50 Sumptuous Tape Up Haircuts – The Fade for Classy Gentlemen

The tape up has always been a mainstay haircut for men, and it is one of the hottest designs for all hair types and ages. This hairdo is what some people also prefer to refer to as the taper fade and razor fade. It is a stylish design whose key feature is the gradual reduction of hair on the sides and back to create a faded appearance. The cut is very versatile, and this makes it a perfect addition to other types of men haircuts. Guys looking for a trendy and modern way to wear this lovely hairdo should try one of the cute hairstyles below.

# 1 Tapered Waves with a Skin Fade

This haircut is about leaving some long tapered wavy locks at the top that you should style with a lift at the front and slight brush back. You should then finish the style by reducing the short sides gradually to a bald level.

# 2 Uniform and Lined-Up

A uniform cut like this one that maintains some length throughout the head is perfect for men who prefer to have smart and formal hairdos. It keeps the hair short and neat but finishes it with a zero fade at the back and a line-up at the front.

# 3 Side Swept and Faded Bangs

Some textured locks at the top and a taper fade on the sides are what you need for this look. Once you have them, you only need to sweep the locks at the top to the sides and over the faded section.

# 4 Skin Tape Up

Any fading that shaves the sides to a bald level like this one is a skin fade. But, the style also has some cute bangs at the top with an excellent texture, and you should design them with a forward sweep and lift at the front

# 5 Choppy and Layered Locks

The wavy locks at the top have an impressive styling that entails sweeping them to the front in subtle layers, but the skin fade on the sides also adds some style to the cut.

# 6 Highlighted and Faded Caesar Bangs

This hairdo takes inspiration from the classic Caesar haircut. It has some highlighted and textured bangs on the upper part, and you should finish the style by razor fading the sides.

# 7 Smooth Faded and Spiky

Some tapered and spiky strands like these will always make a glamorous haircut. Apart from the tapering, you also need to give the sides a smooth skin fade and finish with a slight side sweep of the strands at the top.

# 8 Elegant Taper Fade

Most modern men prefer to give the long hair in the upper part of their haircuts a forward sweep like in this design. But, the taper fade on the sides and back of this cut also help to make it a chic design.

# 9 Bowl with a Modern Touch

The bowl shape at the top of this haircut is classic, but the taper fading on the sides and the subtle layering of the short textured locks give it a modern appearance.

# 10 Messy Top with Faded Sides

Some textured and messy locks are what you need at the top to create this look. These are easy to achieve, but the gradual reduction of hair on the side will require skill and precision.

# 11 Brushed Back Taper Cut

Any man with a long or medium mane can wear this look. It starts with some tapering at the back and on the sides to reduce the size of the hair, and you should then apply some product and brush everything to the back.

# 12 Side Parted and Bald Faded Comb Over

The styling at the top of this haircut is fantastic, and it entails forming a side part and combing over the long strands in the crown. You also need to works on the rest of the head, and for this, you only need a smooth taper fade.

# 13 Sleek Hard Part Haircut

You will hardly see any hard part line that is more satisfying than this one. But, the side sweep and comb over styling at the top and the tape up on the sides also make this an excellent hairdo.

# 14 High and Rugged

This hairstyle requires you to leave some long textured strands at the top. Their styling entails giving them a lift and making them messy while finishing with a sharp skin fade on the sides.

# 15 Wavy and Neat Bald Fade Design

A hairdo like this one will require an experienced barber to create as it is not as easy as it looks. It has some beautiful front swept locks at the top and a skillful bald fading on the sides.

# 16 Short Natural Coils

Nothing beats natural hair texture, and this is more so if you have African American hair like this. For this look, you only need to maintain some natural coils on the crown and skin taper the sides and back.

# 17 Glamorous Waves

These beautiful locks demonstrate how a perfect wavy hair should look. The waves also have an excellent styling that involves lifting and giving them a slight brush back. Also, the sides finish with an impeccable skin fade.

# 18 Thick and Well-Groomed Bangs

The thick mane at the top of this headdress has a simple but elegant styling that also entails brushing it back. But, the skin tapering on the sides and back is the highlight of this look.

# 19 Textured and Swooped Fringe with Bold Fade

The textured and swooped strands at the top that create a beautiful fringe are what will steal most people’s attention, but this style would not look this adorable without bold fading the rest of the head.

# 20 Fancy Bangs with Razor Linea and Fade

Everything from the volume to the texture of these locks is perfect and so styling them is effortless. This design also has a skin tape up sides with a sharp razor line that gives the style some extra detail.

# 21 Taper Faded and Lined-Up Waves

The beautiful waves in this style are a result of shaving the hair very short and using some quality gel to form them. This hairdo also has a nice line-up at the front and a smooth taper fade on the sides that creates a disconnection with the facial hair.

# 22 Bold Slick Back

You neat textured locks at the upper section are perfect for forming the slick back design, and if you also add in a bold fade on the sides, you will have a majestic look like this one.

# 23 Flawless Taper Fade

The designing of the long strands at the top is just fantastic and if you pair this with a tapered skin fade on the sides you get a perfect and modern hairdo.

# 24 Front Swept Taper

A front sweep design is not just for concealing a widow’s peak because it can still give you a sexy look like this one and this is more so if you have some textured bangs at the top. This style also combines the forward sweep with a skin taper on the sides to form a sumptuous gentleman haircut.

# 25 Slick Back with Skin Faded Undercut

Undercuts are always an adorable addition for any headdress, and this is more so if they have a beautiful skin fade like this one. This cute haircut also maintains some long and neat strands at the top that you should style with a slick-back.

# 26 Wavy Caesar with Temple Fade

The Caesar design at the top of this cut has some intricate waves that make it look unique. This headdress also has a temple tape up on the sides that help to enhance the overall look.

# 27 Funky Locks with a V-back Design

Sometimes you have to break away from the norm to create a distinct modern hairdo. For this particular one, you should have some long spiky and upswept locks at the top with a v-back design and a skin taper.

# 28 Short Blunt Texture

The short, blunt texture of these spiky strands is the highlight of this look. But, the stylish hairdo also has a smooth taper fade on the sides that gives it a clean and elegant finish.

# 29 Outstanding Comb Over and Taper

A look like this one will work for both formal and casual looks. It consists of a comb over on the crown, a hard part, and a tapering on the sides.

# 30 Decent Trim with Spikes and Bald Fade

This fantastic trim maintains some short decent spikes at the top that you should style with a forward sweep. The sides are short and with a beautiful bald fade that makes the cut look very trendy.

# 31 Over the Face Waves

You will need a skillful tapering on the sides and back to create this look. The design also maintains some textured waves at the top that you should style by sweeping them to the front and over the forehead.

# 32 Choppy Textured Band with a Skin Taper

Creating the textured bangs on this hairdo should not be difficult with the services of the right barber. Their styling is also easy as you only need to brush them forward in subtle layers and finish with a skin tape up on the rest of the head.

# 33 Easy and Cute Taper Fade

Tapering allows you to maintain some length in most parts of the head by giving them a stylish and gradual reduction. Apart from the cute taper design this cut also keeps long wavy locks at the top that you should style with a soft side part and subtle comb over.

# 34 Brushed Back Tape Up

The glossy and textured locks on this hairdo have an appealing look that comes from their beautiful color and the brush back design. A smooth skin fade on the sides is the only other thing that you need for this charming look.

# 35 Layered and Forward Swept Waves

Waves are easy to create even on straight hair, but the forward sweep and layering are what makes these particular ones look unique. And if you flatter the style with a razor fade on the side you can be sure of an elegant headdress.

# 36 Chick Taper Faded Blonde Locks

Blonde is one of those colors that will always give your haircuts an interesting look. But, this hairdo also has a nice v-shape taper cut with a nice fade, a side part, and a sleek comb over styling.

# 37 Fancy Undercut Slick Back

The slick back is a classy style, but this hairdo shows that you can give it a modern appearance with a faded undercut and a regular line-up at the front.

# 38 Natural Locks with Razor Fade

You do not have to create something complicated on your natural hair to make it look glamorous. This design maintains the natural hair on the upper part but spices it up with a shape up at the front, and smooth fading on the side.

# 39 Clean and Simple

This look is for a gentleman that wants a clean look for formal occasions. It entails maintaining a few inches of hair at the top, forming a razor line and reducing the strands on the rest of the head gradually to create a stylish fade. You should then gel the long strands at the top and style them with a sleek side sweep.

# 40 Hard Parted and Faded Pomp

If you are tired of the traditional or classic pompadour, this haircut gives you some ideas on how you can spice it up. The cut requires you to form a hard part line on one side of the pompadour and then skin tape up the sides and back.

# 41 Spiced Up Spikes with Razor Line

Some elaborate spikes like these are as attention-grabbing as any haircut can get. They also have a lovely tape up on the side that you should spice up with a razor line to form a top notch hairdo.

# 42 Heavily Textured Quiff

You can never go wrong with a heavily textured quiff like this one because you only need to style it inventively with a slight forward sweep and give it a smooth fade on the sides.

# 43 Fresh Faded Bowl Cut

A bowl-inspired cut like this one will make any man that prefers to keep his strands short look and feel majestic. It has a lovely line-up at the front and a skin taper on the sides that makes it look extra-chic.

# 44 Smooth Waves with a Clean Fade

Wavy hair will not go out of trend anytime soon because it can make any man look elegant. These tapered waves have an attractive brush back styling and a clean wave on the sides that make them a perfect haircut for modern men.

# 45 Modern Pomp with a Twist

This look is what you get when you give your modern pompadour design a slight twist by making it wavy, giving it a soft side part and finishing it with a fade.

# 46 Textures and Fade

The multiple textures at the top, and the messy look makes these redhead bangs look very elegant, and you only need to spice them up with a skin fade for a chic headdress.

# 47 High and Wavy

A simple upsweep of the long locks at the top to give them a nice height is all you need to create this style. However, you also need to skin fade the sides smoothly.

# 48 Thick Curly Locks with a Sharp Fade

The thick textured curls hanging over the forehead in this headdress look fantastic, but the sharp fade on the rest of the head also plays a vital role in making this a head-turning design.

# 49 Clipper Perfection

Here is an example of what a clipper can give you if your barber knows how to use it well. The design maintains some short, and neat strands at the top with a side part, but the smooth taping up that connects them to the facial hairs is the highlight of this look.

# 50 Taped Up and Slicked Back

There is nothing sophisticated at the upper part of this hairdo because it only entails leaving some long wavy locks and styling them with a brush back. But, the stylish razor fade on the sides can only be possible with the services of a master barber.

A tape up gives you a perfect option for finishing the sides of your haircut in a stylish design instead of just leaving them short. Its versatility also means that you can make it part of almost any style that you want. The 50 beautiful cuts above will give you some inspiration on how you can create this beautiful cut.

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