30 Ways to Wear Classic Aran Sweaters – Authentic and Stylish Jumpers

The Aran sweater, or jumper, is a traditional Irish knitted garment which has been popular for many years due to their warmth, durability, and weatherproof qualities. The authentic sweaters are usually an off white color, although natural “countryside” colors are also popular such as greens, blues, and creams. They were crafted for islanders to protect them from the cold Irish climate, but now they are available all over the world. This type of sweater usually features a cable knit stitch pattern and it is an extremely versatile item – easy to dress up or wear casually.

# 1 Outdoor Look

A traditional Aran sweater is perfect for wearing outdoors, for example, a BBQ, fishing or camping. The thick, soft cable knit will keep you warm and dry while still looking stylish. Opt for natural looking colors or light shades, like the white one this model is wearing.

# 2 Ribbed Sweater

This navy ribbed sweater can be dressed up or down, but it’s really suitable for casual winter looks. It has fitted sleeves, leaving your hands open to perform tasks and additional strength from the reinforced elbows. This model paired his jumper with a pair of figure-hugging navy shorts.

# 3 Flattering Button Up

Dress to impress with a pale blue chunky knit sweater like this one. The buttons keep the look fitted and we love the extra pocket detail. Wear it with a white shirt or for a more casual look, a t-shirt.

# 4 Creamy Cable Knit

This jumper has a charming cable knit pattern that gives it a traditional feel. It’s been crafted with thick cream colored wool with a round neck and fitted wrists. Pairing it with a pair of chinos or jeans is a handsome look for an afternoon out or just relaxing at home.

# 5 Cool in Cashmere

Cashmere sweaters are exceptionally stylish – a must have for the gentleman. This model is wearing a richly textured Aran jumper with lattice knit detail on the front and sleeves, fitted at the waist with an open zip up collar.

# 6 Cyan Turtleneck

Sweaters and jeans are an excellent combination for smart casual looks. In this example, the model is wearing a chunky knit turtleneck sweater in a rich cyan shade. He’s wearing it on the waist with blue jeans and a thick leather belt.

# 7 Luck of The Irish

This models sweater is a gorgeous mossy shade of green with fine detailing and a round neck. The color and knit give this jumper a countryside feel, making it a top choice for an outdoor adventure or fishing trip.

# 8 Zip Up Jumper

Pictured here is a zip up jumper that is dark blue over the shoulders and sides and light blue over the chest. It has simple stitching making it a super versatile top, easy to wear everyday with jeans or chinos.

# 9 Lucky Stitch

This Aran sweater, in gorgeous river blue, features the ancient honeycomb stitch which, according to legend was lucky and would bring good fortune to those who wore it. You’ll definitely feel like the luckiest man in the world in this handsome turtleneck jumper.

# 10 Comfortable and Cozy

Sweaters are well suited for outdoor activities and also make it easy to move about as they are not bulky but still keep you cozy. This navy blue jumper has ribbing detail at the bottom, collar and on the wrists and a round neck for comfort.

# 11 Traditional Báinín

This fine knit sweater is made from natural báinín shaded wool, one of the original colors used for traditional Aran jumpers. The model looks really comfortable in this roomy garment with beautifully fine stitching and a turtleneck. As well as being comfortable it’s also elegant – what else could a guy ask for?

#12 Charcoal Shawl Neck

When there’s a nip in the air you’ll be glad to have this stylish thick charcoal jumper in your wardrobe, especially with the warm shawl neck design. Pair this fitted jersey with a pair of jeans for a smart look that is almost too easy.

# 13 Authentic Style Knit

This model is wearing washed black jeans and a checked shirt with an authentic style knitted sweater. The style is simple cable knit in charcoal with antique style buttons, long open neck, and patch pockets. This style of jumper looks smart buttoned up, but you could wear it open as well.

# 14 Hand knitted Irish Style

A good quality Aran jumper will provide you with years of wear so always try to buy the best quality that you can. If you are lucky enough to get your hands on a hand knitted jumper like the white one this model is wearing, grab it! High-quality knitwear will always be in vogue.

# 15 Dark Teal Knit With Jeans

Relaxing by the lake never looked as good as this. This model is wearing a casual country look; crisp blue jeans and a fitted teal colored woolen sweater with ribbing detail and a round neckline.

# 16 Off White Zip Down

If you’re looking for comfort and style the Aran sweater is just what you need. Go traditional in an ever so slightly off white shade like this, with a rounded collar, zip and intricate knit pattern for a classy look that is extra comfortable.

# 17 Creamy Knit

Planning a day of city exploring? Steal this model’s look and pair some sturdy boots with classic cut blue jeans and a chunky open neck jumper. This alabaster cream shade will suit most complexions and keep you cozy as you travel.

# 18 Sauve Form Fitting Jumper

Some people think of sweaters as bulky items, but they don’t need to be. For a form-fitting look choose a jersey with a slightly thinner texture that sits just on the waist. We love the suave feel of this charcoal hand knitted jumper.

# 19 Classic Cream Sweater with Parka

When the temperature really plummets outside you may want to wear something over your sweater. Not sure what will work? Why not try a faux fur hooded parka like this? This classic parka over a cream sweater and blue jeans is a wardrobe winner!

# 20 European Gentleman

Want a classic European look? This is it. Get the look by starting with a deep charcoal colored shawl neck jumper, add thin light colored chinos (turned up at the ankles) and finally, a pair of colored suede loafers.

# 21 Chunky White With Stonewash Jeans

For an understated look why not pair light shades? This shot shows off the classic patterning of the models white Aran sweater that he’s wearing bunched up at the sleeves with stonewashed blue jeans. Make sure the jeans are well fitted to offset the chunky texture on top.

# 22 Smart Jacket with Jumper

This model is wearing a matching olive gray suede jacket and trousers. The jacket is blazer style and underneath he’s got on a white cable knit turtleneck sweater that sits smartly just above his belt buckle. This is just one of example of how easy it is to create smart looks with sweaters.

# 23 Skinnies and Oversized Sweater

Trendy guys may want to try a modern look with sweaters. They could try this catwalk style – the model is wearing a sky blue woolen jumper that is oversized, resting on his thighs. Team it with skinny pants in a neutral shade and hit the streets!

# 24 Chunky Mustard Pull Over

Guys with dark hair can easily pull off this handsome mustard colored pullover sweater. This chunky knit features a rounded collar, ribbing, detail and expert fancy stitching. He’s wearing it with classic fit soft blue jeans.

# 25 Relaxed Wool On Wool Look

This model is wearing a wool on wool look starting with a relaxed fit charcoal gray sweater with turtleneck. He paired the jumper with loose fine woolen pants in a similar shade. A beautifully relaxed look that’s right on trend.

# 26 Autumn Dapper

This outfit consists of dove gray linen trousers, a white collared shirt, and a pastel blue Aran cable knit sweater. Add a felt fedora hat like this to get this model’s smart dapper look for autumn.

# 27 Fundamental Fashion

Colors that always need to be included in classic wardrobes are whites and natural shades just like this light chunky knit jumper. To create a smart look he’s wearing his fitted sweater with slightly darker gray pants, classic watch and trendy bow tie.

# 28 Blue Gray Cardigan

This look is classic dapper but with modern touches. The model is wearing a red and white checked shirt with an emerald patterned tie and thick blue-gray woolen cardigan. The sweater buttons up, with an open collar and ribbing detail over the wrists.

# 29 Street Style in Royal Green

Add a little precision to your everyday look and step out in a fitted royal green sweater. Here the jumper is being worn together with workman boots, fitted washed black jeans and a checked white shirt tied around the waist.

# 30 Fitted Indigo Sweater

This model crafted his outfit with two on trend clothing items – the skinny jeans and the Aran sweater. He’s wearing tight white skinnies with open ankles and brown suede loafers. He’s teamed these with a fitted indigo jumper.

Few people are aware of the myths that surround Aran sweaters. According to Irish traditions, different stitches have distinct meanings. We’ve already mentioned that the popular honeycomb stitch is thought to be lucky, but there is also the moss stitch, thought to represent growth, and the blackberry stitch which is considered to represent nature, as well as others like the lattice or basket stitch. Classic style sweaters like these will often cost a little more than mass-produced garments, but for the quality and versatility, they bring it is definitely worth every cent.

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