30 Impressive Burgundy Suit Ideas – Cut Above the Rest

You need to be a cut above the rest on certain occasions. So what better way to stand out than to wear something eye- catching. Shades of gray and white have always been worn by those who wants to play safe, but some people are just trying to push it to the extreme! Burgundy suits can be an excellent option to break the standard look for a suit. So here are a few more ideas on how you can look your best without being over the top!

# 1 Attorney-at-Work Look

Wearing a black tie with your suit can spell out a winning case. Match with your sleek black hair and you’re all set to make your appeal!

# 2 Classic Bow Tie Look

Everybody wants to talk to the sweetest guy on the table. You’ll stand out if you pair your suit with a matching bow tie!

# 3 Real Gentleman Look

Give your style a little attitude by matching your outfit with a pair of brown leather shoes. It would even look better if you match it with a leather bag and a leather watch at the same time.

# 4 Suit with a Green Bow Tie

Everybody wants to stand out on their special day! So do it with a suit and a green bow tie to make sure that all eyes will be on you in a positive way.

# 5 Suit and a Black Button Down Shirt

Pairing your suit with a black button down shirt is certainly something new and a must try to bring out that inner swag in you.

# 6 Suit and a Gray Tie

Both colors complement one another and are a great combination for your special day. Wearing a suit and matching it with a gray tie only spells out “awesome” to anyone who sees it.

# 7 Turtleneck Suit

Show off your laid back style and still look formal by matching your outfit with your favorite black turtleneck. A match made in heaven.

# 8 Best-Man Look

It may not be YOUR wedding, but that doesn’t mean that you have to look dull. Smash up your outfit by pairing your suit with a black bow tie to show your rocking personality.

# 9 Classic Look

Some styles never get old. So why not try a more vintage look by wearing a nicely fitted suit to a party instead?

# 10 Suit and a Patterned Neck Tie

Show off your personality in a stylish way by wearing your suit and pairing it with a patterned necktie. Take the risk and be play with your look!

# 11 Suit and a Blue Tie

Pairing your suit with a deep blue tie can only make you stand out, especially if it’s the same color as your eyes.

# 12 Burgundy Suit and Aviator Sunglasses

Release your inner swag by wearing a nicely fitted suit and matching it with a pair of aviator sunglasses. Say hello ladies because this gentleman is about to break your heart to pieces!

# 13 Butler-Cut Suit

Some may say that you may look like a butler with that style, but you’re going to be a blazing good-looking Butler for that matter. Style your way to the top and wear it with pride.

# 14 Wedding Day Look

Tying the knot doesn’t mean that you have to let go of your swag. You can keep your style for as long as you know how to wear a suit right.

# 15 Burgundy Suit and a Plain White Button-Down Shirt

Some men like to keep it simple. But you can still rock that suit even if you pair it with a plain white button down shirt with it.

# 16 Suit and a Polka Dot Bow Tie

If you want to look cute, then pairing your suit with a polka-dot bow tie might just do the trick!

# 17 Suit and Tan-Colored Shoes

Wearing a suit may look too formal to some, so break out that style by pairing it with a pair of tan-colored shoes to spice it up a bit.

# 18 Classic Rock Look

Be a cut above the rest by matching your classic suit with a pair of white sneakers! You’ll instantly look like a rock star with that look.

# 19 Suit and Black Tie

Stay classy even when you’re on a business trip by wearing your suit and matching it with your black tie. Don’t forget to wear those sunglasses if in case it gets too sunny.

# 20 Patterned Suit

Sometimes, a nicely fitted patterned suit is what you need to be the boss of your life. So own your style and kill it.

# 21 Suit and a Red Checkered Tie

Release that inner RnB soul in you and let out that blues as you wear a suit and matching it with a red checkered tie for a classic rhythm and blues vibe.

# 22 Relaxed Look

You don’t have to be prim and proper all the time, so loosen up that neck tie and wear your suit the way you want it and just enjoy your day!

# 23 Jacket and Black Chino Pants

Sometimes, matching your jacket with other colors sounds like a better idea. So try matching your favorite jacket with a pair of black chino pants to complete your look.

# 24 Burgundy and Black Suit

Black, white, and burgundy is the best color combination for a special event if you want to look classy. So suit up and just enjoy the night.

# 25 Suit and a Checkered Button Down Shirt

Sleek yet totally laid back. You can get that look by pairing your suit with your favorite checkered button down shirt.

# 26 Prom King Look

If you want to be a prom king, then you have to dress like one. So get that best fitting suit out and style your way to the prom.

# 27 Suit and Black Straight Cut Pants

Keep it nice and simple by pairing your favorite suit with black straight cut pants. Don’t forget to wear that gold wrist watch to pump up your look a bit.

# 28 The Suited Man Look

Looking like a dignified and sharp man can be a bit tricky. But you can easily pull it off by wearing a suit to give you that fresh look but still looks sharp and dignified at the same time.

# 29 Floral Attire

Play with your style and show off your adventurous side by wearing a suit with a floral bow tie. You can even pump it up by putting a decorative pin as well!

# 30 Suit and a Yellow Tie

There’s no better way to brighten up your look by pairing your suit with a yellow tie. It will certainly give you a more vibrant and cheerful look as soon as you walk down the aisle.

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