semi-formal events.

# 2 Pinstripe Combination

Make it modern, sharp and sleek in a pinstripe grey jacket. Give it the classic touch of a black bow tie paired with a crisp white shirt for that neat, trimmed look. Add a timepiece to your wrist and take along your sunglasses to embrace the day in style.

# 3 Cool Classic Contrast

Stay sharp in a charcoal grey bow tie paired with a crisp white long-sleeve shirt. Give it the classic, suit-up look of a green waistcoat and green flat-front pants. Ditch the belt and put on a pair of reading glasses for that fabulous look

# 4 Simple Gentleman Style

Make it simple without grabbing too much attention. Get a durable handmade bow tie made of high-quality genuine leather. Let it sit sharp on your sky blue shirt and trim your beards short for a clean finish.

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# 5 Wedding Suit-Up

Make it elegant and classic by doing it the wedding style. Go for a dark navy textured jacket and add some flower nail breasts. Settle for a crisp white shirt that creates a cool contrast to your stylish brown bow tie.

# 6 Wedding Attire

Get that perfect bridal look that is sharp and classic. Get a deep maroon bow tie paired with a white shirt. Settle for a white waistcoat and get a perfect suit-up in a gray jacket. Add a white square pocket and finish in a white bouquet to light up the day.

# 7 Casual Printed Style

Achieve a multi-colored look with a printed bow tie sitting snug at the neck. Give it the classic combination of a blue pinstripe shirt that sports rolled-up sleeve to give it a casual twist.

# 8 Three-Way Linen Bow

Add a luxurious look to your suit-up with a linen, three-way bow tie that sports a multi-colored floral pattern. Pair it with a white shirt and black jacket that sports a white, raw silk pocket square.

# 9 Military Style

Go military in a camouflaged military-style bow tie and pocket square. Give it the classic twist of a checkered blue jacket. Finish your military-style outfit in a sky blue shirt that looks chic and modern.

# 10 Dapper Style

Get a patterned Evan bow tie for all your special events. Wear it with a white long-sleeve shirt for that dashing look. Shave your beard down to the skin to keep everything looking neat and fresh.

# 11 Wooden Bow Tie

Custom-made to order, this engraved wooden bow tie is a great way to display your Greek letters in a unique, memorable way. Pair your handcrafted bow with a checkered shirt and blue pants for a classic touch.

# 12 Pocket Square Match

Add a VT bow tie to your suit-up outfit. Go for a pocket square of the same color but sporting orange edges. Settle for a charcoal grey jacket and wear your bow with electric blue shirt. Add an orange floral lapel pin for extra flair.

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# 13 Bayou Bow Tie

Get a dashing, handcrafted alligator bow that sports a cool brown color. Wear the tough leather bow with a white shirt and add the classic look of a modern-fit grey jacket. Get a patterned navy blue pocket square that matches the bow tie clipping,

# 14 Ride the Wave

Go street style in a reign bow tie that sports a printed design. Add a shadowy look by pairing with a dark navy shirt and black tuxedo. Get a funky haircut to complement this cool and classic street wear.

# 15 Banquet Ties

Make it formal with a banquet bow tie made from alligator leather. Complement its glossy, black finish with a classic white shirt. Add a black tuxedo to embrace those formal events in style.

# 16 Matching Pant

Settle for a vibrant purple VT bow tie that matches the color of your flat-front pants. Wear the tie with a sky blue shirt. Top it with a checkered green jacket that sports a classic lapel pin. Add a hankie to the jacket pocket to double as a pocket square.

# 17 Classic Modern Fit

Add some flair to your suit-up with a red, Fourthirty pin dot bow tie. Let the tie sit cool with a white shirt. Add a black, modern-fit suit and give it the elegance of a pinstripe white and red pocket square.

# 18 Luxury Bow Tie

Get a chic, luxurious look by sporting a cool, grey bow that features a contrasting maroon tie. Settle for a blue shirt to upgrade your classic look. Sit back, relax and watch as the day unfolds away.

# 19 Wooden Swag

Add a natural look to your classic outfit with a wooden, handmade bow tie. Pair your handcrafted bow with a white shirt. Add a green jacket that sports a brown lapel pin and finish with dark pants to create a style that is perfect for all occasions.

# 20 Measured on Point

Make it more dramatic and fun with a tape-measure styled bow tie. Give it the multi-colored look of white, red and green. Settle for a multi-colored jacket to create a perfect Italian style that looks sharp and precise.

# 21 Blue and White Combo

Make it classic in blue and white colors. Settle for a custom crotchet bow tie that sports blue and white stripes. Keep the colors flush with a white shirt and blue modern fit jacket. Top everything in a white hat that sports a blue base.

# 22 Artistic Wear

Go for a colorful handmade denim bow tie. Pair it with a vintage artistic shirt to create a wonderful combination. The result is a classic street-wear that calls for immediate attention from those around.

# 23 Classic Summer Style

Get a mix of elegance and modernity with a white bow that sports dotted markings of blue and red. Pair is with electric blue shirt and a blue tuxedo. Ditch the pocket square and finish with black flat-front pants.

# 24 Pin Dot Combo

Look cool in blade and blue bow tie. Pair it with a pin dot dark navy shirt that sports white markings. Roll the shirt to the elbow to give you a more casual look. Finish in neat pants that sport cool, light brown suspenders.

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# 25 Cute Floral Design

Give your tie the fresh look of floral patterns. Keep the floral patterns flowing in a white shirt. Add some cool contrast with a brown jacket to create a perfect suit-up look. Leave some thin beard to complement your style.

# 26 Party Mood

Make the holiday season more memorable with a multi-colored knot tie. Pair it with a crisp white, french cuff shirt. Create the perfect suit-up style in a blue tuxedo that sports silky smooth lapels.

# 27 Denim Combination

Go casual in a checkered bow that sports a brown core. Blend it with a cool indigo denim shirt. Leave it untucked and finish in black jean pants. You can grow a thick beard to spice up your casual style.

# 28 Vibrant Combination

Get that vibrant look with a green handmade tie. Wear it with a striking red, long-sleeve shirt. Finish in light brown pants and go ahead to start the day in style and elegance.

# 29 Traveler’s Choice

As a frequent traveler, you need a durable pair of bow tie to withstand the rough journey ahead. Get this tough, leather bow that sports a button design at the core. Pair it with a tough denim shirt and add a stylish timepiece to your wrist.

# 30 Classic Wedding Dress

Make it cool, neat and sharp in a wedding event. Go for a snow white shirt that sports black buttons. Match the buttons with a black tie. Suit-up everything in a black, modern-fit suit that sports a bouquet of flowers on the lapel. Give it the clean touch of a white pocket square and embrace the wedding event in style.

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# 31 Countryside Style

Get a blade tie that sports a white core and a checkered design. Pair it with a tough denim shirt and cover everything in a knitted cardigan. Top your outfit in a brown cap and take with you a brown leather bag to travel the countryside in style.

# 32 Hmong inspired Bow Tie

Get a classic tie that comes in that traditional blue Hmong color. Dress to impress by pairing it with a faded blue shirt. Finish in a black suit to create a cool, dapper look that will inspire many.

# 33 Wooden Inspiration

Stand out in the world of wooden bow ties. Make yours unique by sporting artistic gear wheel designs that look pretty cool on the smooth wooden background. Give the core a buttoned design and pair it with a maroon shirt.

# 34 Tony Stark Style

Measure up to the sexiness of actor Tony Stark with a classic bow that sports a sky blue color. Pair the bow with a snow white shirt and steal the show in a black, modern fit tuxedo. Add a pair of glasses and be ready to join the world of celebrities.

# 35 Multi-colored Elegance

Go for a floral, multi-colored tie designed to suit all occasions. Give it the vibrant look of a yellow core. Wear your tie with a sky blue jean shirt that sports roll-up sleeves for a more casual finish.

# 36 Dapper Suit-Up

Upgrade your office wear to achieve that confident business figure. Go for a black bow that sports a thin core. Wear it with a snow white shirt and add a blue jacket and blue pants for the perfect suit-up.

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# 37 Dress to Kill

Get a killer look that is both elegant and sexy. Settle for a checkered bow tie that sports a wide,brown core. Make it much easier to spot by pairing with a crisp white, short-sleeve shirt. Leave the shirt untucked and add a pair of pants for that casual, country look.

  • Bow Tie 57
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  • Bow Tie 60

# 38 Classic Hype

Go for a pink bow tie and get a detail that makes you cool and unique. This plastic bow tie sports a brown core and looks great when paired with a white shirt. Get the perfect suit-up by adding a black, modern fit jacket. Give it the classic finish of a luxurious leather strap timepiece.

# 39 Bright Summer Wear

Get something that will light up the summer season. Settle for a multi-colored striped bow tie that sports a red core. Give it the perfect match for a red denim shirt. Upgrade your looks further with a wellington timepiece on the wrist.

# 40 Sharp and Precise

Go sharp and precise with a gray cotton bow tie that sits slim at the core. Attach it neatly to your snow white shirt to make it stand out. Add some sharpness to your outfit with a blue, modern fit jacket.

# 41 White Combo

Be different from the rest by sporting a unique, wavy patterned bow that comes in a multi-colored design. Keep it wide at the core and wear with a white shirt for a more formal touch. Pair with a pinstripe white jacket and add a pair of reading glasses to start your day in style.

# 42 Black Suit-up Combo

Go for a dotted butterfly bow tie that comes in white. Match it with the pocket square and wear with a white shirt. Finish everything in a black three-buttoned suit for that cool, classic touch.

# 43 Waterfall Outfit

Rock wherever you go in a printed bow tie that sports a black, button core. Match it with a designer shirt that features bubbled design. Top it up in a cap to create a cool, casual style.

# 44 Custom Design

Get an order-to-wear bow tie that sports custom printed patterns. Let it sit cool on your white shirt to create a more captivating finish.

# 45 Cool Graphic Style

Add some cool graphics on your black bow tie. Complement the white graphics in a white matching shirt. Walk out the door and give your admirers something to talk about.

Follow these simple bow tie ideas and look good, whether at your workplace or in a formal occasion. They are the best way to make a fashion statement and stand tall from the crowd.

How To Tie A Bow-Tie

60 Inspirational Bow Tie Ideas – Dignified Neckwear for the Modern Gentleman

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