25 Alluring Ideas of How to Tie a Scarf – Your Inspirational Guide

Scarves are an accent or accessory that is used for keeping warm in the cooler months and also an additional bit of color or style to a look. Not only can you use it as an accent but you can also play with the way you wear the scarf. There’s more material to a scarf than there is a tie so there’s several ways to wear them and tie them to set off or accent your look.

# 1 Grey Tweed

This scarf is tied in a double sided twist, where the length of the scarf wrapped around the neck once and both ends are left hanging down. This particular scarf offers buttons so that once you have it in a position that you like you can secure it. It’s paired nicely with the pinstriped jacket this gentleman is wearing.

# 2 Grey and Black Patterned

This scarf is worn in a knotted necklace style. It complements the light brown coat it’s worn with and is over a crisp white shirt and black slacks. The gentleman wearing it isn’t wearing a tie to hide. The scarf is worn loose enough to provide comfort and offer style.

# 3 Simple Black Knit

This scarf is a beautiful black knit and looks thick so that it will offer warmth when necessary as well as style. The gentleman wearing it is wearing it double sided twisted so that both ends hang down. He’s wearing a red and blue plaid shirt beneath it.

# 4 Simple Red

Scarves come in a variety of colors, shades, fabrics, and styles. Here we have a simple scarf with a fringe on both ends in a lovely shade of red. The gentleman is wearing it in a double sided twist so that both sides hang down. He’s wearing it over a grey sweater and dark blue jeans.

# 5 Art Deco Silk

Print is something that can be fun to add to your style, this gentleman took this art deco printed silk scarf and simply wore it draped over his neck. He’s paired it with a blue plaid coat and white button down.

# 6 Blue Cashmere

This scarf is two tones of blue and pairs fantastically with the dark blue suit this gentleman is wearing. He’s draped the scarf over his shoulders so that it can offer warm, but not cover up the printed blue silk tie or the lovely light blue button down he’s also wearing.

# 7 Brown Wool

Coordinate your colors, but keep warm! This brown wool scarf is draped over this gentleman’s shoulders but he’s buttoned the dark grey coat over it and a white button down. He’s also wearing black slacks and grey wool gloves to keep the cold out.

# 8 Handmade Mustard Yellow

Variety is what you can get when you’re looking for scarves, they can come in any color or pattern and handmade scarves offer a lot of choice as well. This crocheted scarf is a great shade of mustard yellow and has a matching hat that is paired great with the brown leather jacket and light brown shirt this gentleman is wearing.

# 9 Light Brown

This is a light brown scarf draped over this gentleman’s shoulders, it’s an effortless way to wear a scarf. He’s wearing it with a black coat and slacks, over a lightly striped button down.

# 10 Patterned Cravat

Cravats are similar to ties and scarves, but instead of wearing it over a shirt you would tie it around your neck and tuck it into your shirt. This particular one is a lovely pattern of yellow, maroon and paisley and worn with a brown checked suit.

# 11 Colored Wool

Wool is warm and a great in the fact that it can come in different colors. This scarf is a lovely shade of red wool paired with a black coat and slacks. An effortless, warm look that still has style.

# 12 Plaid

Plaid is also great to work with. This scarf is a light brown with stripes of black and red. The gentleman has it draped over a white button down, black jacket, and dark green slacks for a well put together look.

# 13 Ombre Blues

This scarf starts as a dark blue and fades into a lighter shade then back down again. It goes well with this fellow’s style in his dark blue coat and suit, as well that the dark tie and light blue button down. The coordinating blues all work well together and he makes this a professional stylish look.

# 14 Tan Knit

Double sided twist is an easy way to wear a scarf, whether you are wearing the scarf for warmth or to make a look. This is a light tan knit scarf worn over a light brown sweater.

# 15 Classic Loop

This gentleman has a light brown cashmere scarf that’s matched with a light brown knit hat and under a dark blue parka. He’s wearing light grey slacks and brown boots. You can be warm and stylish at the same time.

# 16 Double Loop

This beautiful grey scarf is tied in a double loop around this gentleman’s neck. He’s wearing it over a black coat and sweater.

# 17 Maroon Patterned

This maroon patterned scarf is tied in a low necklace and worn with a white coat, black shirt, and slacks. The scarf adds a pop of color that this outfit.

# 18 Blue Patterned

With this look, the gentleman took a light blue patterned scarf and draped it over a white button-down paired with a white coat. He’s also wearing light grey slacks. While scarves can offer warmth during the winter, they can also offer a smart look anytime of the year.

# 19 Cozy Brown

This gentleman is using the cozy wrap method with his brown scarf as a means to stay warm. He has it worn over a lovely blue wool coat and dark blue suit beneath that. It’s a classy, warm look.

# 20 Houndstooth

Houndstooth is in brown and black and looks sharp when paired with a blue pinstriped suit. He has it draped over his shoulders and buttoned under the jacket so you can see the pattern of the scarf and it adds to his style, but he’s still warm.

# 21 Plaid Knotted

Here is a light brown, black, and red plaid scarf knotted low and worn like a necklace, a method we have shown before in a few of the other scarves. He is swearing it with a dark blue coat so the lighten color of the scarf pops.

# 22 Beneath the Coat

Here’s a dark brown with a pattern scarf that this gentleman’s tucked under his light brown, double-breasted coat. The scarf is hidden, for the most part, peeking out just at his lapels and at the bottom of his coat. He’s also wearing a pair of khaki cargo pants and dark brown boots. It’s a casual look, but stylish with the way he’s presenting himself. It’s a great look.

# 23 Classy Patterned

This is a pattern scarf that is dark with a light color in the print, giving it interest with how tight the pattern is. The gentleman wearing it has it tucked under a dark blue coat with a black shirt underneath it. The scarf stands out with it’s pattern and looks smashing when combined with the dark coat.

# 24 White Pattern

This scarf is subtle with its pattern and the fact that it’s white, the pattern is a light color on top of the white. It’s subtle in that it almost blends with the patterned tie that this gentleman is wearing, it’s lovely and he only has it draped under his black coat and over a crisp button down. It’s understated, a good mix of black and white.

# 25 Dark Blue Polka Dots

This gentleman has a pretty dark blue polka dotted scarf tucked beneath a dark grey down jacket with a dark blue button down over white jeans. He topped it off with a dark blue knit cap. It’s a casual look that’s still stylish in the way he’s tied it all together and warm.

Keeping warm is necessary, but it doesn’t have to come at the cost of looking good. A scarf can be used as a versatile accessory, like shoes and belts or jewelry. They have their function, their need to be worn, but they can still be used to set up a look and be stylish. With the wide variety of colors, patterns, and prints you are sure to find the perfect one to tie things together that way you don’t have to pick between looking sharp and being warm.

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