25 Brilliant Justin Bieber’s Blonde Hair Styles – Nail That Look

Justin Bieber is known for his blonde hair just like he is renowned for his good singing. The award-winning singer has spotted numerous styles of blonde hair and doesn’t look like he is stopping anytime soon. Needless to say, he always nails it with every look.While it may not be a luxury for some, getting a chance to dye your hair comes with some good freedom. Freedom may come with it but you have to be sure to pick just the right style for you. So here are some of Justin Bieber’s blonde hair shades to choose from.

#1 The Gray Blonde Shade

This shade of blonde is not as common and it looks and its perfect not only for Justin but also for people with soft hair. The hair almost resembles gray hair after dying and is equally shaved all around the head. A small beard comes in handy but try not to overdo it.

#2 Golden Long Shade

This shade definitely brings out a wild side. Totally golden, leave the hair and let it fall to the back. The hair should not be long though as that would give a completely different look. However, this shade is common especially with celebrities and some country folk.

#3 Cool with Brown Undertone

The cool brown shade of blonde is also very common especially in the U.S. It was very properly combed to the back and the common in old school movies although it did not look as good as it does on Bieber. The brown hair is sideburns aligned properly. This look best elicits a grown and responsible side of a person and can be sure to win you a chair next to the old and wise. Just as much, it can also win you a date with a responsible young lady.

#4 Golden Platinum Shade

The Golden Platinum shade is one that you will see Justin Bieber often donning. If not lately, then in almost every picture during his come up. The look involves a trim to the sides of the head then dying the hair golden platinum before letting the long hair at the top fall to the right.

#5 Simple Gray Shade

This shade is also common but mostly with college kids. Nonetheless, an adult can rock it too provided they do it just right. The hair needs to be moderately short, at least allowing some to fall without requiring relaxing. In addition, get rid of a beard if you have one and trim the sideburns.

#6 The Silver Blonde Look

This is a look that sportsmen especially footballers are having these days. The problem perhaps is the hair color as most choose to go with gold or black. The hair at the top of the head has more dye than the hair around it and is held up at the back of the head.

#7 Silver With Long Hair

If not well take care of, this is probably one of the hairstyles that will get you flicking your hair every few minutes. However, the attraction is not even the hairstyle but the silver shade of blonde that Bieber rocks. Before applying the shade, slightly trim the hair on the sides of your head and let the hair on the top of your head fall to the right.

#8 Golden Black Shade

There is something about this look that will get all the girls asking for a cold glass of water. Slightly shave some of the hair on the sides of your head and bring your sideburns into line. Then, since the hair at the top is longer make sure the golden shade is most concentrated from halfway to the tips of the hair.

#9 Total Silver Look

If you pull this shade off with really long hair you might just look like a magician from the early 50s. However, a modern hairstyle complements the blonde look perfectly. Dye the hair totally silver but do not forget to shave the sides. The long hair at the top of your head can, therefore, be combed to the side and the silver shade is evident to the scalp. Ideal for social events.

#10 Light Gold Shade

Justin Bieber’s blonde hair is always a fashion tip to copy as I’m sure many did this hairstyle. With no trimming to the side, the hair naturally falls in whichever direction it is combed towards. Ensure that all parts receive equal shade to pull this look to perfection. Not too wild yet not too subtle best describes this look, and if you feel stuck somewhere in the middle and still want to look hip, this hairstyle is a perfect start.

#11 Cool Brown Blonde

Justin pulls off an amazing blonde look that will get every girl jealous. Simple and somewhat old school, the cool brown blonde shade looks best with medium hair. Equally, die the hair and after a simple trim to size the hair, comb the hair at the top to the back. This shade of blonde is perfect for holidays or galas of any nature. It is also a simple look that can pass for any working environment as it is not as shady or extravagant.

#12 Locked Silver Tips

If you want that cool kid or rock star look, then this is the shade and style for you. The hair to the side of the head is trimmed and let to fall as the hair on the top is rolled to form dreadlocks. Although they may not pass for actual dreadlocks, the intent is to showcase the shade of blonde through the edges of the hair.

#13 Bombshell Blonde

The difference between this look and the former is in both the style of hair and shade of blonde. Nonetheless, the hair length is the same and the baby beard to compliment the shade too. Justin showcases the bombshell blonde perfectly letting his hair fall to the back with well-trimmed sideburns. Apply more shade on the hair at the top to get the best out of blonde look. In addition, extra trimming to the hair on the side can also balance the look.

#14 Bright Butterscotch Blonde

Trust me on this one, just like the candy, Justin looks delicious with this shade of blonde. Again the hairstyle allows for short hair on the sides and long hair at the top. The shade is not applied thoroughly up to the scalp so the hair looks a little different at the base.

#15 Ginger Blonde

The ginger blonde look is very common with the ladies. I can understand why based on how remarkable Justin looks with it. Equally applied all over the hair, the shade glows impressively and requires a simple hairstyle to be fully effective. For this one, trim the beard fully and curve the sideburns. Now shave off the hair on the side and leave a little, trim the top too before applying the shade. For the best effect, have medium sized hair at the top of your head.

#16 Honey Platinum Blonde

Just like in almost all the blonde style he rocks, Justin is set to gain more fans with this shade of blonde. Rocking it on the purpose tour, the young pop star looks every bit cool and confident. The honey platinum blonde shade also requires long hair at the top but is evenly applies to the base of the hair. Drop the hair to the left and if it is enough to fall past your left eye and ear, the better.

#17 Black and Silver Shade

This blonde look is reminiscent of gentleman movies or of an honorable member of royal family of vampires. Funny but I am sure you can relate too based on the hairstyle. The silver shade is applied delicately so it’s not too deep or too shiny. This compliments the dark hair at the base giving the shade a unique balance. As usual, short hair to the sides and long hair at the top is the best hairstyle for this shade as well.

#18 Dark and Grey Blonde Shade

The more shades of blonde Justin tries out, the easier to rock and cooler they look. The dark and gray blonde look focuses they gray shade on all the hair just a few centimeters from the base. The shade gets stronger as you move to the end of the hair allowing the dark hair to dominate only at the base.

#19 Light Caramel Shade

Most girls are very familiar with this shade. The shade is applied evenly on the hair though it stands out at the top as the hair is longer there. It is also one of Justin’s most common shades and has been copied my many celebrities across the globe. However, the shade requires a different hairstyle. Shorten the hair around the head to the shortest length possible and trim the sideburns. After applying the shade, style the hair to allow it to fall backward but not in a direct manner.

#20 Locked Ash blonde

Blonde dreadlocks look amazing if well maintained. A different way of wearing dreadlocks that are not on your entire head is through this blonde hairstyle. The locked ash blonde shade is applied on the hair before the long hair at the top is twisted to form dreadlocks.

#21True Blonde

The name best defines this blonde look as it is the most common whenever the blonde topic arises. It is fashionable, professional and casual all at the same time, and very simple. The shade is evenly applied all over the hair up to the base to give it a uniformed look.Then the hair is smartly combed backward to reveal the face and create a streamlined view. The result is a very professional yet casual blonde look.

#22 The Golden Crown

This blonde look requires a flexible job and a happy soul. Although the shade stands out all by itself, the hairstyle balances it to perfection. The golden crown shade of blonde best shows on the long hair at the top of the head.The sideburns are aligned and the hair around shaved to a very short length. The hair at the top is then combed backward proportionally to form a very good cover.

#23 Dark and Ginger Blonde

The dark ginger blonde look is different from the ginger blonde look because of the dark hair at the base of the skull. While the ginger blonde look focuses on the whole head, the dark ginger blonde look leaves a little space for the hair at the base of the head to be different. This look requires long hair at the top of the head as the shade glows the more it moves away from the base of the skull.

#24 Bright Golden Blonde

The bright golden blonde is another signature Bieber blonde look. Just like some of the blonde looks discussed above, it also requires long hair at the top and very short hair around the head. The bright golden shade shines more on the hair at the top if the head as it is long. When combed backward to the right, it gives an amazing blonde look that is best complimented by good sideburns.

#25 Dark Honey Blonde

The dark honey blonde is very common amongst politicians too and many rich folks. Not to imply it is not affordable, on the contrary, it is very affordable. The look evenly distributes the gray shade on all the hair and compliments the simple comb-back hairstyle. It gives a very professional look that can also pass for evening dinners.

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