25 Attractive Bradley Cooper Hairstyles – Looks You Have To Try

Bradley Cooper is a style icon to thousands of people and it’s easy to see why. This handsome and talented actor (who is one of the highest paid actors in the business) is just always looking great! A big part of that is his hair; which he has worn in a number of styles over the years. Today we’ll be looking at 25 different styles and what makes them amazing. Maybe you’ll find a Bradley Cooper hairstyle to suit you?

# 1 Tight Perm

This shot of Bradley comes from when he was working on the movie American Hustle which is set in the late 1970’s hence the curly hair. Tight permed looks like this for men were all the rage then!

# 2 Short and Textured

In this picture, he is wearing his hair short; with a texturized cut that he’s styled to be a little messy and spiky. It’s a handsome, laid-back look that’s perfect with his cheeky long stubble beard.

# 3 Elegant But Trendy

Looking for a hairstyle for a special occasion, but don’t want something boring? This Bradley cooper hairstyle is perfect – it has neat short sides and spiky texture on top; elegant but still trendy.

# 4 Sexy Curl

If you’ve got a natural curl in your hair, or even a wave, then maybe you should consider growing it out and cutting it in sexy layers like Bradley Cooper has his hair in this picture. Just finger comb back for a dead sexy style.

# 5 Modern Touch

Short hairstyles sometimes need an update and we love the trendy choppy style that Bradley wears here. His hair is slighter shorter along the sides and roughly brushed forward on top.

# 6 Swept Back

Bradley makes looking amazing seem so easy, doesn’t he? We love this seemingly effortless brushed back look; it’s a good look for men who want to wear their hair a little longer but still look tidy.

# 7 Rugged Look

Does Bradley look better as a blonde or brunette? We think he wears both equally well, but the dark shade in this picture really brings out his eyes. His stylist left the hair at a medium short length all around and gave his locks a choppy, textured cut; made for ruffled looks.

# 8 Balanced Volume

To better frame your face, why not consider a short fringe like Bradley wears here? The length on top allows for just enough volume to keep this style looking fresh and it’s well balanced by shorn sides.

# 9 Hot and Happening

Bradley is right on trend with this hot hairstyle. Here the stylist has graded the hair shorter at the back and sides and snipped the top locks into a textured cut – which he wears with spikes here.

# 10 Long Loose Locks

In this picture he is wearing his hair in long gorgeous layers, all neatly combed back. His locks half cover his ears and dip down onto his collar at the back.

# 11 Easy Wearing Crop

For a no-nonsense hairdo that won’t take ages to style why not consider a short cropped style like this? It features neat sides and longer hair on top which can be brushed over (like he has it here) or forward from the crown.

# 12 Natural Texture

Bradley rocks medium short hair because it’s a chance for him to show off his soft natural texture and wave. With this style, brushing the hair back will keep it from looking untidy.

# 13 Weekend Hair

Here he is wearing another medium short hairstyle, with layers and a disconnected side parting. The stylist has blow dried the hair to give it lift and finger combed for added volume.

# 14 Hello Handsome

Looking rugged and handsome while signing autographs, Bradley wears his hair long and loose, with more volume over the top and tidy short locks at the back. A comb back keeps his hair from getting in his face.

# 15 Sassy Spikes

For this look, the stylist carefully graded Bradley’s hair shorter around the back and ears and given him a texturized cut over the top. He’s wearing his locks brushed up in front with sassy spikes.

# 16 Military Style

In this shot, he’s wearing a military inspired short crop with close cut sides. This style really accentuates his other features and suits him just as well as the other longer styles he usually favors.

# 17 Macho Man

Here we see Bradley channeling his inner mountain man, with a full beard and clipped mustache worn together with medium length hair that he’s brushed back. We love the curls at the back!

# 18 Ruffled Short Hair

To create this on trend look the stylist has trimmed his locks using a scissor cutting technique to give it that choppy texture. They teased the hair and added some spikes to complete.

# 19 Romantic Curls

If you’ve got curly hair here’s what you should do – flaunt it! Longer romantic styles like Bradley wears here are exceptionally handsome, so don’t hide those curls away with super short styles.

# 20 Up and Over

Here we see Bradley with a messy side parting underneath which his hair has been neatly brushed down. On top, the hair has been brushed up and to the side.

# 21 Curly Medium Length Look

Another shot of Bradley sporting his longer locks and a full beard. The key to keeping this look tidy is getting regular trims to keep the hair tidy (look at the back and you’ll see what we mean) and making sure your hair is clean and conditioned at all times.

# 22 Black Tie Spikes

For formal occasions, a short hairstyle really goes a long way to helping you look polished. Add a little spiky texture like Bradley did here to keep it fresh; this goes well with the neat sides.

# 23 Classic Bradley

In this picture Bradley is wearing one of his favorite looks – the medium short layers of curls. We love the movement and the curly hair that dips onto this collar and ears.

# 24 Short Beach Blonde Style

In Failure to Launch Bradley Cooper plays the role of Demo. This is a picture of him in character from that movie wearing a short blonde hairstyle, finger combed forward from the crown.

# 25 Brushed Back Curls

This younger picture of Bradley shows him wearing his hair at a medium length styled to fall in layers of curls at the back and neatly brushed back in front.

So what do you think of these Bradley Cooper hairstyles? What we love best are his curly, wavy looks – they are soft and oh so handsome. But short hair also suits and the styles he chooses are often easy to wear and low maintenance. If you have wavy hair and you’d like to try one of Bradley’s longer hairstyles just remember that it will require a little more maintenance to keep it looking top notch.

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