50 Wonderful Styles Blazers for Men – The Suave, Dapper Redefined Man

Blazers are an important part of a man’s wardrobe. With a wonderful versatility, blazers for men offer a unique fashion sense to whoever dons them. Often referred to as an odd jacket, the blazer is not something that you will wear when you think you have a matching trouser so as to make it a suit. With that in mind, here are 50 styles that you can wear blazers for men.

#1 The Grey Checkered Blazer

A blazer is not only supposed to make a fashion statement but also serve the normal purpose of a cloth. This specific blazer is ideal for people who move around a lot. Wear it with a casual trouser and a bright shirt for maximum effect.

#2 Brown Cotton Checkered Blazer

Showcased by pocket square clothing, this blazer is perfect for dinner dates and outdoor evening activities. Couple it with brown khaki or jeans pants for that stylish look that oozes gentleman.

#3 The Checkered Blue and Brown blazer

The Ouch checkered blue and brown blazer is an excellent outfit to have. Wear it with a white shirt and a bowtie and choose between brown and blue pants for a stunning formal or evening look.

#4 The Balanced Traditional Gray Blazer

These stylish blazers for men offer a classy look when the weather may not allow you to make a fashion statement. Grey in color, the blazer merges well with a black high collar shirt and a pair of black shoes.

#5 The Brown Checkered Blazer

This brown checkered blazer is absolute proof that men can wear different colors and still look good. Match it with a dark brown bowtie, a white shirt, black/blue trousers and a brown/black pair of shoes.

#6 The Grey Three-piece Blazer

Blazers also compliment suits as seen in this photo. Normally, a suit has its coat which is not necessarily a blazer but if you have a three-piece gray suit, you can wear this blazer with it and its syncs effortlessly. Good for evening parties.

#7 The Traditional Brown Blazer

This blazer compliments the man who has to move between offices and places that don’t necessarily demand official wear. A blue tie, a blue shirt and a blue pair of jeans/khaki trousers only need a pair of shoes that match the blazer to give you that official look.

#8 The Casual Brown Blazer

This blazer showcased by Envyuclothing Inc oozes confidence and style. Brown in color, it is ideal for a casual look when you want to wear your jeans and a t-shirt. The design can also allow you to pull a casual look with brown trousers and a white shirt.

#9 The Checkered Fall Blazer

Ideal for the fall, this blazer is the one you need to feel comfortable during that time of the year. The gray and black checkered blazer gives you that semi-casual look that can allow you to drift in between serious and semi-serious meetings.

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#10 The Monochrome Blazer

No blazer gives you that monochrome look better than this one. This gray blazer best goes with a gray shirt and a black trouser. Ideal for a presentation or when you want to show you mean business.

#11 The Mixed Grey Blazer

Grey in color, this blazer compliments a lower casual look merged with an official upper look to give you that balance. White jeans, brown shoes, a white shirt and a maroon tie will have you looking both elegant and professional with this blazer.

#12 The Classy Leather Arm Blazer

This blazer emanates class. Definitely not ideal for the office, its leather arms compliment the velvet blazer to go with that t-shirt and jeans or also, a semi-official trouser. Ideal for the fall.

#13 The Plain White Blazer

The modern age dictates a sharp look if a blazer is involved in finishing up a suit. A white shirt and a white trouser only need black shoes and a black/dotted tie. Add the blazer and the look is sharp as ever.

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#14 The Plain Cream Blazer

Who would have thought a man would look good in a cream blazer. This unique blazer is well structured and the color itself is heat reflective. This feature makes it ideal for those summers when you want to stay in your jeans and t-shirt but need to have something on top.

#15 The Lightweight Black Blazer

Black blazers are common. However, it is the design and technique that separates this one from the rest. The lightweight material used in this blazer allows heat to escape the body thereby making it easy to wear with a t-shirt or an unofficial shirt.

#16 The Striped Gray Blazer

Striped blazers come in all colors but none goes well with a striped trouser unless they match. This grey blazer effortlessly syncs with a black Chinese-collar shirt and a trouser that matches the blazer.

#17 The Blue Striped Blazer

Speaking of stripes, what better way to compliment your ankle pants and a shirt than with this blue striped blazer? The stripes match well with the shirt to give you that grown man enjoying my time look.

#18 The Blue Pinstriped Blazer

The pinstriped blazer is perhaps the most overlooked blazer in the modern world despite its elegant demeanor. This blue blazer brings out that ultimate casual look when worn with khaki pants and a decent shirt.

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#19 The Grey Fitting Blazer

It is amazing how this gray fitting blazer compliments a casual weekend look. The blazer for men is fitting hence allowing flexibility and goes well with jeans and white shirt.

#20 The Elbow-Patched Blazer

The elbow patch blazer used to be admired some time ago, not so much lately. However, it eludes a decent look when worn with jeans, a t-shirt, and a scarf. It is perfect for the cool fall weather.

#21 Old School Print Blazer

Prints have made quite a meteoric rise since their induction to blazers. Printed blazers are meant to give you that professional look but they also compliment a casual look in an amazing way.

#22 The Plain Black Blazer

The plain black blazer is perfectly appropriate. This blazer is designed for summer weddings, lunch with relatives or even a casual outdoor event. Sleek is the only word that best describes this blazer.

#23 The Woolen Cream Blazer

This woolen cream blazer is the ideal off-duty blazer. Blazers for men require a lightweight material to ensure the fabric breathes so if you want to stand out on a cool afternoon, this is the blazer for you.

#24 The Enduring Blue Blazer

The color blue and the exquisite design of this blazer makes it one of the most enduring blazers. Designed for both official and casual purposes, the blazer commands elegance and composure.

#25 The Box Blazer

Checkered blazers of old used to be tightly checkered, so to say. However, lately, the boxed blazer is more dominant. This allows you to wear the blazer with jeans and a sweater inside for that stylish look in the rainy season.

#26 The Comfortable Green Blazer

Blazers for men need to have versatility and be comfortable. This blazer is atop both of those lists. It’s perfectly fitting, appealing and cuts between both the official and casual looks.

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#27 The Perfect Brown for Summer

Perfect for the summer weather, this blazer offers a sophisticated casual look when you have to have fun but handle business as well. An ideal accompaniment for that t-shirt and jeans look.

#28 The Traditional Grey

This blazer is the typical traditional blazer. Although they make them more fitting these days, the gray blazer is ideal for an afternoon visit to the racecourse as it is for an impromptu meeting. With a t-shirt and khaki pants or a shirt and official trousers, the gray traditional blazer blends perfectly.

#29 The Gentleman Blazer

If it is one of those summer nights where you need to dress like a gentleman, this light brown blazer is the one for you. Perfect with jeans and a Chinese-collar shirt.

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#30 The Evening Dinner Blazer

Blazers for men do not necessarily require to make a fashion statement. In relaxed evenings or outdoor dinner events, the checkered gray, brown and blue blazer exudes calmness while retaining a mature appearance.

#31 Perfect Black Fitting

The gap between the brown khaki pants and the black fitting blazer is huge. Yet for some reason, this blazer approves the casual style and changes it to an official look with the addition of a tie.

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#32 The Overcoat Blazer

The overcoat blazer is widely known. It is delicately woven and fits perfectly. Its fabric glimmers making it even more appealing. This is the best blazer to style out with.

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#33 The Unstructured Blazer

This unstructured blazer for men is the best fit for the artsy yet corporate man. However, it also helps you portray that relaxed less rigid look.

#34 Single Breasted Blazer

The Basque single-breasted light-blue blazer has notch lapels that have two button fastening and button decorated cuffs. It keeps you in style in and out of the office.

#35 Polka Dotted Blazer

Finally, the polka dotted blazer. This is the textbook old fashioned blazer with a sting of style and fashion. Wear it with a t-shirt and some jeans for any casual meeting or event and you will surely be in style.

The blazer allows you to choose from a pair of jeans to a different pair of trousers, this flexibility helps a lot especially when you have to switch between meetings/events and have no time to rush home for a change of clothes.

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50 Wonderful Styles Blazers for Men – The Suave, Dapper Redefined Man

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