25 Lovely Basketball Sneakers Ideas – Hitting the Court in Style

Basketball sneakers are what many men will prefer to wear over the weekend or anytime they want to keep their outfit casual. Although they are what superstars in the NBA wear when playing, they are also fashionable footwear that a man can rock anytime. Several brands produce these shoes, and so there are hundreds if not more designs and styles available. But, here is a gallery of some 25 stylish and trendy ones to get you started.

# 1 Simple Black and White Kicks

These sneakers have a very basic but fashionable design that comes in black and white color combination which makes them perfect for men that prefer simple footwear.

# 2 Orange Nike Lebron 14

The design, high top style and the color of these kicks are what give them their appealing look. They come in a bright orange shade but with a blue tone on the collar and the Nike symbol. These kicks also have blue laces and a velcro closure that goes over them.

# 3 The Nike Kyrie 2 iD

Nike Kyrie 2 is an exceptional sneaker, and this is because they come in some attractive color combinations and some excellent prints at the back with a small Nike symbol below them.

# 4 Nike Kobe A.D

You can always trust Nike to come up with some interesting basketball shoes. This Kobe A.D is a good example of this, and it has a black upper and a white sole with the Nike symbol.

# 5 Black on Red Kobe A.D

Here is another version of the Kobe A.D that comes in a dominant red shade but with some element of black at the front and with black laces.

# 6 The A.D Kicks in Black and White

Basketball players never seem to get enough of the Kobe A.D as it is a very comfortable and classy shoe. This particular pair comes in black upper section and a white sole.

# 7 Jordan Melo M13 in Black

Jordan’s are always an excellent choice for basketball sneakers. There are many editions available, and this one is a Melo M13, and it comes in all black shade.

# 8 Ewing 33’s

The color combination is one of the things that men always look out for when choosing sneakers. This pair is a combination of white and black on the uppers and a light green sole, but it also has a bright orange shade on the edge of the tongue and the company logo.

# 9 Air Jordan 13

This image portrays the legendary Michael Jordan wearing sneakers that get their name from him during his last season as a professional player. He has the Jordan 13’s in an excellent black and white color combination.

# 10 Charlotte Ewing 33 Hi

This version of the Ewing 33 Hi comes in an impressive Charlotte color combination that consists of a black and purple upper and a traditional light green outsole.

# 11 Jordan B. Fly Max in Orange

The color and design of the uppers that is seamless without evidence of any stitching are what make these kicks unique. This Fly max pair is in an orange shade throughout except for the white section on the sole and the black Jordan label at the back.

# 12 Low Tot Air Jordan 12

Jordan’s will never disappoint you when you want a comfortable shoe for playing basketball or wearing over the weekend. This pair is from the Jordan 12 edition, and it has an attractive upper design and black shade.

# 13 Maroon Nike Kyrie 3

Maroon is an interesting color choice for basketball sneakers, and it is perfect for guys that prefer bright shoes. This Nike Kyrie 3 maintains the shade throughout the upper section, but it has a small white portion on the front part of the outsole.

# 14 Jordan Eclipse Chukka

This pair of sneakers is a statement-maker both on and off the court. It is an all black shoe but with some attractive designs and a high top style. Pairing it with faded blue jeans like these is all you need to complete your weekend look.

# 15 Red and White Adidas Harden Vol 1

It is not just about combining colors when it comes to basketball kicks because the location of each shade also matters. This Harden Vol.1 from Adidas has red at the back and white at the front, and the two create a very impressive color pattern.

# 16 All White Harden Vol 1

This Adidas Harden maintains a white shade throughout, but it also has a lovely design that gives the rear section a distinct appearance. The style of the shoelaces is also very original.

# 17 Red Adidas Lillard 3

Adidas has several editions of basketball shoes, but the Lillard 3 is one of the most popular ones due to its comfort and attractive appearance. This pair is all red including the sole and the laces, and it looks fantastic.

# 18 Colorful Nike Kobe 11

The Nike Kobe 11 is for basketball players that prefer to wear extra-light and comfortable shoes. It is a low-top sneaker, and this one comes in a very breathable material and some bright colors.

# 19 Air Jordan 11 in Red

Nothing beats a gorgeous pair of Jordan’s when it comes to basketball sneakers. These smart ones come in a red shade with patterns, and it is a high top that is perfect for wearing with jeans.

# 20 Sassy Nike Air Penny 4

The intricate design on the upper section of the Penny 4 gives them a unique appearance. Their black shade is also lovely, and it combines with the sassy Nike outsole to give the shoe a fashionable look.

# 21 Classy Kyrie 3 Kicks

Every basketball player wants to look classy and stylish when on the court, and this is why an all black Kyrie 3 pair of shoes like this one is an excellent choice.

# 22 Chic Low Sneakers with Velcro Strap

White sneakers are unique, and they always portray a clean and stylish look. These Nike shoes maintain a white shade throughout but with some patterns at the back and a distinct velcro strap below the shoelaces.

# 23 Blue Kobe 9 Elite

The blue shade of these kicks is just fantastic, and apart from matching the uniform, they would also be ideal for wearing off the court. They are from Nike’s Kobe 9 Elite, and they come in a high top and with an impressive outsole design.

# 24 Black and White Nike KD 9

Everything about this shoe is just unique, and this includes the design of the tongue and shoelace holes. But the color and the patterns that they create are the most noticeable features and perhaps what will draw most people to the shoe.

# 25 Cool Light Blue Jordan Kicks

The blue shade with a fading effect at the front is what gives these sneakers their unique appearance. But, they also have an excellent design that maintains the traditional Jordan appearance and a sole that is thinner than what you get in most other pairs.

Basketball sneakers are not just for hitting the court as they are stylish and come in some impressive designs that are perfect for your casual wear. Men that like to look fashionable and elegant can always trust these shoes to give them the looks that they desire.

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