55 Admirable Black and White Suit Ideas – The Perfect Color Combination

The black and white suit look is very common, and men love it because it is not only easy to pull but one can almost never go wrong with this look. Whether you prefer wearing a black suit with a white shirt or going for a broken look, the options are endless. All you need for this look is to make sure that the fit is right and that you choose jackets and pants with a trendy design. Below is a detailed photo gallery that demonstrates some impressive ways of pulling this modern look.

# 1 Black and White Class

Unlike most other black and white suit designs this one is about wearing a two colors jacket and black pants. The gentleman also brightens up the appearance further by wearing some clean white shirt.

# 2 Keeping it Semi-Formal

An outfit like this one might be effortless to pull, but it still makes a man look outstanding. It is about wearing a slim-fitting black suit with a v-neck t-shirt and some cute green low top converse.

# 3 Black Velvet Tuxedo

The black velvet tuxedo is a statement-making outfit that is an excellent choice when going for dinner or an evening party. This one pairs well with the white shirt, and a small black bow tie is the only other thing that the man needs for a charming and classy appearance.

# 4 Turtleneck T-Shirt and Suit

Turtleneck t-shirts are a must-have winter fashion accessory as they are stylish and help to keep the cold at bay. This white one goes with a slim fit gray suit and some brown monk strap dress shoes.

# 5 Unstructured Three-Piece Look

This broken suit look is sassy and very inventive. It requires pairing a black jacket with black jeans and wearing them with a white shirt, green waistcoat, and a green tie.

# 6 The Classic Gentleman Look

The shine and neatness that this outfit portrays will put a smile on any man’s face. This outfit is a three-piece suit, but the jacket does not match the vest coat because it is not plain black. The coat has some innovative patterns that match the ones on the shoes, and the man wears the suit with a matching tie and a white shirt.

# 7 The Perfect Slim Fit Outfit

Sometimes getting the fit right is all that a man needs to ensure that he gets an elegant look. This black suit has an excellent slim fit and the man wears it with a clean white shirt and spices up the look with a bright yellow tie.

# 8 A Blend of Fall Colors

This attractive look is about combining several fall colors to create an adorable multicolored look. It consists of a white jacket, black t-shirt, navy blue pants and some white sneakers. The dotted scarf is also an essential element for the look.

# 9 Multicolored Classic Man

Nowadays it is trendy for men to combine several colors in their outfit. In this look, for example, the gentleman wears a navy jacket, with white pants and a pink sweater with a light blue shirt below it.

# 10 White DB and Dark Dress Pants

The brightness and design of this white double-breasted jacket are just fantastic. It combines with the navy pants to create a charming and unstructured appearance which the guy enhances with a polka dots tie and a striped shirt.

# 11 Impeccable Black and White Suit

This look is what a man gets from a perfect black and white combination. It entails pairing a slim fit black double-breasted jacket with white pants, black tie, and a white shirt. The gentleman also accessorizes his outfit with an attractive pocket square.

# 12 Bold Patterns

The stripes on the double-breasted jacket and the elaborate patterns on the pants combine to make this an adorable outfit. But, the white shirt and the chic black tie have a significant role to play in this look.

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  • Black and White Suit 3
  • Black and White Suit 4
  • Black and White Suit 5
  • Black and White Suit 6

# 13 Classy Black and White Look

Here is an outfit that demonstrates how a man with class should look. It is about wearing a slim fit double-breasted coat that has some cute buttons with a white trouser and button down white shirt before finishing the look with black dress shoes.

# 14 Going, Gray

Gray is the overall theme or color for this outfit, but there is more to it than the shade. The coat has some elaborate patterns and an excellent fit while the pants also come with some elaborate decorations and a light blue shirt with a polka dot tie over it are the only other things that you need to complete the appearance.

# 15 Stunning Striped Suit

This sharp suit is as attention-grabbing as any outfit can get. It is a three-piece and slim fitting two button suit that pairs a striped jacket and pants with a black waistcoat and a patterned gray tie over a white shirt.

# 16 Cool and Unstructured

A broken black and white suit like this one is an excellent choice for a semi-casual weekend wear. This particular look combines a two button black jacket with white pants. The gentleman also wears a brown sweater below the jacket which is fashionable and also functional.

# 17 Elegant and Classy

As simple as this look might be to pull it is still very elegant and classy. It is about pairing a white button down shirt with khaki pants and then finishing off the appearance with a black two-button jacket and black dress shoes.

# 18 Unstructured Three-Piece Attire

This eye-catching and trendy look is about pairing a black jacket and waistcoat with a patterned trouser to create an appealing casual look. The guy also wears a black tie, white shirt and some stylish black shoes.

# 19 Upscale Striped Suit

An Italian suit design like this one is the real definition of class and elegance. The slim fit is comfortable and trendy which will make a man fall in love with it. Pairing it with a white button down shirt gives it a relaxed and stylish feel.

# 20 Smart Jacket with White Pants

This black and white suit design is about wearing a black striped jacket with a navy tie, light blue shirt, and white pants. The brown slip on dress shoes finish the look and also bring in a different color element.

# 21 Elaborate Pattern Jacket and Pull Neck Combo

The patterns on this jacket are elaborate and classy which is one of the things that make this a unique look. This coat also has a good fit, and it pairs with the black pull neck sweater and black pants to create a chic and modern outfit design.

# 22 Tailored Gentleman

Everything from the design to the fit of this suit goes well with the gentleman’s body, and this is what you should expect with a bespoke suit. The material and its cute patterns make the man look classy, but he also dresses it well with a white shirt, black tie, and dress shoes before finishing the outfit with a cute pocket square.

# 23 Bold and Chick Black and White Suit

It is always about trying something new and unique when it comes to pulling a distinguished gentleman look. This slim fit three-piece demonstrates how to do this. It is a striped material, and it has a classic looking waistcoat. The gentleman wears the suit with a white shirt, black tie, and shiny dress shoes.

# 24 Broken and Adorable Three-Piece

The black and white suit is more about how you wear it than what you wear. In this look, the jacket matches the vest coat, but the guy wears a black trouser to give it a broken look. He then finishes the adorable outfit by dressing in a black tie and white dress shirt.

# 25 Exquisite Check Jacket

A designer check jacket like this one is an excellent choice for a classic gentleman. Here it pairs with a black waistcoat and black dress pants to create a unique three-piece look that you should spice up with a white shirt and black tie.

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  • Black and White Suit 11

# 26 Formal and Clean Winter Outfit

The cold outside should never prevent you from looking stylish as there are many stylish outfits that you can wear. This beautiful winter look is a good example of this, and it involves pairing a white shirt with tight black pants and finishing with a pinkish double-breasted polo coat and black leather boots.

# 27 Sweet Black on White

This straightforward and classic outfit is just what you need for a look that will turn heads and makes you stand out. It pairs a slim-fitting black double breast jacket with tight white pants and the gentleman also wears a white shirt, black tie, and some sweet black dress shoes.

# 28 Bright and Classy

This black and white suit is about keeping things bright and classy. It is about wearing a white one button jacket with black dress pants, a white shirt and a unique western style bow tie that looks unique and trendy.

# 29 The Red Carpet Look

Whether you are attending a red carpet event or going for a dinner date, this look will work for you. It is a straightforward and elegant outfit design that pairs a modern fitting and one button white jacket with black dress pants. The white shirt and the black bow tie are the only other elements that complement the look.

# 30 All White Suit

A clean and all white outfit like this one will make a man look impeccable and stylish. But, it is the tie and pocket square that help to create a black and white suit look and also break the monotony of the white shade.

# 31 Fashionable Man

A man does not have to keep his style sophisticated to look fashionable. This outfit keeps things straightforward as it only pairs a white coat with black dress shoes and a button down white shirt, but it still creates a fashionable appearance.

# 32 Inspiring Black and White Patterned Three-Piece

There are countless ways of pulling the black and white suit look, but this one is just outstanding. The jacket and waistcoat have some cute patterns, and they pair with black trousers, a black tie and white shirt for an impressive outfit.

# 33 Smart and Upscale Guy

This suit is just amazing because everything from the fit to the color and design of the waistcoat is flawless. Although it would look good with any shirt, this white one is a perfect choice, and it matches well with the tie and black dress shoes

# 34 Casual and Sharp Attire

There are three dominant shades on this outfit that seem to match perfectly. The shirt is blue, and the gentleman wears it with the top buttons down, but the black jacket and tight white pants are what make this a sharp look.

# 35 Effortless Perfection

It is hard to find any imperfections on this outfit because the choice of colors and design is well thought out. The outfit is about wearing a white shirt, beige pants, black suede shoes and topping up with a neat black jacket before throwing in a colorful scarf to brighten the appearance.

  • Black and White Suit 12
  • Black and White Suit 13
  • Black and White Suit 14
  • Black and White Suit 15
  • Black and White Suit 16

# 36 Conventional Classy Suit

This suit has a conventional or formal look, and this makes it perfect for a day at the office. It has a pure black shade and wearing it with a white shirt, and a thin black tie creates an attractive formal look. Accessorizing with a white pocket square also adds a touch of class to the appearance.

# 37 Clean and Classic

The design of this white suit is classic, and the jacket has one button. However, the waistcoat has a unique double breast design that gives the suit a distinct appearance. Wearing it with a floral pattern tie and pocket square also helps to enhance the clean look.

# 38 Rugged Weekend Wear

This weekend look will require little effort to create, but it still produces an appealing appearance. It is about pairing a white v-neck t-shirt with ripped blue jeans and white sneakers before finishing with a stylish fitting black jacket.

# 39 Luxurious and Upscale Look

Any man with some class will love this outfit as it is just fantastic. The most prominent elements of the look are the stripped double breast jacket, black jeans, and the leather dress boots.

# 40 Stimulating Broken Suit

If this look does not inspire you to try out a casually broken suit, then nothing else will. The outfit pairs a one button black jacket with cream pants and a button down white shirt before finishing with black leather loafers.

The black and white suit look can work for formal, semi-casual and casual outfits which means that you can wear it for any event. And the good thing is that most men already have the shirts, pants, and blazers that they need to pull this look. With the ideas above in mind, you will have an easy time creating this glamorous appearance.

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55 Admirable Black and White Suit Ideas – The Perfect Color Combination

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