40 Interesting Looks with Lapel Pins for Men – The Original Accessory

Adding a touch of class to your fashion jacket, lapel pins gives you the distinct personal identity – your mood, your personality. Bring it on, show it off with these top picks from our collection of lapel pins.

#1 Formal Pin

This chic lapel pin by danchurch is a perfect match for your business suit. The personality it exudes is formal, simple, and clean. Wear this for your day-to-day business or office work – whether you are in a business meeting, a boardroom meeting, and in a simple one-on-one meeting with your client.

#2 Extra Sassy

This lapel pin by Life Club goes with your rugged, easy, on-the-go lifestyle. Perfect for your sports jacket. Put in on when you huddle with friends to project your mood for the day – casual, free fashion. In the mall, in cafés, or a walk-in-the-park, definitely gives you an stand-out look.

#3 Bright Floral Pin

This rosy’ lapel pin by Carlos Madrid is good for a romantic encounter with your partner. Flowers usually titillates the woman, so does this specially designed lapel pin. Wear this on your next date for an added romance in a candle-lit dinner table.

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#4 Geek Pin

This artistic Ancient Mask lapel pin designed by shopofstrange will definitely get their attention. Perfect for your casual and informal jackets, flaunt this when you hang out with your friends. This will surely get their attention… to you!

#5 Holiday Mood

There is no better time to wear this season’s lapel pin – Santa Claus lapel pin by mistersteven. Hands down, this is a sure winner in this season’s parties and gatherings. Whether you are on business suit, or sports jacket, surely this adds a �touch of the season’ to your fashion wear.

#6 Touch of Wood

This stylish, gentlemanly lapel pin by John of Bull and Blossom is sure to add points to your looks. Best for your business suit or jacket, you can wear this when you go to your office, attend board meetings, or go to the meeting with your valued client.

#7 Navy Blue Pin

This snazzy cool lapel pin is designed by lapels_by_j. Great for your office fashion, you must have this tucked into your lapel when attending business or corporate affairs. Good also for evening fashion suit.

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#8 Silver Classic Pin

This “Wanderer” lapel pin uniquely designed by Albert Tse Metalsmith is perfect for your contemporary style. Available in various color to match your other accessories, this lapel pin adds zest to your fashion suit or jacket. Best for daytime or evening social functions.

#9 Wooden Flower

This uniquely-crafted lapen pin is designed and creatred by Harrison Blake for couragekinksandcurves. The design exudes good taste, and a friendly atmosphere. Excellent for both formal and business functions.

#10 Meme Pin

This “Arthur” meme pin is created by highfivepins. For the simple flair, and free lifestyle fashion. Wear this on your sports jacket or directly on your shirt’s pocket. Either way, this will surely add to your looks.

#11 Golden Deer

This gold deer lapel pin by Zac Hnatyszyn adds a dash of elegance to your gold-colored suit over a dark shirt. Perfect for your evening fashion. Wear this for that special social event, and for that special candle-lit dinner with your partner.

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#12 Star Wars

This golden lapel pin with chain is a perfect accent to your formal suit. Designed and crafted by Paul of inseasonstylez. Whether you are attending a gala peformance, or a formal dinner, make sure to have this tucked on your lapel. You will surely become a head-turner.

#13 Romantic and Simple

This flower lapel pin by Baxter & Baxter is excellent for your special dinner-date with your special someone. Whether you use a formal suit or contemporary jacket, this is just a perfect match. Add romance to your fashion, have this pinned to your lapel.

#14 Button Lapel Pin

This lapel pin from dandchurch exudes simple elegance. When tucked into the lapel of your business suit or contemporary jacket, this will surely make heads turn. Excellent for your daily business fashion and even for your evening social functions.


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#15 Hipster Pin

This lapel pin created by Manière Noire Shop is good for your sporty and easy-on-the-go fashion. This coffee design wakes you up from your slumber. Good for your rides on a motorbike around town or simply hanging-out with friends in a cold winter season.

#16 Writer’s Pin

This chic fashionable lapel pin designed by Peter Lopez for petersvault is perfect both for your formal wear and business attire. Whether you need that strong presence in the corporate board room, or simply attending formal evening cocktail, this lapel pin is an excellent addition to your fashion wear.

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#17 Chiffon Flower Pin

This fashionable lapel pin designed by Bagus Au MC easily stands-out in the crowd with its big round outline. Good for your daily business suit or sports jacket, this pin can easily identify you from your friends or recognize you from your officemates.

#18 Mini Bow Tie

Bow on the lapel? This is the lapel pin exclusively designed kravatistan. Available in four colors, this pin is distinctive in its style. You can choose the color to perfectly patch your suit or your shirt. Perfect for on elegant candle-lit dinner with you special someone, or for evening social events.

#19 Silver Perfection

Exquisite. Chic. This lapel pin designed by Michael Kaye, the creative director of Michael Kaye Couture. Perfect for your special social events and even for your corporate attire. Be at your best, simply pin this lapel pin the next time you move around your social network.

#20 Handcrafted Gold

This stylish and unique lapel pin is designed handcrafted by Keoka, an adornment designer. Great for parties and weddings, this pin gives a perfect accent to your fashion wear. Pin it on your next contemporary or formal suit for an added dash.

#21 Small and Cute

This simple, round lapel pin designed by Snazzy Men adds glamour to your suit. Great for your daily business suit or contemporary jacket. Wear it for an added fashion flair when you meet your corporate client, or when you attend the next business meeting.

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#22 The Set of Lapel Pins

Unique, fashionable lapel pin made exquisitely by Kempire Daily Life Style Fashion. Wear it with you sports jacket, on your leather jacket. Flaunt it to your friends. For the casual, easy-going lifestyle. Perfect for hanging out with friends for day or evening social events.

#23 Straight Needle

Lapel pin by The Essence of Style. Simple. Stylish. Chic. Express your passion for fashion. Wear this good-looking lapel pin onto your business or contemporary suit. Perfect for any occasion.

#24 Extra Touch

Another chic lapel pin made by The Essence of Style. For that simple elegance, that shows you are in control. Great for business or casual suits. Wear this on your next business meeting or on your next huddle with your associates. Simply elegant.

#25 Cross Pin

The Essence of Style created this lapel pin for you. For your distinctive fashion taste: classic, smart, fashionable. Excellent for your casual and business suits, you can wear this pin for whatever occasion. Daytime corporate events, or evening social events. Just perfect.

Everything You Need to Know About Lapel Pins

40 Interesting Looks with Lapel Pins for Men – The Original Accessory

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