40 Ways to Style Denim Vest for Men – Authentic and Fashionable

Denim vest gained considerable popularity during the 80’s when bikers wore them as an alternative to the typically associated leather jackets. It was a way of differentiating and at the same time, showing the class of navy blue color. With time, these jackets were found in both full sleeves and sleeveless fashion. In summers people wore a sleeveless one over a short sleeve t-shirt and during winters, it was worn with jackets and hoodies. Here, we have assembled a list 40┬áideas on styling denim vest that can be adopted for any day of any week.

#1 Covering Up Well

Covering an orange and blue checkered shirt with a slightly faded denim vest and peanut color tweed jacket. This multi-style look is completed with a camouflage cuffed pants and maroon Quadra boots.

#2 Class of Blue

Worn this a stylish tawny brown watch, the look shows the class of color blue. A sleeveless vest which has a dull gray back is covering the gray hoodie and worn on top of navy blue jeans.

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#3 Casually Worn Vest

The style of vest is worn rather casually in this image. The look shows a sleeveless pure vest worn over a white tee. The faded ripped gray jeans and black shiny sneakers allow for the bright vest to stand out.

#4 All-Blue

The style includes a full sleeves denim blue color jumper worn with a denim blue vest that has different small badges pinned on it. The navy blue pants help complete with this all-blue look.

#5 Formal & Utterly Fashionable

This formal style begins with a white shirt and red and blue checkered tie. The blue buttoned vest, a lapis blue silk scarf, and camel color hip length coat covers the inside. The gray slim fitted jeans and gingerbread brown shoes make it an utterly fashionable look.

#6 What Is Love

This customized ripped vest has a black color heart made at the back. The back also shows the words what is love’ written in white on it along with Chinese calligraphy in black color. Worn on top of a black t-shirt and with faded light blue jeans.

#7 Sunny Day Out

Worn with a black buttoned t-shirt that has white star short sleeves, black shorts, and gold color converse, the funky vest has a few labels stitched on the left side. The look can be perfect for a sunny day out.

  • Denim Vest 27
  • Denim Vest 28
  • Denim Vest 29
  • Denim Vest 30
  • Denim Vest 31

#8 Classical Style

This style includes a round navy blue hat worn with a high neck maroon shirt and black jumper. Both are covered with a classical style navy blue vest that has a gold color border and two pockets on the lower end.

#9 Black & White Street Style

This street style includes a camouflage and black baseball cap worn with pearl white t-shirt and black faded jeans. The faded vest has a jet black hood and sleeves attached to it.

#10 Ripped Dapper

This dapper look shows a gray hoodie with a faded vest worn on it. The ripped white cross at the back compliments the ripped lapis blue jeans that are worn slightly below the waist.

#11 Cerulean Blue Stands Out

The cerulean blue vest is worn over the gray zipper hoodie. The vest has black buttons and two pockets on either side. The ripped white borders show the work of threads peeling out of the apparel.

#12 Different Pink Style

This sleeveless XL denim color vest has several pockets on it. The XXL knee length pink t-shirt is worn with a pink bandana, navy blue sweat bottoms, and white sneakers. This rapper look is very in.

#13 Highly Urbane

The navy blue high neck is obvious over the cream shirt. Worn with a formal black vest which is normally part of a three-piece suit, sees these khaki chino pants and black boots completing the highly urbane look.

#14 Soldier Look

Worn with soldier hat and black lowers, this vest has gold color borders and stitching. The stitching is obvious throughout this button vest which has two pockets on either side. There are two zips on the lower end of the vest.

  • Denim Vest 32
  • Denim Vest 33
  • Denim Vest 34
  • Denim Vest 35
  • Denim Vest 36

#15 Blue It

Want an exceptional look then blue it. Worn with cream round golf hat, the contains long sleeves white and navy blue stripes shirt, slim fit vest that has three pockets and azure blue jeans.

#16 American Style

Worn with a pearl white shirt and black tie, the American flag sky blue vest has a ripped touch to it. The black pants with various flower designs on it give the look a completely contrasting touch.

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#17 Freestylers

This freestyle look can be worn for any casual outing. Worn with cerulean blue ripped jeans, the dark red shirt gives the necessary brightness to the look which is complete with a faded vest.

#18 Jamaican Fashion

The accessories worn in the image reflect Jamaican style which includes a white undervest, which is covered with a trendy vest and tortilla brown jacket. The off-white rolled up pants and shiny black loafers complete this fashion.

#19 Reflecting Summer

The sleeveless V-neck printed t-shirt, sleeveless spruce blue vest and ripped black shorts reflects summer in this style. Worn with elegant pull on shoes and a lock chain emphasizes the causal appearance.

#20 Office Magic

The magic of a three-pocket vest is obvious in this office look which includes a white shirt, yellow and black tie and cream pants. The black watch is the necessary accessory for the look.

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#21 Gothic Elegance

Black is the color of gothic and it shows in this image. The terror black sleeveless four pocket vest is elegantly worn over navy blue jeans to complete this amazing look.

  • Denim Vest 37
  • Denim Vest 38
  • Denim Vest 39
  • Denim Vest 40
  • Denim Vest 41

#22 Simply Too Good

This overall look is simply too good and the reason is the various outfits that are combined together. The gray tee is covered with a white striped vest and peanut brown jacket. The black faded jeans make it even better.

#23 Drummer Need This

This is the much-needed look of a drummer. Apart from the wristbands, the look includes a black printed half sleeves t-shirt which has a sleeveless faded blue vest covering it.

#24 Elegance Personified

There is nothing fancy in the look, elegance is simply personified. The plain white t-shirt is covered with a collared blue vest. The plain black jeans make the look majestic.

#25 European Look

This typical Euro look includes a red flannel shirt covered with a sleeveless vest that has a word embossed on the top left. The sky blue jeans and camel color shoes can help anyone make a fashion statement.

Surprised at the number of ways a vest can be styled? Then try any of these looks the next time you are going out or are planning to shop for a vest.

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40 Ways to Style Denim Vest for Men – Authentic and Fashionable

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