90 Fanciful Angel Tattoo Designs – A Blend of Mythology and Body Art

Very few other totems can match the beauty and symbolism of the angel tattoo. People have been using the angel symbol to express their feelings and as a sign of their faith for thousands of years. Nobody knows for sure where the myth or story about the angels originates from, but all evidence shows that it was their long before Christianity which is one of the religions that believes angels are supernatural beings. Regardless of whether you are a Christian or belong to a religion that believes in angels or not these mythical creatures are still beautiful tattoo designs.



History of Angel Totems

The word angel originates from the Greek word “Angelos” that means messenger. Angels have always been thought to be mediators between God and human beings or messengers from God. There have been many accounts of these supernatural beings in history but the most famous and probably what inspires most stories about angels is the Bible. Stories about angles on the Bible have been an inspiration for fiction work in both books and film. Some artists also use these stories to depict some of the most familiar images of angels that are there today.

Nobody knows for sure how the angels in the Bible and other books look like because it is very rare to find any drawings in these publications. But, over the years there are some features that people have accepted as the accurate representation of these beings, and they include the enormous wings and white robes. However, there are different depictions of these creatures in various religions and cultures. For example, in some stories the angles appear as ordinary human beings but with wings while they have an extraordinarily tall stature in others.

The Western idea which is also the most common image of angels is a being with wings and a halo, and this is what most people have as their tattoo. This picture gets its appearance from mythology and biblical stories, and people have been drawing it in books and paintings ever since the days of the Christian persecution.

As a tattoo, it has been around for many years, and some historians believe that it could be as old as the art of tattooing. The early designs of angels were very basic outlines of winged beings, but this has been changing over the years. In these modern times, you can get a very realistic angel tattoo that resembles exactly how you would expect an angel to look.

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There are a variety of meanings that you can associate with this tattoo, but it depends on the kind of angel that you choose to draw. The most common meaning or symbolism is a messenger of God, and this comes from the definition of the term angel. Having a tattoo of God’s messenger is a good way to become closer to the Creator. Your totem can also be a sign of spirituality and Christianity. Christians believe in the existences of angels, and they also believe that they are very close to God and so having one inked anywhere on your body can symbolize that you are a Christian.

Angels are thought to be protectors of human beings, and they have the powers to fight off evil. It is because of this idea that many people will choose to draw them on their body. For other people, their image also symbolizes safety. Angels are also thought to be pure and free from any sin and so having their totem on your body will symbolize purity. In some stories in the Bible and also from other religions these beings would fight for humans and so they are very brave and courageous which means that your tattoo will also symbolize these aspects.

Although they will signify good or positive things in most instances, they can also stand for negative attributes. The angel tattoo can be a sign of death, and this is more so if you draw the Angel of Death. They can also symbolize the mortality of human beings because people believe that one will see an angel when his time of death is near. These beings can also be a symbol of fear because they are whom God would send to earth when He was not happy with humanity, and so people would fear them because they did not always bring good news.

These tattoos are unique in many ways, and one of them is the fact that their meaning will change depending on the wearer and the reason why they have it. For example, in women, they will symbolize calmness and serenity. In men, they will represent a free spirit and the higher self. However, you should also keep in mind the fact that just like any other kind of body marking your tattoo can mean or symbolize anything that you want.

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Types of Angel Tattoos

Modern day totems offer you endless options when it comes to choosing the design and style, and this one is not an exception. If you opt to draw this tattoo you can be confident that you will have a variety of styles and designs available. However, most people regardless of their gender prefer to have the following types.

Guardian Angels

The guardian angels are those that God tasks with the protection of humanity and most people believe that every individual has a specific one. In most tattoo design they have a shine or glow behind them, and they are looking to the side or down in a protective posture. For this tattoo, you can draw a male or female one depending on your preference. However, the male is the most famous and tattoo enthusiasts like to draw them with a sword or in a battle with the devil.

Cherubs/Baby Angel

Cherubs or baby angels are those that artists depict with the physical appearance of a child, and they are the most innocent of all beings. This image is an excellent idea for anyone that wants his totem to symbolize purity, calmness, and innocence. These angels are small in size, and their wings are also shorter than what you will find in images of arch and guardian angels. It is an excellent idea to have this totem to represent someone you hold dear by drawing their name next to the body marking.

Watercolor Angel

Every tattoo looks better when you paint it in bright colors, and so it is not surprising that the watercolor angel tattoo is very popular. This totem is popular with ladies, and it entails drawing a simple or detailed image of an angel and then spicing it up with watercolors to make it look trendy and very attractive. The best thing about this totem is that you can always convert any other angel emblem that you have to a watercolor totem.

Fallen Angel

The story of the fallen angels is not very detailed in the Hebrew biblical, but there is an account of it that has a lot of information on the books of Enoch. There are also many conflicting stories about them, and so their images also differ a lot. However, most individual prefer to draw them looking up to the skies to remember where they once lived. In some tattoos, they have a broken wing while they are on their knees with the head down in others to suggest that they are regretting or begging God for forgiveness.

Angel Wings

Some individuals prefer to draw angel wings instead of having a full image of an angel. But, it is also an excellent idea for your tattoo because it does not only look attractive but it also has deep symbolism. These wings are a symbol of protection, freedom and the need or desire to be close to God. The condition of the angel wings also influences the meaning and symbolism of your totem because a broken one means that you have a tattered relationship with the creator and you regret it because it is the reason behind your troubles in life.

Tribal Angel Design

You do not have to be a Christian to draw these tattoos because there are many designs available that you can use to symbolize various things. The Tribal design is one of the most common and it is a mixture of Non–Christian and Christian traditions. These patterns have some spiritual symbolisms for various cultures, and they also add a unique look to your totem.

Angel of Death

The Angel of Death is in many instances also referred to as the grim reaper. This emblem represents the fact that everything in this world is finite and it also the link between death and life. According to mythology, people will see him as they are dying and he is responsible for guiding them to the world of the dead. As a tattoo image, he has some large wings and dark clothes.

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Best Places to Have your Angel Totem

These tattoos are quite complicated and detailed which might be good elements but they will restrict you when it comes to placement. Due to the dimension and amount of detail of the angel tattoo, the back and chest are the best places to have them because there is enough space. However, placement is still a matter of individual preference meaning that you can have yours anywhere you want. The gender of the wearer will also influence the location of these totems because ladies seem to prefer to have theirs on the side of their belly, thighs and the arm. For guys the upper arm, chest, calf and sleeve appear to be ideal placement areas.

Any man or woman looking for a beautiful and symbolic totem should go for an angel tattoo. Although it might require a lot of skills to get right due to the level of detail, the body marking that you get makes it worth it. And with the many skilled tattoo artists available you should not have a problem finding one that can give you a breathtaking totem.


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