50 Sexy Beard Styles – Keeping it Hot and Trendy

Do you want a more trendy and sexy beard? Your beard is more like your personal blueprint and portrays how you look and feel about yourself. That’s why it’s recommended that you keep this manly growth looking good all time. Is there any chance that you’re currently researching your options in sexy beard styles? Below are 50 cool ideas of sexy beard styles that will make you look hot and perfectly styled every time you step out.

# 1 Chiseled Style

Add some creativity to your walrus mustache by shaping your full beard into that sexy, chiseled look. Give it a taper at the cheek line and lightly trim the sideburns to spice up the look of your manly growth.

# 2 Sleek Touch

Keep your beard medium by giving it a light trim. Slightly chop the ends of your walrus mustache to create the chevron look. Give it a two-toned look of blonde and grey for that classic touch.

# 3 Natural Walrus

Leave your walrus mustache to grow naturally into a thick and extensive lip cover. Go for a light trim at the sideburns and the sides. Leave the font fuller and trim at the base to create a sexy rounded bottom.

# 4 Old Dutch Handlebar

Make it sexy with an Old Dutch beard that sports grey strands to add some light to the dark shade. Give it the perfect combo of a handlebar mustache to create one bold look that won’t go unnoticed.

# 5 Razor Fade

Trim your full beard to a medium height creating that scruffy look. Give it a two-toned look that sports blonde and dark brown shade. Finish in style with a razor fade on the neck.

# 6 Medium Stubble

Keep it formal and sexy with a medium stubble comprising of a pyramid mustache. Give the cheeks and sideburns a sharp outline and finish in blonde and dark brown tones for that super sexy, classic look.

# 7 Perfect Taper

Create some difference in height and do it in a much cooler way. Give your full beard a tapered look by trimming the sideburns and sides creating the illusion of a buzz cut. Keep your mustache full and add some grey streaks at the front to create some sparkle.

# 8 Ginger Man

Stand out in a boxed beard sporting the masculine and sexy appeal of a mustache. Give it that ginger tone to create an ultimate attention grabber.

# 9 Precision Ducktail

Sport the sexiness of a ducktail beard featuring a pointed bottom at the front. Trim it lightly to the same length, including that walrus-like mustache.

# 10 Short Stubble

Go for an easy maintenance style – a short stubble that sports that coarse look. Make it blend with your mustache to create one fresh cut.

# 11 Short Boxed Beard

Grab some attention with a short boxed beard trimmed to a uniform height. Give it that classic rounded base at the front. Add some flair in the dark shade by highlighting the mustache and the lower lip section in blonde.

# 12 Scruffy Two-Tone

Avoid the hassles of maintaining a long beard. Go for a medium stubble that sports that sexy, scruffy look. Give it a grey highlight with the exception of the chevron mustache and the front that sport a blonde tone.

# 13 Sexy Outline

If long beard is not your style, make it short and give it a nice outline to create a perfect boxed beard style. It’s a good idea of going simple and sexy.

# 14 Short Classic Touch

Want it scruffy and sexy? Cut it short and make a well-defined outline that conforms to the natural beard outline. Make a razor fade on the neck and you’ll be good to go.

# 15 Bold Statement

Take your bold look to another level by sporting a thick, bushy beard that has the shiny look of a gelled finish. Give it a light trim at the sideburns and sweep down the mustache to create a pretty cool outline.

# 16 Gentleman Style

Shave off some time spent in grooming your beard. Just make it short, simple and sexy. Trim the ends of your pyramid mustache in such a way that it disconnects from the rest of the beard.

# 17 Textured Taper

Take your gentleman look to a whole new level by sporting a textured, full beard. Create some light trimming at the sides and sideburns to form that nice tapered finish that stands out from the dark shade.

# 18 Short with Soul Patch

Make your life less of a hassle by keeping your beard short and coarse. Let your short stubble blend perfectly with the chevron mustache. Add a soul patch to take your sexy look to the extreme.

# 19 Brushed Ginger Beard

Give your beard that prepped look by brushing to make it sleek. Do the same for the thick mustache and create a perfect outline. Trim it to a perfect boxed style and finish by giving it the sexy look of a ginger tone.

# 20 Sleek Handlebar Mustache

Let your beard sit sleek and keep it at medium height. Give the cheek line a nice outline that curves down to provide a perfect blend for your handlebar mustache. Give it the glow of a blonde tone and be ready to embrace the day in style.

# 21 Patchy Shave

Shave your beard sparingly to create that patchy look that’s simply sexy. Give the mustache that horseshoe trim for a sweet, creative touch.

# 22 Two-Tone Woolly Man

Make it long and woolly with the exception of the sideburns that are given a slight trim. Give the cheek line a tapered cut. Create some cool, sexy contrast by giving the mustache that glowing blonde tone.

# 23 Creative Stubble

Transform your boxed beard into a medium stubble. Make it sit square at the front and create a perfect cheek outline that curves through the sides of the mustache. Keep everything clean and fresh with a fade cut on the neck.

# 24 Old Man Style

Make it wavy and trim it to medium height. Create that bulging look at the front to form that smooth curve. Give your mustache that spiky, waxed end and grace the whole beard in a grey tone.

# 25 Simple Hotshot

Make it hot, short and simple. Give this short stubble that patchy sideburns that are relatively longer than the rest of the beard. Add some silvery highlights around the mustache area to create something that will brighten up your day.

# 26 Light Trimmed Sides

Go for a full beard that’s somehow manageable. Achieve this by giving the sides a light trim that extends up to the sideburns. Leave the neck hairs and the front fuller to blend with the mustache.

# 27 African Style

Give your full African beard a nice outline that sits low at the cheek line. Let it connect perfectly to the mustache and add some silvery streaks to spice up the look.

# 28 Flawless Cut

Get a beard trim that sports flawless, rounded edges. Trim it to medium height making the sideburns shorter. Let it connect to the mustache and finish with a nice outline along the cheek line.

# 29 Faded Goatee

Go for the sexy look of a goatee that connects to a horseshoe-like mustache. The the sides and the sideburns the faded look of a short stubble. Keep everything looking neat and clean with a razor fade on the neck.

# 30 Freckled Side Taper

Get the freckled look of golden blonde and light brown tones. Gives the sides a tapered cut and lightly trim the sideburns to create the illusion of an extended goatee. Leave the mustache thick to create some uniformity with the front.

# 31 Short Stubble with Soul Patch

Let it sit coarse and short to save you lots of grooming time, especially in the mornings when preparing for work. Create a soul patch and add the sexy look of a pyramid mustache. Ensure to cut it short all the way to the neck area.

# 32 Thick and Stocky

Get the desired thickness without putting lots of length to it. Achieve this by trimming the neck hair and making a light trim on the sides. Leave your walrus mustache thick to blend with the thick, sturdy beard.

# 33 Clean Stubble with Neck Fade

Go for a medium stubble that sports that sexy, angled look. Eliminate the monochromatic look of the dark brown tone by adding silvery streaks. Create some contrast in this style by incorporating a fade cut on the neck area.

# 34 Elegant Display

Display your manly growth in a sexy, elegant way. Give your full beard a light trim to transition it into a uniform height. Create an outline on the cheek line to give it that edgy look. Add the glow of a blonde tone to this uniform growth.

# 35 Razor Side Fade

Transform your full beard into a medium stubble that sports uniform length. Give it the freshness and clean finish of a razor fade that sits low on the sides.

# 36 Perfect Razor Outline

Give your full beard the easy maintenance of a stubble. Make it look neat and preppy by giving the cheek line a nice razor outline. Let the outline extend to the sideburns for a more sexy appeal.

# 37 Short Stubble with Neck Fade

Want that coarse feel in your manly growth? The solution is to keep it short and simple without adding any texture to it. Eliminate the hairs on the neck by giving it a fresh fade cut.

# 38 The Hipster

Give your full beard that sexy hipster look. Achieve this by giving the sides a light trim to create a tapered look. Make the neckline and the front fuller to match the thick mustache. Trim the front to create that rounded shape at the bottom.

# 39 Faded Stubble with Chevron Mustache

Go for a medium stubble that has some texturing to it. Give it the fresh look of a razor fade sported on the sides. Let it connect perfectly to the chevron mustache to create a beard style that’s quite hot.

# 40 Front Glow

A walrus mustache looks pretty cool on a full beard. But you can make it even more sexier by creating a perfect cheek outline and highlighting the front and the mustache in a blonde tone.

# 41 Two-Tone Ducktail

Make it super cool and sharp with a ducktail beard. Leave the base of the sideburns thicker to add to the creativity of this style. Go for a double tone comprising of blonde and light brown.

# 42 Wavy Goatee

Waves aren’t only for the hair. You can as well incorporate them in your beard. Make them stand out by giving the sideburns a light trim to create that extended goatee that looks absolutely sexy.

# 43 Distinguished Look

Getting a distinguished look doesn’t have to weigh you down that much. All you have to do is just give your full beard a light trim ensuring to make the front rounded and fuller for that sexy contoured look.

# 44 Dark Medium Stubble

Go for something that creates a cool contrast with your silvery locks. And what’s better than a dark beard that provides the convenience of a medium stubble. Ensure to give it a razor outline at the cheeks for that classic touch.

# 45 Scruffy Taper Fade

Make your stubble beard stand out with the fresh look of a tapered fade that sits along the cheek line. Finish with a short razor cut on the neck area.

# 46 Wedged Taper

Trim the neck hairs to create that flat base beneath. Give the sideburns a light trim and add a tapered fade on the sides. Give the front a slanted trim to get that sexy wedged look that’s absolutely stunning.

# 47 Textured Stubble

Eliminate the coarse look of a stubble beard by adding some texture to it for that soft feel. Leave the cheek line natural to create one flawless finish.

# 48 Super Cool

Make it simple and super cool with a light trim to your full beard. Make the front fuller and rounded to create the illusion of a goatee. Finish with the gorgeous look of a rustic blonde tone.

# 49 Classic Side Fade

You can actually create that goatee look in a short stubble. What you need to do is give the sides a blurry fade cut. This leaves the front and mustache relatively longer to create that sexy goatee-like beard.

# 50 Sexy Light Trim

Tom Brady goes cool in a medium-cut sexy beard. The football quarterback goes for a nice razor outline along the cheek line and makes everything blend with the mustache. He adds some golden blonde highlights to make it more captivating.

These sexy beard styles are a perfect way of adding more confidence to your personality. There’s a whole lot of ideas to experiment with. So regardless of whether you have short or long beard, be sure that you’ll find something that will sit perfectly on you and take your sexy look to a whole new level.

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