25 Eye-Catching Dapper Haircuts – The Hottest Trends for You

Dapper haircuts  have been around for almost half a century. It is a flattering and easy style that any man would appreciate. Here are 35 newest variants of this haircut for you.

# 1 Puffed Up

This puffed-up haircut gives you a combination of both, elegance and out of the bed messy look. The hair is cut short from the sides and back of the head while they are put on one side by use of hand.

# 2 Roll Them Back

This amazing sharp haircut uses a clipper to neatly cut the hair from the sides and the back of the head. The chunk of hair in the center of the head are stylishly rolled back with the use of a comb.

# 3 Your Office Look

This sophisticated office haircut allows for a slope on both sides of the head. With the separating line on the left, the hair is put on the right side properly in a classy traditional look.

# 4 The Dapper Cut

The power of the steepest cut with the clipper is evident in this haircut. The entire side and back of the head are cut to the tiniest hair length possible with the rest of the hair tucked on the side.

# 5 Sleek as you like

The hair is cut to the same length as the beard. They are trendily put on the right side of the head with the help of a hairbrush. The front of the tucked hair is puffed up slightly as compared to the rest.

# 6 Army Look

This army style dapper haircut is an evergreen hairstyle. The hair is cut into a slope with the length being cut shorter as it goes down from the sides. The top hair is neatly combed on the side and their length is not longer than the side hair.

# 7 Latest Wavy Haircut

This wavy haircut is one of the latest hairdos. In this haircut, the hair is chopped using the twisted scissors to give the wavy and one over the other’ look. The sides and back are cut to the smallest length, leaving the hair only in the center.

# 8 Charismatic Hairdo

This new in town charismatic haircut has the hair rolled back with a towering style in the front. They are swiftly falling on the side. The side and back hair are of the same tiny length that the skin is visible.

# 9 21st Century Elvis

The top of the hair is rolled back from the front in Elvis style with the rest coming from the back and meeting the front hair. The sides are clipped with clip number 1 for a bald like look.

# 10 Fancy & New

This fancy and new haircut has top head hair in a chunk and pushed back by hand. The remaining side and back of the head are of the same length with the skin being slightly visible.

# 11 Vintage Style

This vintage haircut is one of the oldest and most impressive. The hair is cut in an even length with only the whiskers on both sides having a small length hair on them. the hair is gracefully combed to one side of the head.

# 12 The Day Look

This fresh day look has the top head hair cut to the smaller than general look, making it very easy to assemble them to one side without needing a brush or a comb. The sides and back are of the same style.

# 13 Simple & Graceful

This simple and graceful haircut can give you a clean look and no need another haircut for a good while. All hair are cut short to the same length on both the sides, back and top of the head. Can quickly assemble when going out in a hurry.

# 14 Cool Dapper Look

This cool dapper look is one of the in haircuts these days. The sideline is made at the maximum side of the head while a big chunk of hair is combed over to one side. The comb lines between the hair are what gives it an even smarter look.

# 15 Keeping It Smart

For men with curly and thick hair, get this swift look for yourselves. This smart look has all the hair, front the back to side cut in one length but big lumps of hair are left on the front and top. The curl in the front will look amazingly unique and superman style.

# 16 Classic David Beckham Inspired Look

With slopes on the side, this haircut remarkably joins the right side slope of the head making it look extremely classic. The rest of the hair are cut to the shortest measurement to give this a David Beckham look.

# 17 Rocker Spikes

This rocker spikes look was the in fashion look at the turn of the millennium and still is appreciated by many. The sides are cut using a clipper with blade 2 while the top hair is cut to half index finger length. They are then erected with the help of a gel.

# 18 Sexy Scissor’s Cut

This is one of the sexiest cuts in town. the scissor’s cut has the front on hair put up in spikes style while the rest building up towards the front. The sides have a tiny slope where whiskers meet the beard. The skin is pretty evident on the sides and back.

# 19 Full Dapper Style

The sides and the back are cut using a clipper to the basic hair length with the skin being shown. The haircut line is made deeper with a blade cut with all hair blow dried and cut with a twisted scissor to one side. The key to it is having a good hair length.

# 20 Modern Tucked Back

This modern haircut leaves a good length of hair on the top with to be cut to the boundary of the head. From there on the hair length is relatively shortened with the one side having a minor slope.

# 21 Groomed Tidy Look

Right, where the top of head meets the side is where the haircut line is made. This means small slope and a major chunk of the hair tidily put combed on one side to give a groomed look.

# 22 Middle Line Haircut

This haircut is unique in more than one way. The sides are cut to the comparatively smaller length to what it is for middle line hairstyles. The top head hair is divided into two sides with each side twisted back.

# 23 The Bushy Look

All hair on the side and back are clipped to the head attached length while the top head hair is all put together in a bushy hair look. The unique style looks different and great.

# 24 Smooth Shinny Look

This smooth shiny haircut is incredibly made. The sides are cut using a clipper while the top of the head as a vintage haircut. With all hair sophistically put on one side with help of a comb and has a good slope on the other side.

# 25 The dapper of them all

Inspiring, neat and extremely dapper. The hair is brought down to the skin on the sides and the back with a small slope on the right of the head. All hair are towered backward in the most proper way possible.

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