25 Incredible Styles with Moccasins for Men – Combine Good Look and Comfort

Moccasins have been around for as long as two centuries. They were part of a Canadian regalia back in the 1800s and were also worn by the Plain Indians. This rich history for the leather shoe saw it develop in both style and comfort throughout the years with designs such as the Osage, Hopi Pueblo, the crow, and the bearded Moccasins all worn in the early 19th century.

Moccasins have assimilated themselves into the modern world and are often regarded the ideal shoe for male models. In addition, they are also stylish for the normal folks and have some versions designed for specific purposes such as; work boot moccasins and driving moccasins. Here are some styles with moccasins for men.

#1 The Dark Bow Lace

The Dark Bow Lace Moccasin gets its name mainly from the style used on the laces. Black in color, the shoe has brown laces that are tied to form a bow tie shape or a number eight with the lace tips sticking out below the circles. This moccasin is ideal for social events and dinner parties.

#2 The All Brown

Look and feel comfortable in the old school all brown moccasin. The shoe has an extra soft interior for coziness and a stylish design. Designed for both comfort and simplicity, it is the ideal shoe for any occasion.

#3 The Weaved One

The Weaved Moccasin is a modern day Moccasin. The front part of the shoe is designed with leather woven together and the lines conjoined with the leather making the other part of the shoe. Wear it for social events and galas.

#4 The Black Shiny Version

Most Moccasins that are black rarely shine. However, this specific moccasin does and with a touch of class attached to it. The black Shiny Moccasin shines like any official black shoe when properly shoe-shined to cut through both the casual and the professional look.

#5 Cleated Brown

A common feature on sports shoes, cleats are not as common on day-to-day shoes. The Cleated Brown Moccasin has smooth leather and small cleats to support the thin sole of the shoe built for comfort. Ideal shoe for any social event.

#6 The Green Tassled One

Make a fashion statement with the Green Moccasin by wearing a matching belt, a shirt and tight jeans. The green shade is not screaming so you can be sure you won’t create unnecessary scenes. The belt also complements the green Moccasins to great effect.

#7 The Beige Standout

This shoe is a way for you to look simple but at the same time very stylish. Beige in color, the only standout feature is the black lace on every shoe. The beige moccasin is comfortable and ideal for both business and casual meetings.

#8 The Cherry Wine Variant

It really does resemble cherry wine, well the color at least. The Cherry Wine Moccasin shoe has a tightly woven front and a leather strap across the face of each shoe. The shoe is ideal for dinner dates or evening parties.

#9 The Yellow Occasional One

Just like the green moccasin, this shoe is stylish and its color allows it to be worn only on social occasions. Nonetheless, the shoe can look amazing with some nice shorts and a polo shirt.

#10 The Red Currant Alternative

If you are not a big fan of shouting colors but don’t want to settle for the usual brown or black, then this is the shoe for you. The moccasin has gray laces that complement the wine color to give a very classy look.

#11 The Blue and Brown Matching

This Moccasin is yet another example of another color you would try if trying to get away from the normal black and brown. The blue moccasin has brown laces, a thin cleated sole, and a comfortable interior. Perfect for the weekend or an easy Sunday afternoon.

#12 The Grey Driving Old School Version

The reason Moccasins are the best shoe to use while driving is perhaps their thin yet comfortable sole. This moccasin has that and stylish old school dangling leather straps. Ideal for driving and social meetings.

#13 Tod’s Driving and Strapped

Tod’s driving moccasins are another pair of stylish moccasins ideal for public events and comfortable while driving. They are simple, black in color with black leather straps surrounding the top line. Wear these with brown khaki pants and a simple shirt or t-shirt for a stylish look.

#14 Smooth Brown Shoes

Nothing introduces a grown man better than a pair of decent, stylish yet professional looking shoes. The smooth brown moccasin is simple with its eyelets on the side to accommodate the matching custom leather strap. The shoe is perfect for any social event.

#15 The Blue Sandles Replacements

If you want to look cool through the summer with your short without having to wear sandals, try these moccasins. Simple and very comfortable, the blue moccasin only has a thick leather strap just above the throat of the shoe.

#16 The Ultramarine Blue Version

Nothing exudes a cool demeanor more than this moccasin. Blue in color, the shoe has a brown leather strap around that balances the ultramarine shade of blue perfectly. It also has small cleats for better grip.

#17 The Traditional Brown Pair

This is the shoe that comes to mind hen anybody talks about a moccasin shoe. The traditional brown moccasin not only has the custom leather strap around it but also additional leather straps that dangle to the throat of the shoe. Ideal for photo shoots, galas and weekends.

#18 The Brown and White Regalia

The brown and white moccasin is exclusively designed for the grown and classy. The upper part of the shoe is totally white with the quarter and the remaining vamp taking up the brown color. The shoe also has a thick brown leather strap just above the throat. Wear it with an informal 3-piece suit to any social occasion.

#19 The Gentleman Version

If you are looking for a shoe with comfort and simplicity, then the gentleman moccasin is your shoe. The shoe is fully leather with no straps or decorations. Nonetheless, it shines in its simplicity with khaki pants, a white t-shirt, and a blue blazer.

#20 The Chain Strap Ones

The modern day moccasin is a multipurpose shoe. The chain strap replaces the usual leather strap above the throat of the shoe to give the dark blue shoe a modern touch. You can wear the shoe with an informal suit to any social event.

#21 The Box Cleat Variant

The box cleat moccasin is a very common design of this shoe. It features the traditional leather strap around the shoe and thicker strap across the upper part of the shoe. Comfortable and simple, wear it with jeans and a shirt for a simple yet stylish look.

#22 The Dandelion Yellow Shade

Look stylish with this moccasin with a lighter shade of yellow. The dandelion yellow moccasin has the traditional moccasin style with the straps around the shoe tying at the throat to dangle over the upper part of the shoe. A sleek style and a mild color make it a shoe that any man can wear.

#23 The Black Leather Design

The black leather moccasin is yet another common design from the manufacturers of the moccasin shoe. The shoe has the traditional moccasin design along with the dangling leather straps and a single color. Nonetheless, it is stylish and perfect for any informal event.

#24 The Brown but Shiny Ones

Want to meet up with your date but have to pass by the office first? Then this is the shoe for you. The brown shiny moccasin is similar to the black shiny moccasin with the only difference being the color. Perfect with jeans and a formal upper look minus the tie.

#25 The Cream Version yet Stylish

Simple yet amazingly stylish, the white moccasin is an amazing shoe to wear. A comfortable interior and tied leather straps above the neck best describe the shoe. This shoe is perfect for weddings and other social events.

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