45 Appealing Widow’s Peak Hairstyles – Taming and Spicing Up Your Receding Hairline

The widow’s peak is the triangular shape at the front hairline that comes as a result of a thinning or receding hairline. Most men hate it as they think that it means that they will never be able to wear stylish hairdos. But, this could not be further from the truth. It is still very possible to have stylish haircuts and styles even with a receding triangular hairline, but you will first have to decide where you want to highlight or hide the peak. Below are some appealing hairstyles that you can have whether you want to hide or show off the triangle.

# 1 Pompadour with Shaved Sides

The classic pompadour is one of the best hairdos that you can use to deal with your receding hairline. In this design it is thick and with a brushed back styling while the sides are short and uniform.

# 2 Spiky and Side Swept Peak

A look like this one also works well, and the best part about it is that it is very easy to pull. This hairdo only requires chopping the strands at the top into some medium size spikes and styling them with a lift and side sweep while keeping the sides short and tapered.

# 3 Classy Waves

If your receding strands still have a good volume, you should try this style. It requires maintaining some thick strands at the top that you should design with a wavy upsweep and chop the sides short before brushing them back.

# 4 Undercut Slick Back

Undercuts are one of the most popular styles for men with the widow’s peak because they highlight and make it look fashionable. In this design, the undercut pairs with the brushed back locks at the top to create an extra-chic headdress.

# 5 Neat Side Slick

Although this haircut maintains a uniform length throughout, the styling makes the top appear longer than the sides. To replicate the look, you should form a side part, give the strands at the top a lift at the front before side sweeping them and finish by brushing the rest of the hair sideways and to the back.

# 6 Intricate Wave

This funky hairdo is about giving your peak an elaborate and upswept wave and keeping the sides short. The natural gray shade also plays an important part because it helps to spice up the wavy strands.

# 7 Brushed Back Bangs

David Beckham has the triangular shape at the front of his hair, and he prefers to flaunt it instead of hiding it. In this style, he chops the sides short and maintains some textured bangs at the top that he styles with a brush back.

# 8 Chic and Cool

Here is another hairdo that flaunts the peak and it also entails shaving the sides short and fading them while maintaining some brushed back locks at the top.

# 9 Thick and Wavy Top

You have to taper the sides short and leave a thick mane at the top to wear this look. You should then finish it by making the locks at the top wavy and giving them an upsweep.

# 10 Medium Length Slick back

Any man that wants to wear this look will need a medium length hair and some quality gel or pomade. This design requires shaving the sides short and maintaining a long hair in the middle. You should then finish the style by applying some gel on the long hair and brushing it back neatly.

# 11 Textured and Wavy Locks

Johnny Depp prefers to maintain a uniform and medium length hair throughout his head which helps him deal with his receding hairline. In this design he makes the locks textured and wavy before styling the with an innovative side sweep to cover the peak.

# 12 The Man Bun

Some men are comfortable with their triangular hairline and so they will not even try to hide it regardless of how it looks. If you are one of them, you can have this beautiful man bun that entails sweeping back your strands and tying them at the back. Although the peak is very visible, the beauty of the man bun will steal all the attention.

# 13 Side Sweep and Part with Skin Fade

This style is for those that prefer to keep their stands short. It entails leaving a few inches of hair at the top that you should design with a hard razor line and side sweep before finishing with a skin fade on the sides.

# 14 Cute Low Ponytail

Men with long or medium size hair do not have to do much to style their widow’s peak. A simple design like this one that only entails finger combing the hair back and fastening it into a small and cute ponytail is enough to create a chic look.

# 15 Tapered and Stylish

This hairdo requires you to taper the sides and back while leaving some long strands at the top. The style then finishes with a straightforward and layered brush back of the long locks.

# 16 Easy Knot

A style like this one will only take a couple of minutes to create for men with a long mane. It only requires pulling the locks to the center of the head and wrapping them into a tight knot.

# 17 Perfectly Faded Pomp

The uniform fading on the sides of this headdress is glamorous, and it complements the pompadour. Apart from the fading, the textured strands at the top also have a high and classic pompadour design that looks stunning.

# 18 Half Up Design

Contrary to popular opinion the widow’s peak does not limit the styles that you can wear. If you have a long mane, you can still create a beautiful half up headdress like this one that involves tying some of the strands into a small knot at the back and leaving the rest to hang freely.

# 19 Faded and Undercut

The sharp skin fade on the sides of this hairdo is magnificent and makes the undercut look flawless. With such a perfect fade you only need to sweep back the long strands at the top to create a chic hairstyle.

# 20 Sassy Tapered Brush Back

You need to taper the sides and back to make them shorter than the top and to create a smooth disconnection with the full beard. Once you have the cut, you only have to give the strands at the top a wavy brush back for a sassy appearance.

# 21 Sleek Top Bun

A massive beard like this one is a perfect idea for drawing attention away from your not so good hairline. However, you still need to style your strands well, and a sleek top bun like this one is an excellent idea.

# 22 Extra-High Bangs with a Sharp Skin Fade

The textured bangs on the upper part of this style have an adorable styling that entails giving them an extra height and a slight brush back while the sides have a clean and sharp skin fade.

# 23 Classic Gentleman Look

Age comes with many changes, and one of them is a hair color change. But, you can still make the white hairs work for you with a classic style like this one that will only require you to brush back the strands with a slight lift like in this hairdo.

# 24 Neat and Glossy with a Slight Lift

These strands have an almost uniform length throughout the head, and their styling entails brushing them back with a small upsweep at the front to highlight the widow’s peak.

# 25 Front Swept Bangs

A front sweep is a good idea for men that want to hide their triangular hairline. This style involves leaving some textured bangs at the top that you should design with a sweep to the front and over the forehead and give the sides a skin fade.

# 26 Super Cute Upswept Waves

The thick waves at the top of this hairdo have an excellent texture and dramatic styling that entails up sweeping them. You should also keep the sides short with a uniform trim and fade.

# 27 Stunning Slick Back Quiff

This beautiful style highlights the triangular hairline with a nice brushed back quiff that you should enhance with some short faded sides for a stunning hairdo.

# 28 Cool and Messy Upswept Top

Rather than just leave some long locks on the upper section you should style them with a messy upsweep to draw attention away from the peak and finish by shaving the sides short and uniform.

# 29 Gorgeous Wavy Bangs

The triangular shape at the front of this haircut plays an important part in creating this design. This hairline shape is what gives the wavy bangs their impressive pattern. Apart from the waves at the top you also need to chop and fade the sides short.

# 30 Easy and Beautiful Slick Back

This beautiful haircut starts with a taper fade on the sides, and you also need to maintain some smooth strands at the top. The styling then involves applying some products on the long strands and brushing them back smoothly.

# 31 Unkempt Hairy Look

You will not need any intricate cuts or styling for this look as it only requires you to allow the strands on your head and face to grow out. Once you have the long mane, you only need to spread it throughout the head and make them messy for a distinct appearance.

# 32 Short Front Swept Wavy bangs

If you want a stylish haircut that will help conceal your widow’s peak you should try this one. To create it you have to maintain some short wavy and textured bangs on the crown and fade the sides. And to finish the look you should give the wavy bangs a subtle front sweep.

# 33 Curly and Classy Peak

As classy as this hairdo might look it is still quite easy to create. The design involves leaving some beautiful curly locks at the top and chopping the sides short and to the same level as the neat sideburns.

# 34 Elegant Sweep Back

Men that prefer to keep some length throughout the head and have no problem showing off their triangular hairline should wear this haircut. It is an elegant design that you can create with a slight tapering on the sides and back and by giving the locks a neatly layered sweep back.

# 35 Flawless Tapered Waves

Your triangular hairline can also be stylish if you have the right haircut. The one in this headdress looks amazing, and it pairs with the tapered wavy hairstyle to give the man a perfect and elegant appearance.

# 36 Thick Cute Quiff Design

The widow’s peak in this style is not very advanced, and most people will not even notice it. However, the thick quiff with tapered sides still manages to create an adorable haircut.

# 37 Pomp-Like Top with Side Part

A smooth pomp-like design like this is one is an excellent choice for a classy man. It entails sweeping the long strands to the back with a slight sideways sweep and a side part.

# 38 Lovely Slick Back with Center Part

A good hair product and a long mane are all you need to pull this look. It is a comfortable design that only requires forming a center part at the front and brushing back the strands. You can then tie them into a small ponytail at the back or a chic man bun.

# 39 Effortless Taper and Sweep Back

Tapering allows you to reduce the size of your strands gradually while still maintaining some hair throughout the head. It is what makes this style possible because the styling is just a sweep back with a lift at the front.

# 40 Up and Front Swept Waves

This widow’s peak style involves leaving some wavy locks on the upper part and shaving the sides short and uniform. You should then style the long locks at the top with a lift and a slight front sweep.

# 41 Adorable Side Part and Sweep

A soft razor line on the sides and trimming the sides and back short are all that you need for this headdress. You should then use the part line to give the strands in the upper section a subtle sweep to the side.

# 42 Buzzed and Line-Up

An extra-short haircut like this buzzed one is still an option for men with a triangular hairline. Apart from the buzzing the haircut also has a skin fade on the sides and a line-up at the front.

# 43 Undercut Textured Bangs

The long unkempt beard is perfect for a villain look, but you can still spice it up with some textured and undercut locks. To style the lovely bangs, you will only need to apply some gel and brush them back over the undercut and faded section.

# 44 Head-Turning Mohawk

A Mohawk will still work for you regardless of the shape of your hairline. This one looks unique because it maintains a thick and long hair in the middle with the sides chopped short and faded. Also, you should style the front with an upsweep to create a pomp-like design.

# 45 Small Pomp with Side Part

This haircut maintains a small and neat pompadour at the top and a side part below it that creates a disconnection with the smooth sides. The shade and design of the pompadour are perfect for drawing attention away from the hairline.

A widow’s peak should never stop you from wearing stylish haircuts because you can work with it to create some adorable styles. Whether you want to conceal or show it off, the options are endless, and you should look through the gallery above for ideas.

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