35 Smokin’ Hot Rockabilly Hairstyles – Timelessly Classy

Rockabilly hair was popular back in the 50s by some of the greatest rock stars that lived at the time. Rock-n-roll star Elvis Presley was among the heavy hitting celebrities that rocked the hairdo at the time and a few variations of the hairstyle being fashioned after his sense of style. Rockabilly hairstyles are characterized by a well-greased high top and shorter sides that help give it a nice, crisp square-line shape. Side parts can also be used to embellish the look and personalize it further. Check out these 35 sizzling rockabilly hairstyles for the modern man.

# 1 Layers and Highlights

Tone down the look by skipping on the heavy greasing and instead going for sexy layers and waves to give the hair on top some stylish dimensions. The blonde highlights are the right touch if you’re looking to show off your fun side.

# 2 The Executive Contour

Boss up with this flashy executive contour hairstyle. Reserved for the suave gentleman, the look is effortlessly classy and wild without being too outlandish. The smoothly slicked top features a playful touch of gold that gives the look more character.

# 3 Crisp Contours and Lines

Rockabilly hair doesn’t get any better than this. This artistically styled hairdo features the perfect blend of neat and wild as the perfectly styled hair on top has been embellished even further by a crisp side part and a smooth bald fade down the sides and back.

# 4 Conservatively Short

Length is not really an issue so long as you keep the hair on top longer and thicker than the sides. Slicking it back with pomade will give you that classy wet finish with smooth lines while a sharp taper fade will make it irresistibly modern.

# 5 High and Sleek

For something a bit more low key, you can try this rockabilly hairdo. The sides are short enough to give the top the distinction it needs but remain long enough to look classy and conservative. The slightest fade has been given to the temples and the nape to give it a clearer outline.

# 6 Rockabilly Mohawk

This stylish haircut combines classy and punky into one outstandingly stylish look. The high top has been slicked back dramatically and given that suave wet finish while a taper fade has been used to shorten the sides and to shape the Mohawk.

# 7 The Combover Hairstyle

Shorter hair looks better when paired with a beard, but the appeal of this elegant hairdo lies in the crisp contrasts and textures at the top. The thick medium-length top has been slicked to one side while the sides have been shortened using a world-class razor fade.

# 8 Temple Faded Rockabilly

Touching the sides with a simple fade can go a long way in making your look neat and modern. The top takes the shape of a classic slicked back pompadour hairdo complete with the elegant wet finish and crisp lines streaking across the hair.

# 9 High Top Pompadour

Maintaining a neat high top might not be the easiest thing in the world but it is totally worth it when done right. The crisply styled hair is nice and thick on top while a smooth fade shortens and gradually tapers out the hair on the sides and back.

# 10 Contoured Combover

If you’re aiming for classy 1950s hair, pomade should be on your list of hair products to use. Not only does it leave the hair with a wonderfully radiant sheen, you can give it dimension by running a comb through it to give it some stunning textures.

# 11 Criss Cross Combover

To give your hair a more unique twist, you can opt to comb different sections of hair in different directions. A subtle side part helps to distinguish the two sections of hair while a smooth tapering razor fade helps to shape up the sides.

# 12 Loose Pompadour

Leaving the locks a little wild on top is a great way to rock the pompadour. Unlike the traditional high and tight do, this one offers a bit more excitement and some wild textures to match the golden locks wonderfully tapered sides.

# 13 High and Tight Pompadour

A classic hairdo for men, the high and tight pompadour hairstyle is simple, classy and flashy in every single way. Pomade will help you get that nice and slick wet finish on the hair on top. The sides should be shortened, not shaved.

# 14 The Boogie

What sets the boogie apart from other rockabilly hair designs is that it lacks the characteristically square-lined shape of the hair on top. Ideal for men with medium to short hair, the hair on top is classed up with some flashy pomade styling and framed using shaved sides.

# 15 Wavy Pompadour

Going for a sharper fade is no less classy if you do it right. To balance the crispness of the bald fade, you can soften the look by giving the top a dramatically wavy finish and going for matte pomade for that crisp texture.

# 16 Boogie and Bald Fade

If you’re worried about your hairline, this boogie hairstyle is perfect for covering up receding hairlines perfectly. Leave a perfectly slicked down section of hair in the middle and take off the sides completely with a sharp skin fade.

# 17 Messy Bearded Pompadour

A few stray strands of hair never fail to add some playfulness to any look. Experiment with your look using this badboy pompadour hairstyle that takes on a more masculine approach to class. A slightly messy top and rugged stubble is all you need to pull off the hairstyle.

# 18 Curly Top with Contour

To add some youthfulness to your look, you can go for curls instead of the more traditional straight slicked top. Glossy pomade is better for this look as it leaves the thick curls with a radiant sheen. A crisp fade paired with an executive contour on one side helps the look to retain its masculinity.

# 19 Combover with Hard Part

Sometimes all your hair needs to look fresher is a crisp hard part and a smooth taper fade down the sides and back. The highlight of this suave hairdo is without a doubt the perfectly styled top that looks a bit more textured and slightly less glossy thanks to matte pomade.

# 20 Gentleman’s Mohawk Style

The noticeable forelock is a nice touch for this hairstyle especially since it maintains the elegance rockabilly hair usually has while giving the style a bit of kick. There is also nothing too flashy about the way the sides have been shaved, making this a nice conservative hairdo for men with a reserved sense of fashion.

# 21 Black Diamond

When you decide to go all out classy with an exquisitely styled pompadour top, go for glossy pomade to give it a perfectly radiant sheen. It also pays to combine soft and wavy locks with crisp hard parts and a smooth tapering fade down the sides and back.

# 22 City Boy Cut

This hairstyle is the staple of the modern man. It involves gentle allure of a soft wavy top paired with the crisp and very modernistic appeal of a nicely done taper fade on the sides. Adding a contour on one side is a great way to embellish the look.

# 23 Contour and Scruff

One of the most popular ways to style hair among men with beards is using a crisp contour to class up the look significantly. The top is high, perfectly layered and awesomely wavy. A well groomed beard caps off the look magnificently.

# 24 The Jerry Lee

There’s nothing too flashy about the Jerry Lee hairstyle, but that doesn’t mean that it looks any less suave. Unlike ordinary pompadour hairstyles, the quiff at the top has been tousled up a bit for a wilder, more natural texture. A light temple fade nicely outlines the hairdo.

# 25 Rogue Gentleman

Shaving off your facial hair is not always necessary if you want to look dapper in a suit. This example shows us how perfectly a neatly done rockabilly hairdo can be paired with a suit. The top is looser and curlier, which is great for texture, while the sides have been shaved off to create a cool beard disconnect.

# 26 Curly High Top

Curly hair is usually associated with people who are more fun and outgoing. To strike a balance between carefree and executive, use a nice sharp fade at the sides to give it that perfect square line shape. Glossy pompadour will also result in a look that is more suave despite the curly locks.

# 27 Classic Meets Hip

This is the perfect combination of hairstyles from two different eras. Spicing up the slicked back hairdo only requires adding some smooth fades at the sides to keep the focus on the glossy, neatly combed back locks on top.

# 28 Edgy

For men who prefer to frame their hairstyles with distinct line ups, sharp, angular cuts pair very well with softly layered hair. The jet black locks in this example feature a slick, glossy finish on top and are bordered by precise cuts and a smooth temple fade.

# 29 Shaped Up Curls

Keeping the edges of your pompadour hairdo straight is very important regardless of the texture of your hair. This is a great way of ensuring that the look remains neat no matter how wild the locks on top are.

# 30 Vintage Pompadour

Back before the advent of taper fades, pompadour hairstyles featured shorter sides which were not shaved. To maintain the shape of the look, the hair on top has to be given quite some volume and height.

# 31 Flat Top Pompadour

Perfectly textured using glossy matte pomade, this pompadour hairstyle is slightly embellished towards the front and relatively conservative at the sides and back. Giving the long locks at the front a bit of wavy texture is a nice touch that helps to keep it natural.

# 32 Sexy Lopsided Pompadour

Play a little bit with the asymmetrical looks by styling your pompadour heavy towards one side and chopping the other side short. The perfectly styled hair on top ends in some sexy tendrils towards one side of the face, which soften the crispness of the sharp fade on the other side.

# 33 Old School

From the perfectly radiant sheen of the hair to its incredible texture, this look exudes unbridled sophistication. The glossy finish does it true justice while matte products help to give it some crisp texture, which is further enhanced by the way the pompadour has been loosely styled.

# 34 Black and White

Color will never fail you especially when you go for tried and tested combinations such as this wonderful merging of black and white. There is little bleeding of color from the sharply highlighted top to the sides, which helps to retain the crispness of the contrasts in the look.

# 35 Trendy Gentleman

Some of the highlights of this look include the cool beard disconnect at the sides, the slightly glossy sheen of the hair and the gloriously textured hair on top which is without a doubt the result of using matte products. Keeping the fades low is also a good way of ensuring your look stays sharp but conservative.

There is a lot of room for creativity and personalization for the look especially when it comes to the length of the top and whether you use a fade to shorten the sides or go for a more traditional, neatly cut finish.

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