30 Celebrities With Short Hair – Rocking The Neatest Cut

You think short hairstyles look unappealing and monotonous? Take a look at these hot celebs who are rocking the short hair trend. Short hairstyle is much easier to maintain if it is done the right way. From crew cuts to bobs, these celebrities with short hair are turning heads is their no-frill hair styles. If you looking for good short haircuts, try finding some inspiration from these celebrities with short haircuts who know how to keep it short and classy. It is important to choose the right cut and color to carry these hairstyles in an effortless way. If the stars choose to keep it short, you should too because these styles are going to be ruling the fashion scenes always!

# 1 Justin’s Crew Cut

Justin sizzles in this crew cut. The all black trimmed and neat hairstyle looks really macho and appealing. The even length on all sides with tapering sides makes it an easy to maintain hairstyle.

# 2 Robert Downey Jr. In Short Gelled Hair

Here Robert makes highlights look good with backcombed hair gelled to perfection. The hairstyle is modern and classy at the same time. The light beard adds more to the look without taking the attention away.

# 3 Daniel Radcliffe Messy Tousled Look

Daniel is oozing style in this very raw look which makes him look all the more hunky. The shades of honey and ginger with dark roots make this style a very effortless one.

# 4 Waves of David Beckham

The side swept hair with the wavy front is suiting David’s face perfectly. He has a broad forehead to the side parting is taking the attention away from that part. David has amazing style and this haircut is a proof of the fashion sense of this footballer.

# 5 Jude Law is Breaking All Laws

Jude is looking all classy with this messy chopped hair. The short hair is suiting is personality and the formals are striking a great balance to the hair.

# 6 Leonardo Dicaprio with Slick Hairstyle

Leo keeps it classy in this majorly slicked style. The light brown color looks good against his tanned skin and the small wavy front portion gives it a retro vibe.

# 7 It Is All Waves For Johnny Depp

The pirate opts for choppy waves in shades of honey to make a statement in this short look. The slightly tousled hair looks good on his long face. The two-day beard in a light shade makes him look all the more sexy.

# 8 Brad Pitt and Formal Hairstyle

Pitt turns formal in this short hairstyle which suits his attire. The gel keeps the hair in place and black makes the style look all the more impressive. The sides are dyed in shades of honey to suit his face.

# 9 The Shades of Grey

George Clooney keeps his date with the grays in this very sophisticated salt and pepper look. The hair is dyed in shades of white, gray and black gradients.

# 10 Short Buzz Cut

Channing looks smoking in this neat buzz which makes a striking contrast to his square face. The sides are cut short while the top is a bit longer and messy.

# 11 Matt Bomer Likes Chestnut Hair

The chestnut shades in this style make Matt look like a complete hottie. The neat face complements the high hair and the clean shaven look is making this hairstyle look even more appealing.

# 12 A Well Styled Look for Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo likes to make his presence felt in this neatly lined look. The side portion is kept really short to add structure to the look. This look is perfect for guys who like to keep their hair away from the face as the front portion is neatly trimmed and styled.

# 13 Ashton Kutcher’s out Of the Bed Look

Ashton keeps it effortless in this messy tousled look in shades of brown. The short hairstyle is really suiting his round face and making him look irresistible. The brown color makes this hairstyle stand out from other regular short styles.

# 14 A Walnut Cut for Benedict Cumberbatch

The detective has a no-nonsense mid parting style for this look. He keeps the face clean to give full attention to the look. The front top portion adds drama to the hair.

# 15 Chris Martin Plays in Honey

The rocker rocks this chic and neat teased look with aplomb. The honey hair looks good on his skin and the little spikes add more casualness to the look. It is essential to use a little hair gel to keep the hair in place.

# 16 All Black Spikes

Ben makes his unshaved beard look even hotter with these choppy spikes in black. The teased and then tamed look make Affleck look like a complete eye candy.

# 17 Cooper’s Short & Neat Haircut

This style is perfect for those who are looking to get a haircut which does not need maintenance. The look is simple yet very classy. Bradley makes this style look even cuter with his charming ways.

# 18 Ed Westwick Creates Waves

The messy wavy hair makes Ed look even dreamier than he is on the show. The shades waves add texture to the style and create volume too. The light waves are perfect for this textured look.

# 19 Cool Casual Look for Robert Pattison

The multiple shades of brown with gold highlights make Robert look cool and casual without looking unappealing. The dark roots bring the whole look together.

# 20 Robbie Williams Sings In This Mohawk

The high front portion with short sides makes this style look very structured and hip. Robbie looks good in the shades of honey and dark brown.

# 21 Matt Damon’s out Of the World Look

The Martian keeps it choppy with his black and gray spikes. The short hairstyle suits Matt as his face is tapered and the jawline is very sharp.

# 22 Daniel’s Ultimate Bond Hairstyle

Daniel looks sophisticated and young in this no-frills short hair. The honey blonde highlights with light roots suit his red undertones. The look is suave and charming.

# 23 Jake Gyllenhaal with Modern Cut

Jake looks trendy and modern with this neat square look. He is one of the celebrities with short hair who like to keep it classy in black. The gray and white beard makes Jake look all the more handsome.

# 24 Pharrell William’s Blonde Look

Pharrell knows how to rock a golden blonde crew cut with style. The light roots with Dark brown ends suit his dark skin tone well. He keeps it really short and neat with clean forehead lines which add to the edginess of the look.

# 25 Joseph Gordon – Levitt Brings His A-Game

Joseph keeps it old school with long sideburns and neat spikes. The hair is dyed black to suit his light skin tone. The side portion is cut short to give all the attention to the spikes.

# 26 The Gentle Spikes of Adam Levine

Adam styled his hair with a side parting in this look to suit his light beard. The short look is perfect for mid-length hair. The spikes add height to the look and make it look well-styled.

# 27 Zac Efron Styles It in Ginger

Zac looks suave and stylish in this honey blonde and ginger hairstyle. The coiffed top portion with dark roots suits Zac’s almond complexion. This is a perfect example for men who have light skin tones but still want to try blonde hairstyles.

# 28 Retro Vibes of Tom Hardy

This style is very retro and looks very classy. Tom brings his game together with slick side parting and clean lines. The hair gel keeps the style in place.

# 29 Eddie Redmayne’s Enviable Macho Haircut

Eddie keeps it chic in this very easy hairstyle. The tapered ends are very sharply cut and give a square shape to the look. This look is very different yet manageable.

# 30 The Brushed Up Look Of Neil Patrick Harris

Barney swings it right out the park with these well combed short spikes. The look is breezy and the ginger-honey highlights add body to the style. Neil loves to experiment with his hair and this style is really suiting him well.

So these are some classy and sophisticated hairstyle of celebrities with short hair. Use your imagination to choose a style which suits your face shape and skin tone. The short hair trend is here to stay and shall be the preferred choice of celebrities and fans alike this season. The shorter the hair is, the better the style looks. All these celebrities are choosing to go short because of how much fun they can have with this length. Play with colors and highlights to create drama. Keep it clean or leave it messy, but you just can’t go wrong with short hair styles.

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