25 Cool Beard Without Mustache Styles – The Most Fashionable Designs

Beard without mustache is a style that has been there for a very long time. Many associated it with a style that befits young men only. However, this is not the case since beard without mustache is being sported by business professionals and older men. It’s a style that provides that sophisticated and distinguished look that will make you stand out from the crowd. Below are 25 cool ideas for those that want to sport a beard without mustache.

# 1 Textured Light Taper

Leave the neck hairs longer to create a cool visual contrast with the shorter sides that sport a light taper. Let the tapered cut extend to the front, which is given a nice trim to create nice rounded edges.

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# 2 Textured Goatee

Trim the neck hairs to give your goatee a patchy look that sits perfectly at the chin. In case you have darker hair, then a dark tone to your goatee will go a long way in creating that perfect match. Give it that preppy finish by brushing back towards the neck area.

# 3 Short Extended Goatee

The perfect way to achieving this sexy goatee is by giving it that extra extension that chinstrap to the hair. Trim the beard lineup and the sides into a narrow sexy line that sports that angled look. Let it match the height of the temple fade and give it a nice razor outline to complement your edgy haircut.

# 4 Sleek Goatee with Classic Fade

Give the sides a light trim to create that cool extended goatee. Brush it a little bit to create some flow. Extend the sides to a thin lineup that sports a skin fade to disconnect the hair in style. Make a curvy razor outline and finish with a clean razor shave to the neck.

# 5 Thick Beard with Fresh Tapered Fade

Give your beard a light taper that sits low on the sides. Let the tapered cut transition slowly into a skin fade that covers the entire lineup. Finish it in style with a razor outline that sports that smooth sexy curve.

# 6 Dark Shade for Extended Goatee

Here’s an extended goatee that is given a short buzz cut on the sides and a skin fade on the lineup. A sexy curvature is achieved with a nice razor outline stretched to the front. Color the beard in a dark tone with the exception of the lineup that creates that classic disconnection.

# 7 Neat Chinstrap

Shape your beard into a thin narrow line that extends from the front to the lineup. Give the neck hairs a clean razor shave and make an angled outline to give it more edge. This style looks great when paired with a kinky Mohawk haircut that sports a temple fade.

# 8 Disconnected Goatee

Make a bald fade that disconnects it from the sides. What you get is a patchy side and a patchy goatee, something that creates more fun in this style. Let the beard lineup end in a skin fade and finish with a curvy razor outline on the sides.

# 9 Edgy Textured Fade

Start by trimming the beard short then add some texture to it. Give the sides a nice razor outline that drops to a right angle at the front. Shave the neck hairs down to the skin in such a way that the textured beard follows the jaw line. Let the sides transition into a skin fade that disconnects the beard from the hair.

# 10 Creative Fade

Start with a clean razor shave on the neck hairs ensuring to leave a fresh and smooth finish. Make a curvy outline that extends from the signature line in your haircut. Leave a narrow beard line along the jaw line and the chin. Give the rest of the beard a sharp fade for that sexy and creative look.

# 11 Scruffy Scissor Trim

Let a pair of scissors do a good work in trimming your beard to create that scruffy look. Extend the scissor trim to the neck hairs for more uniformity. Let your beard sport the sexy look of a soul patch and trim the lineup into a narrow strip at the point that connects to the hair. Make no outline to give this style a more natural look.

# 12 Blonde Goatee

Give the rest of the beard a clean skin fade with the exception of the front part that is left out to create one cool goatee. Shape your goatee in such a way that it connects to the lower lip. Finish by giving it the glow of a golden blonde tone for added elegance.

# 13 Goatee with Soul Patch

Give the goatee a light taper along the edges of the chin for that sexy finish. This style looks great when paired with a braided haircut that sports a short buzz cut at the temple. However, that’s not to say that it isn’t a perfect complement for other haircuts.

# 14 Perfect Line Up

Go for a stubble beard that is textured to create that soft and neat look. Go for a nice razor outline on the sides and let the lineup narrow towards the temple to create that cool spiky end. Let the sides connect to the extended soul patch that provides that sexy look at the front.

# 15 Short Goatee with Faded Chinstrap

Make it short and scruffy for that medium stubble look. Take its sexiness to a whole new level by connecting it to the chinstrap. However, to make your goatee more visible, cut the sides short and let them transition into a skin fade at the lineup.

# 16 Textured Goatee with Disconnected Chinstrap

Create a disconnection with a razor fade. The sides and the soul patch are given a short trim that makes the goatee much easier to spot at first sight. Give the sides a razor outline that shapes the lineup into a narrow and spiky look.

# 17 Neat Bulging Chinstrap

Create a thin lineup that drops straight down to the sides, which are angled towards the front part. Connect it in style with the soul patch to create a look that is as sexy as it is neat. Take your trimmer and make a light shave along the chinstrap and finish with a nice razor outline.

# 18 Textured Chinstrap with Goatee

Sport a short stubble look that’s upgraded with the texturing. Bring the sides into a short goatee that sports the sexy look of a soul patch connecting to the lower lip. Give the neck hairs a clean razor shave down to the skin and complete with a skin fade sported on the beard lineup.

# 19 Goatee with Blurry Chinstrap

Settle for a slim chinstrap that sports that blurry shave along the jawline. Bring it into a short goatee that is given more flavor with some extra texture. Give the edges of the chin a light taper that extends to the soul patch.

# 20 Classic Goatee Extension

Give the sides a light trim that contrasts the height of the short goatee. Give the goatee that preppy look by texturing and brushing it a little bit. Settle for a clean razor shave to the neck area and let the lineup end in a skin fade. Leave the beard to maintain its natural outline.

# 21 Fresh Outline

Make a fresh taper that sits high on the sides and let it transition to a skin fade that covers the entire lineup. Shave off the mustache and finish in style with a fresh razor outline that gives the sides more edge.

# 22 Light Trimmed Chin Curtain

Start with some light trimming on the sides. Let the rest of the beard grown up to the neck area for some extra visual volume. Connect the chin curtain to the soul patch that’s shaped into a sexy narrow strip.

# 23 The Cool Buzz

Remember to texture it prior to giving it that cool, short buzz cut. Give the sides that wedged razor outline and bring up the lineup into a skin fade that disconnects the buzzed haircut.

# 24 Short Stubble Fade

Ensure to maintain the height all the way to the neck hairs. Let the chin connect to that narrow soul patch and bring up the lineup into a skin fade. Keep everything clean and fresh with a razor outline.

# 25 Smooth Beard Taper

Make a light trim around the chin to give the front part of your beard that stocky look and neat rounded edges. Let the sides stand out by giving them a smooth taper that ends in a skin fade at the lineup. Finish with a razor outline and apply elegance gel to make it a real stunner.

Beard without mustache is a style that’s simple to nurture. It’s a versatile beard style that doesn’t require any special skill to get it right. However, ensure to groom it well in order to maintain that clean and tidy look.

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